The Enlightened Vision of Chua K'a

Healing Through Self-Massage

A very beautiful story of Anubuddha’s first application of the Healing Principles of Chua K’a. While playing basketball in 1977, he suffered a very serious ankle injury… so he immediately went into a Chua K’a meditative zone, and it healed in less than an hour.

Chua k’a is a method for consciously liberating fear and tension from the body that was developed by the ancient Mongolian Samurai. They made a very meditative study of fear and movement and discovered that most people, even in those days, don’t know their bodies. The reason for this, they felt, was that the body has a memory of all the physicalPain and psychological events that have happened to us. This idea was pretty much forgotten until Wilhelm Reich, Alexander Lowen, and others brought it back to the public’s awareness in the 20th. Century.

To be more aware of the body means that you need the courage to feel the different fears and pains and then, be able to let them go. The Mongolians believe that in general, pain stays in the body. We are not aware of it after the acute phase, because the body isolates the part with the pain – the muscles don’t move there; or they are going to move the less amount possible . This holding will change the natural pattern –structure- of the body in order for the person not to feel the pain and to forget it. This physical pain is reflected in the psyche; so the pain of the body becomes the pain of the psyche and viceversa.

Chua k’a works both with the physical tension in the skin, muscles, joints and nerves; and also with the psychological fear related to it. The Mongolian Samurai had a few attitudes about energy and the body, that are helpful to keep in mind while performing Chua K’A. They believe that there is an energy that pervades through all things (kath) and that through tension, fear and contraction we can block ourselves off from this natural flow of energy. Yoga calls it prana, Lao Tzu calls it tao.

So each part of the massage is an attempt to reconnect with kath. This connection is a healing in itself. Each part of the massage should be done with an emotional, reverent attitude; 

They say it like this:

“This is not your body, you did not make it. It is the human body”

This reverence is the recognition that the human body is the Pattern. Because of our karma, we have departed from the Pattern, Damaging our body Pattern…

So we must correct our own mistakes…

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  1. your teaching brings the experience of the buddhafield close to me is all there
    its richness, intelligence ,the opening to
    possibilities beyond ,
    and in a very natural way…

    1. Thank you Pathika~ Sorry, I just now this message from you… It is true what you say- the Master’s message entered deep and it is alive in us now… such a mysterious situation- ha! And, it does feel simple and natural. Sending love to you, Anubuddha

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