Friends and lovers of the “3 Inner Treasures: Freedom From Pain”

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2 Responses

  1. kamala says:

    Mhuuuu what the sweet memory…
    if i do breath of meditation, I can still feel the light in my spain, around central sensitivity system.
    what a great gift I’ve got from this group.
    Through ARUN I found that heaven is not somewhere it is in my body.
    To live in heaven on this planet with my body.
    I LOVE ARUN Conscious Touch…
    Thank you with worm Hug Kamala

  2. Reiko says:

    Beloved Anasha & Anubuddha & friends!

    it was Grace that i could join the group in Lalita.
    After i came back from Spain, i found a lot of things had changed.
    i’m more being myself, i listen more birds singing, i spend more time in the sea,
    i develop a feeling of serenity, i understand more of myself, and i enjoy my work as a therapist everyday more than before.

    i can feel the air of the group in Lalita.
    … beautiful, sacred, silence, warm heart and lots of laughing and love.

    we had big typhoons this month, and over 100 people had died in Japan.
    we still have earthquakes sometimes.
    It’s very important for Japanese to live here and now,
    because we don’t know what happens next!

    thank you very very much !!!!!

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