Day # 17 of “A.O.Y. 21 Day Immersion”… “Polarity Yoga” and the genius of Randolph Stone

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4 Responses

  1. muditosan says:

    a todos los rishis osho aruneros es un regalo de los budhas compartir cada dia …una nueva inmersion con tantos presentes buen dia a todos y una profunda reverencia

  2. Ana says:

    My dear friend Rasata,

    Im very touched by the words you have wrote to Anubbudha & Anasha, very touched by the situation of your country, your people, my friends… touched that I can’t say anything…..just that you all (You, Kamala, Sahajo, Wuakako, Lyla….all) know that you are in my prayers, and of course, here from Spain, Ill send you all my love, all my support and energy.


  3. Rasata says:

    Thank you!
    Everyday I feel love in the air all around.
    I just amazed how beautifully japanese people doing there.
    The situation is very bad, but also amazing oneness and love
    arrising from each of them, and each of us.
    Sometimes I am worried and emotional too much,
    and Japanese friends are more in Hara, even they going
    through many emotions.
    I also can not do anything, I just pray and send all my energy.
    thank you for your love, Rasata

  4. kamala says:

    YES! Great! I was waiting this day!
    Thank you very much!
    I am very very very happy to see the Photos of Dr.RANDOLPH STONE.☆☆☆
    He is my favorite!
    & in this sensitive time, I cry to meet him in this Blog
    & my heart have BIG Smile.

    Dear ARUN Friends☆
    Thank you very much for your energy support & worm HUG to Japan.

    Peace on the Earth
    with love & light Kamala

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