Day * 18 of A.O.Y. 21 Day Immersion”… “Essence Time- Just for You”

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  1. gertraud bauer says:

    dear Anubuddha and Anasha,
    Thank you for the inspiring and generous gifts you share every day. i`m on the floor and watch… its so different every day…my vertebrae getting in (e)motion…sometimes its smiling… sometimes there are parts that are a little irritated, I can also say, they are waking up from a long sleep and wondering, what happens with them. I continue with patience and curiosity: how does it feel today? And I watch myself changing…more tranquility, much more presence in my body in much more moments, which is a warm and friendly and vital feeling, I feel more liquid, more centered, open-hearted…something in me slows down…
    Yesterday the picture of randolph stone went directly into my heart…so wise and friendly…tears of happiness
    I feel the sharing, the connection with you all in my heart and I´m very grateful to be part of this beautiful experience. I pray for you friends in japan with all my heart.

    With Love and gratitude


  2. Pujarin says:

    Lieber Anubuddha – no way of walking barefoot in the grass – there is hardly any grass near Munich, cold rain and the ground partly frozen – spring is coming, but a lot slower than in Mazagon…
    This my fifth day of Green Smoothie Cleanse (I wanted to do it earlier, because I´ll be on a one week holiday in Lanzarote from next weekend on) – it feels so great doing Yoga together with the cleanse. My body is kind of permeable and the life moving inside is so clearly to watch – and the vibrations from “outside” also. Many times I have the feeling, that I don´t have a personal energyfield, but I´m flowing in something immense. On a body level: no backpain, good energy, mostly centered and at ease. It is like being in an ARUN workshop: much more easy to be present and the inner witness is not hiding so much. I´m very happy and grateful to be part of this and also looking foreward to meeting you in Cologne – love to you both – Pujarin

  3. Maria says:

    Beloved friends,
    The day we started our yoga journey, the small osho center in berlin offered a 21day dynamic meditation sequence.WOW !!! I took the challlance and still feel the encouragement it gives to me. At the moment many strong things happen in me life , and the support of your yoga-love affair and the meditation really support me! Thank you buddha and anasha and all the friends all over! We create much positive energy!
    Many hugs from Maria

  4. montse says:

    Queridos amigos
    Mi experiencia del primer dia de “batidos verdes” para mi ha sido tan bello que deseo compartirlo con todos.
    Donde vivo, un hombre de edad avanzada, viene con su furgoneta vendiendo frutas y verduras por las calles. Habitualmente lleva una variedad bastante limitada, por no decir nula, de productos de hojas verdes.
    Asi que yo estaba ayer ultimando mi lista de la compra para ir a una tienda y comprar lo necesario para esta semana y a las 12:00h llega Fernando, que así se llama este señor, y como cada dia llama a mi puerta. ¡Montse!
    Claro……! quizá ya imaginais el resto……. ¡¡¡increible!!!! la furgoneta estaba llena de espinacas, acelgas, collejas (verdura de hoja verde que se recoge en el pueblo), manzanas, platanos….. toda mi lista de la compra.
    Mi corazon solo pudo sonreir, agradecer y …..empezar a preparar mi primer batido.
    Así es el Universo……. cuando algo deseo de corazón…… con presencia, con totalidad, me lo trae a casa. ¡Bien!
    Seguimos haciendo magia.
    Besos y abrazos con alegria

    Una pregunta practica para Anasha.
    Me puedes decir ¿Como beber agua entre los batidos? mi cuerpo ni ayer ni hoy no me pide agua.
    Y otra cosa, es mejor dar unas horas de tiempo entre tomar un batido y otro, para digestion, o es posible tomar un batido y en 1/2 hora o 1 hora tomar otro? o mejor tomar fruta entera.

    Me voy, que llega Fernando, a ver que trae hoy…..

  5. Pushya says:

    La experiencia de batidos verdes, es sorprendentemente agradable, siento mi cuerpo ligero y fluido, la planta de mis pies esponjosa y presente.

    Y es mas fácil fluir con lo que pasa afuera.

    Me gusta esta experiencia y poder compartirla con tantas personas.
    Gracias Anasha y Anubuddha, por facilitarla.
    Una pregunta, ¿ es posible tomar infusiones de plantas naturales, no excitantes ? ¿Cuáles serian las mas recomendadas?.

    Un abrazo : disfrutando los batidos verdes.

    • anubuddha says:

      si Pushya, puedes tomar infusiones , y puedes ir a i herbolario y preguntar cuales son las infusiones que detoxican, como diente de leon, ortigas, cola de caballo es buena para remineralisation del cuerpo, hyperico para higado y milk thistle pero he olvidado el nombre , ellos saben lo que es bueno para detox de higado, sangre, rinones,
      …tambien la marca yogi tea has buenas
      abrazo a ti y gracias para compartir

  6. Vira says:

    Hi friends, back from India, adjusting in the western body again, stretching out and in, celebrating spring sunrays and feeling light, rested and content. India great for Soul and Spirit but body missed organic greens so much and -mama mia -how I celebrate my walk into cologne health food stores now- feels like being on a christmasmarket. Really, I am so gratefulI have the opportunity to shop bio. Smoothis are yummi, it feels more easy than last year as now I know how to do them ( and have a better blender). This time I don’t like so much the very sweet ones, also as my stomach is a bit sensitive. I experienced many yoga classes in India, different teachers, western and indian. I just love taking classes! It’s so intersting how everybody has their own view what yoga is….. But this time I kept the call to not look to much out there for answers and guidence but in and in and again in. So in a way I had my selfpractise and also enjoyed the ones, who taught. Body always revealing, changing and surprising. Now back to giving sessions, classes and the colonian vibe. Time feels full. As Pujarin is going into holidays I take over the translation from the 25th on and I hope I manage in time…I am soooo slow in written translation- but I will do my best. Haven’t read from the colonian folk much so I send a gigantic hug to you and around the world, to Japan, Africa and to all beings, which breath- vibrate and grow. May we all be happy, healthy and free.

    See you soon in the next Arun Dance!

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