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  1. reiko says:

    Hi anubuddha,anasha.
    Thank you very very much for having invited Yoga and Green smoothie!!!
    Thank you rasata!!!!

    First 10days of Yoga, my body and mind cried, got angry ,felt grief...
    they were so noisy.
    After 11days, they lapsed into silence.
    Every cell of my body began to vibrate beautifully ,and i began to feel more energy.

    First 2days of Green smoothie, i felt headache and ran off.
    3th day, i depressed and had no energy.
    4th day, i caused sciatica which i ‘d never had.
    i felt so cold, so 5th and 6th day,i took soup rather than green smoothie.
    i love green smoothie!!!!
    It’s so delicious!!
    And i hadn’t known raw vegetables are so yummy!
    i fill very energetic and happy today!

    It was very interesting to watch my mind game about food.
    i think fasting and Green smoothie are good games for me to be a witness my desire.

    i’ll eat green smoothie every morning!

    i feel more silence in my body!

    Thank you!!!!!

    love , reiko

    • anubuddha says:

      Hi Reiko, it sounds like you have had many strong experiences! It’s great what you have been sharing. It is pretty normal to have some head pains and to feel tired during the cleanse… it will disappear after a few days. When the week is over, you can continue with a smoothie a day (or 2!), and also a little Yoga during the week. Anasha and i are hoping the situation with the Nuclear plant clears up, but what we are hearing does not sound so good. What are you hearing these days? We are glad that you have enjoyed our one month meditation together…
      We send you lots of good vibes and love, Anubuddha (and Anasha)

      ps- will we see you this summer in Spain?!?

      • reiko says:

        Hi anubuddha and anasha!
        Thank you very much for your comment!

        When i caused sciatica, i did Yoga! and i became painless.
        Shoulder stand and Plough Asana were very good for sciatica.

        i had decided to go to Spain this summer.
        But after the earthquakes, i(and lots of Japanese) think i(we)never know what’s happen next moment.

        We live sort of in silence after the earthquakes.
        We can’t make plans now.
        A lot of plans were called off or put off.
        We live day by day.
        That’s very good for me.
        i can concentrate in this moment.
        The condition of the Nuclear plant is very difficult now.
        This is one of the reasons we can’t know tomorrow too.

        But i hope life leads me to Spain.


      • anubuddha says:

        Hi again Reiko-chan… i know you are coming this summer… what is happening now makes it more important than ever! We may never have another chance! I am so glad you have been sharing these times with us. Much love from Anasha & Anubuddha

  2. Ana says:

    Gracias mis amados, mis “Masters of Universe” !!!

    Increible….todo todo todo……vuestro trabajo !!

    No he tenido mucho tiempo para escribiros desde el encuentro en Mazagón, mi experiencia con los batidos (cortita….solo 2 días, pero ya estoy ahí, lo q es mucho para mí !!), y otras pequeñas cosas….. pero os contaré.

    Estoy recopilando toda la info y pasándola a word (con las fotos !!), para poder disfrutarla con calma, pues no puedo leeros todos los días en la red, así que voy un poco retrasada, pero ya está conmigo para siempre jamás !.

    Otra vez muchas gracias.

    Todo mi amor,


  3. Surati says:

    Thank you for sharing it. It was nice. I really felt that my cells liked it imeadatly after eating it. I felt somehow continously hungry but that is not such a surprise. I always thought about trying it and didn’t know what to eat, so thank you also for the recepies the one whith the ginger was my favorite.

  4. christoph says:

    Dear friend Anasha and dear friend Anubuddha ,

    that sharing in all these days was …. wowwww … I can’t find words for that .. far out .
    I am so happy that I met you both beautiful energy fields in this life…
    thank you so much for all that energy you gave me through this sharing and during the time I know you …. changed my live !
    looking forward to see you soon …. Love and Light to everybody Christoph

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