Day # 10 of “A.O.Y. 21 Day Immersion”… “Tathata” or Acceptance is Transcendence

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  1. Mirjam says:

    Thank You for giving us This!
    I`m practicing Yoga since 8 years and I do love your guidance. Everything is new and deep and touches me, that I could cry. I do the sequence supersoft, every day softer. Looking inside to the point struggling starts, working starts, the feeling to reach something, being better….etc….etc…. and breathing, also supersoft, and sometimes my hole body is shivering with the outbreath in release. Makes me very happy and sensibel, and also frightens me sometimes…
    with Love

  2. anubuddha says:

    this is from “Monica la Catalana” in Barcelona:

    “me encanta empezar el día con “song for yoga”….. gracias!
    esta siendo una experiencia maravillosa… estoy empezando a notar una vibración especial y distinta dentro de mi… y por fuera los cambios se pueden ver tambien!!
    la verdad que no se muy bien como explicarlo… pero se siente muy pero que muy bien!!
    ahora voy a ver un poquito mas por dentro de mi cuerpo… sigo con mi A.O.Y.
    risas, abrazos y muchos cariñitos YES YES YES!!

    She is saying: “I love to start the day with “song for yoga”… gracias! it is being a marvelous experience… i am beginning to notice a special and distinct vibration “inside” of me… and “outside” the changes can also be seen… the truth is that i do not really know how to explain it well… but i feel very, really very good! Now i go to see a little more inside of my body… continuing with my A.O.Y. laughter. Hugs and tenderness YES! YES! YES!”

    Moni… eres perfecta asi como eres! Abrazos de Anasha y Buda

  3. devamanyu says:

    I enjoy so much this story. And i feel your energy like a reflection of my own. I am so gratefull Osho came into my life although i was never with him when he was in the body. Si to be able to share with sannyasins who wrte, is a great gift!
    The every day yoga is not every day so easy for me and some days i skip. But when i read your blog, i get inspired again. My mind is unterfering.
    Once i am in it feels great! I notice i have issues with patience. I want things happen fast and push to my limits. Thats one of thecreasons i have some lower backbproblem now. So , i start looki g more inside, being more gentle and breath into my lower back.
    Thank you so much again… Namaste

  4. Surati says:

    Dear Buddha,
    you ask how it feels to do yoga, and i had a look: There are two main feelings, one is doing what you say and enjoy the effect and feel greatful that you share your expierience so genorously. And when I look deeper, I feel that I am doing even that still because of desire to be happy and the fear that I never will be, and on the sametime I am so fucked with doing what anyone tells me, I feel so imprisoned and on the same time I am still to scared to trust myself to find an way of my own….
    You see I am still heading for the moment.
    On facebook passes a quote from Gurdijef today: “that you have to know, that you are imprisoned to have a chance to come out.” So thank you for giving me the oppurtunity to feel it more clearly. 🙂

  5. gandheri says:


    the sensation is to be more and more aire – so light allmoust no weight anymore.
    And the heart is so nourisht and warm in this beautifull connection to all of you –
    its like being a part of one organisem.

    muchissimas gracias para tus palabras gada dia!

    sonrisa of the heart

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