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  1. Sumana says:

    uhuuuuaaaaaaa anasha y anubuddha this blog is getting very juicy, it looks, tastes and smells beautifully and the contents are very inspiring and usefull to understand “simple things” that i had no idea about it! thanks for all the sharings…this is my second day of green smoothies, this time a was a bit late… i am really enjoying the calm effects… today was very special practicing yoga on my own, feeling my breath, muscles…receptive and very in touch with where it was my real limit on the stretch..without fear…in a more playfull way than usual! thanks to you both for this magic gift you are sharing with us! with love and gratitud

  2. Vira says:

    Vira says:
    March 24, 2011 at 9:40 pm
    Hi friends, back from India, adjusting in the western body again, stretching out and in, celebrating spring sunrays and feeling light, rested and content. India great for Soul and Spirit but body missed organic greens so much and -mama mia -how I celebrate my walk into cologne health food stores now- feels like being on a christmasmarket. Really, I am so gratefulI have the opportunity to shop bio. Smoothis are yummi, it feels more easy than last year as now I know how to do them ( and have a better blender). This time I don’t like so much the very sweet ones, also as my stomach is a bit sensitive. I experienced many yoga classes in India, different teachers, western and indian. I just love taking classes! It’s so intersting how everybody has their own view what yoga is….. But this time I kept the call to not look to much out there for answers and guidence but in and in and again in. So in a way I had my selfpractise and also enjoyed the ones, who taught. Body always revealing, changing and surprising. Now back to giving sessions, classes and the colonian vibe. Time feels full. As Pujarin is going into holidays I take over the translation from the 25th on and I hope I manage in time…I am soooo slow in written translation- but I will do my best. Haven’t read from the colonian folk much so I send a gigantic hug to you and around the world, to Japan, Africa and to all beings, which breath- vibrate and grow. May we all be happy, healthy and free.

    See you soon in the next Arun Dance!

    • anubuddha says:

      Hi Beloved Vira! “slow” also arrives at right time! Thanking you for all the German friends who will be able to understand it better. Enjoy your sessions and classes, and ESPECIALLY the great BIO food… full of life.

      For us, East is West, and North is South, and HERE is NOW! But it is true, the frequencies and priorities are not the same. “Same Same, But Different”, as Thai Buddhist friends like to say…

      We are SO HAPPY to see you and be with you soon… “a lot of water has flowed down the Ganges since we last saw us”, and everyone will have juicy stories to tell, i’m sure. Plus, we have 5 extra days with you during Easter week in our ARUN Thai training… even better!

      Lots of love, Anubuddha & Anasha

  3. Pujarin says:

    R eally
    U ncomparable
    N ourishment

    “it´s all love”… maybe my changing eating patterns don´t make any difference in the world´s desaster, but if i feel the way i do now, i´m much more “usefull” for everyone around me and i enjoy… Anubuddha, Anasha I bow to you

    • anubuddha says:

      I agree with you 1000% beloved Pujarin… everything starts from inside of us… let’s all bow to the divine nature and life force within us all, and keep loving and listening to the wisdom of the body. Have a great holiday in Spain (the fruits and veggies are great right now) and we look forward to seeing you soon in Koln and in “beloved Parimal”. We are all very lucky to share these juicy times! Love, Anubuddha
      (and Anasha also sends hugs)

  4. Lucky says:

    Hi friends, Lucky is with you all the time !, and the smoothies today 5th. The smoothies work well,(especially in the morning I feel much fitter,cleaner) compared to “normal”, last two days were a bit harder, because I was working throughout (44hours) including cooking for others, shopping too, but I kept going…I enjoy the blog, your songs give good energy in many ways, and they are full of beautifullyinspiringimages. I especially love the one of “letting pain go” through a conscious stretch-makes sense,opens a door of hope that this pain will become less and less. Iwas on AOY too for the first days then I cought a Grippevirus which knocked me out for 15days. Finally I started the smoothie experience and improved (seems) more quickly. Now it looks like the infection is gone. Time to start again with AOY which for me is only possible when I´m off work. Thank you for sharing. Send greatings from and to all hearts. Lucky

    • anubuddha says:

      Ah my friend Lucky! I was thinking of you today when i wrote to Pujarin about how “lucky” we all are. I love what you are sharing, and will put it in our Post today. It’s true for us too- if the body is fighting some illness, and you only eat smoothie, or even nothing at all, it heals MUCH FASTER… and i think you’ll see- the Yoga is even easier.
      Are you coming to Parimal this May?!? We missed you last year too much! {i think it was the first year you weren’t there, no?} We need your dirgiridoo and conscious touching there! Smiles and love, Buddha (and Anasha)

  5. kamala says:

    beloved A&A
    I am sitting in wifi cafe in Punta to organize all AOY in my computer.
    Every night during sleeping I have light nausea in my stomach aria, but after I wake up it’s gone, but day & day getting better.
    When I do this crease, I am very sensitive with small!
    Even now small of cafe, cake, soap etc, they are too much, going to my mucous membrane. & Direct to my brain, Oh god!
    & I feel my body is putting out lots toxin( I feel pain in my colon, kiddny aria etc.)
    But, I trust my body. This time I am feeling much easier that other time with SG & AOY.
    Thank you
    with love kamala

  6. Gautam Kyratsas says:

    Hi friends

    I started the Green Smoothie week one day later, but I did one week on my own from 10. till 16. march…
    So today is my fourth day…
    I’m drinking a lot, but this evening I feel like I MUST EAT SOMETHING…
    But I remember that I could make a “tomatosoup”…
    Very tasty!

    Happy to see you all soon!!!


  7. Rasata says:

    Anubuddha and Anasha,

    What a strong energy on the earth!
    I feel it is not easy to live without meditation and taking care and loving our energyfield. Thank you so much. We are so lucky!!! Green smoothie and AOY
    are fantastic, I feel very sensitive and same time I can let things come and let things go easily. I am everyday amazed and very happy to translate of your text! I enjoy so much. Love, rasata

    This is a question from Kunda who attained Arun Tantra in Tokyo last year.
    One of the girls who laughed so much during gibberish
    I have a feeling that my left and right sides are split.
    While I was holding the skull in Craniosacaral course in 2004,
    I noticed that only my left hand was trembling.
    If it was just a tension, the both hands would be trembling.
    Then slowly I noticed that I dont have a strength on my whole left side.
    Last Augst I got a slipped disk, and also cut the ligament of the ankle.
    I feel my whole left leg stiff and the other part of left side also more uncomforable.
    I am working in Thai Massage salon and it creats a little disturbance.
    Since the 1st of March I join A.O.Y and feel already good effect on my body.
    I hope this will help my left side also, and that I will be able to enjoy giving sessions.
    Will you give me an advice or hint about it?

    with Love, Kunda

  8. Maite says:

    Thank you infinitum for this great inspiring post. I am really lloking forward to do a proper fast combined with colonics…. ¿Podrían recomendar algún sitio en Andalucía-España? Parece que aquí en España no hay mucha “tradición” de esto, por lo menos no en el contexto que entendemos nosotros. Lots of love-mucho amor.

  9. Lucky Srecko says:

    Sorry, didn´t I tell you ? This year I come to Parimal ! YES
    and for the yoga I agree twice. Since I´ve started again it is much easier than it was before the grippe and smoothies… physically senseable difference to the better, and on all other levels there is change in the same direction. I´ve come closer to my self again, mind more at ease and emotions less scary what means easier to let happen. A precious time


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