Complete… ARUN Conscious Touch “Body/ Love Green Smoothie Cleanse and Detox” with Anasha (Sept. 18-24, 2010)

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3 Responses

  1. Maria says:

    hello everyone!

    because of travelling I could not start the smoothie week with you, but I followed all your notes and I was deeply touched from your words and experiments.

    now. 1 week later I startet my detox week on last saturday with my sannyasfriend savera. today the 1. day of work, and in the evening yoga class. I feel great and happy to be part of this experiment! love maria

  2. pipasa says:

    hello anasha&anubuddha,
    can i put my comment at here? right?
    i continue to do A.O.Y and started green smoothy week with you.
    i am fine. i am living in safety area now. but my body is covering with something heavy. feeling tension.
    water and farm products are going to be contaminated by the radioactive substance everyday. i am getting shocks from these reports.
    i worry about friends living at east.
    in this situation…..yesterday( on 21th Mar) i decided joinning to detox week ( also A.O.Y.)
    because my body need to be loved and be cared, whatever happens!

    i have a Question about smoothy.
    i feel cold (too much!) in smoothy detox sometimes. how to keep body temperature?

    receiving your LOVE and sending my LOVE from japan,

    • anubuddha says:

      Beloved Pipasa i am answering your question in the blog as it is a question many can have. take hot bathes, move the body whenever it feels it is getting cold, take hot herbal teas, put ginger in it, it will warm you, and the body has to adjust to the new diet and it is part of detox also. so keep shining your light and love and invite some friends from the est to take refuge in your secure place if the place permit it. try not to worry too much and i send good vibrations all the time towards Japan. love you dearly and come assist in spain this summer… love light life and laughter ps:how is love life??????? anasha

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