#1~ Detoxification leads to Elimination and Rejuvenation

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2 Responses

  1. Ana Monte says:

    Just one question about “healthy whole foods pure diet”: can I cook with spices? which ones? and Could I eat some whole bread?

  2. anubuddha says:

    No bread, no, as you read the post you received today you will see that i was mentioning no gluten, wheat, barley, etc.. all have gluten, gluten is poison to the body, as is sugar, so Quinoa, Amaranth, Millet, Brown rice are good grains to use.We all have Candida in our guts but when the level of it get’s too high it start to cause trouble, and gluten contributes to this. Instead of bread use raw crackers or rice crackers or non GMOcorn crackers.Now spices yes and also plenty of fresh herbs and garlic and onions , green onions in spring time are excellent. Turmeric is very very good. hope it helps you….love to you Anasha

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