Monthly Archive: September 2010

Anubuddha & Anasha... co-creators of ARUN Touch of Meditation... relaxing in their healing sanctuary in Vilcabamba 3

Complete… ARUN Conscious Touch “Body/ Love Green Smoothie Cleanse and Detox” with Anasha (Sept. 18-24, 2010)

Are you READY?!?  “ARUN Body/ Love Green Smoothie Detox and Cleanse” starting soon!  with Anasha On OSHO’s Enlightenment Day, we start again…  March 21st-  March 27th, 2011… when you have time, look at this...

Anasha is calling this her "best smoothie ever"! Full of mulberries and bananas from our trees, and spinach from our garden, and coconut water... it was unreal good! 1

For Kamala and the Japanese Friends of ARUN

Hello Friends, We will see each other soon, but starting Saturday September 18th (or later if you are in Japan), for one week we will have the opportunity to experience ‘1st hand’ what it...