Day # 9 of the “A.O.Y. 21 Day Immersion”… the “Natural Alchemy of Totality and Commitment”

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  1. Sumana says:

    Anubuddha hoy realmente me he sentido muy tocada por tus palabras!! algo hizo click! pude sentir toda la energía y alegria que estas sintiendo por estar guiándonos de esta forma tan TOTAL….uhuaaaa menuda palabra más potente….ser TOTAL… todo un arte al que me gustaría acercar y saborear! con amor y gratitud

  2. Deva Manyu says:

    First of all I would like to tahnk Anubuddha and Anasha for their LOVE. I feel really inspired by the 2 of you. I would also like to share an easy way to get drinking water in a very healthy way. It is called Blue Solar Water and ïnvented ” by the Hoo’Pono Pono wovement, from Hawai. I got in touch with this soem years ago, and started making my own healthy water about a year ago and feel like sharing this

    How to Make Blue Solar Water
    Blue solar water is EASY to make, delicious to drink AND a powerful CLEANING tool to erase memories.
    1. Get a Blue Bottle. Any color blue, from light blue to dark blue will work.
    2. Fill with Tap water and cover with a non-metallic lid–cork, plastic, even cloth wrapped with a rubber band will work because the purpose of the lid is just to keep the dirt and bugs (that Love Blue Solar Water) out.
    3. Place in the Sun for an hour or more. When left longer, it is sweeter. You can speak out your gratitude to the sun and the water, or whatever you want.
    4. When done, your Blue Solar Water can be stored in the refrigerator in any container, glass, plastic, etc.
    5. ENJOY

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