ARUN/ OSHO Yoga and the “The Knack”…

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  1. chirantan says:

    Beloved Anubuddha and Anasha!
    Thank you so much for sharing all those jewels with us, thank you so much!
    I have them all saved in my Arun-folder – this is my “Schatzkästchen” – anytime I can go there and open one of your posts, or at one point take the time to go through all of them one by one with time and space…
    I do appreciate your both pouring and showering on us, all of what you have learned and experienced, it is so much and so rich – thank you, thank you for all your insights and hints and…
    And a big, big thank you to the amazing translaters – to Pujarin and Vira – Thank you so much for putting all your love and energy and time into this!!!!
    There is so much to tell you about what is happening right now in my life, it is very exciting, I am so much looking forward to see you so sooooon in UTA. Looking forward to our next Arun- Touching – Meditation – Training Slot!
    All my love to you – big hug

    • anubuddha says:

      Great to hear from you Chirantan! We were wondering how you are, and we are looking forward to “catching up” on all the latest news from your life, and the UTA happenings. Soon, i will send an e-mail with all of the Posts on one page, for easy and quick access. So many good things happening– more than ever, “there is a LOT to be grateful for”! Sending smiles and love, Anubuddha (and Anasha)

  2. Ooooohhh …may I have a page too with them all on, I have saved everyone and am going to do the similar thing …I have been honored and nourished by your and Anasha’s words and heart, deliciously inspiring.. sweetening.. my opening spaces even more. I so resonate with you in relation to the inner musical cosmology that opens up in me when i do yoga..and especially when i toke a little somethin’…my absolute joy and pleasure divinely open musically open up in me and my yoga sessions have been for 2-3 hrs easy!
    Anyway thats been a little’ thing’ of mine and am looking forwards to my 50th birthday present to myself being the Yogalates T T , and so..looking forwards to swimming in the whole experience free of that, I am still doing theory at present though coming in few weeks . ..and so feel Stoked for our timing on chat..and being welcomed again into your company. i just love your way..:) so much..:)

    Love Rhi

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