Day # 11 “A.O.Y. 21 Day Immersion”… “Seeds sprouting inside”- the 5 Koshas

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  1. devamanyu says:

    Beloved Anubuddha

    Last februari in Puna i had a bodywork session with Shika ( you know him?) immediately he told me I had some difficulties with the emotional body, blocked. Is that the same as the 3 th body or Manumaya body? If so, how to get acces? My idea is, to first grow consciousness in the first 2 bodies. Shika’s advise was, to clean the energy field aura, dailey with Tai Chi and/ or aurasoma. I asked him also , if osho active meditation especially with catharsis like in Dynamic, or meditative therapy groups like Mystic Rose, or Yoga asanas, have influence on this body. He said that this was not the case. I still have my doubts with his response. What is your vision about this?

    Lots of love


    • anubuddha says:

      Hi Manyu… whenever “a body-worker” tells anyone that they are “blocked”, i am immediately suspicious if they have any real experience or not… and to create guilt and worries and self-doubts in people is unfortunately what so many “body-workers” are good at… anyway, it is easy to use this kind of information in an “un-intelligent way”. Just continue bringing your love and awareness inside… EVERYTHING is inter-connected, so of course Yoga, Mystic Rose, eliminating unnatural foods, Dynamic meditations especially all have a positive influence on the entire “Energy-field”. “Trust” is helping all the “5 inner Seeds to Sprout” In-joy, Anubuddha

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