# 11~ Osho’s Enlightenment Day, Universal Harmony, and the Noosphere around you…

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6 Responses

  1. Chirantan says:

    Thank you Anubuddha!

  2. Cristina Gandheri says:

    deeply touched – an inner big YES!!! and yet wordless

    thank you anubuddha !

  3. Cristina Gandheri says:

    Und dir liebe Schwester pujarin so herzlichen dank für deine Übersetzung,
    hilft mir schon noch mehr zu verstehen,tiefer!love!!

  4. Patricia says:

    A&A…there are no words …THANK YOU…NAMASTE…thanks for being…and for sharing all this wonderful knowledge!!!!

  5. Asti says:

    Inspiring and loving, can’t wait to meet you, though the meeting is happening already! thank you!!!

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