2 weeks gone, 1 week to go of “ARUN/ OSHO Yoga 21 Day Immersion”

Happy greetings from Spain,

Today, we start our final week of the “ARUN/ OSHO Yoga 21 Day Immersion”… Yahoo! It is so much fun, and the response and feedback from some friends living all around our blessed Earth, makes it even more fun.  {check out theARUN Blog, and you will see some fresh sharings from Japan, Germany, Spain and other places}

I again want to give big thanks to all of our beautiful and dedicated ARUN translators- Pujarin {German}, Sumana{Spanish}, and Rasata {Japanese}… i realize how much unpaid time and energy you are all devoting to this, and Anasha & i really appreciate it- i hope everyone reading their translations also is grateful to our friends!
This 21 Day ARUN/ OSHO Yoga Experience was created with 5 simultaneous and clear purposes in mind…
1} To pour fresh love and awareness into your Energy-field… If you actively participate daily, it will give each individual participant in our 2 Year Professional “ARUN Conscious Touch” Training a very in-depth personal experience of daily movement, breath, and yoga within the “ARUN Vision”.  This will give positive energy to body, mind, emotions and spirit. For the friends who have already participated in ARUN trainings over the last 17 years in Spain, Japan, and around the World… it is a gift from us to them;
2} To prepare more people how to give classes… We wanted to give the Participants ideas and confidence of how to share “movement awareness” with friends and how to give classes.  During the 2nd year we plan to build on this foundation… but we are clear that 40 days {8 blocks X 5 days}, is not near enough time to learn such a multi-dimensional art, so we wanted to “give more” than just the obvious time in the ARUN Training;
3} To teach inner Anatomy… If you not only participate with your body, but you also “read mindfully”, with feeling, each Daily Post, a deeper understanding of the “inner organic unity” of the Human Energy-field will be stimulated… this deeper and more meditative understanding will easily and positively transfer into your ARUN Conscious Touching Meditations. I wanted to give myself a platform to teach “ARUN inner anatomy” in a more detailed and holistic way…  By having it on theARUN Blog, it will be available for you to study and meditate over, at your leisure.
4}   It is our way of “de-programming” you!  We have all been “mis-educated”, and wrongly programmed about our bodies.  Most physical education systems are giving countless wrong ideas about the “Human Energy-field”… they have filled people with guilt, shame, negative attitudes, fear, tension, and pain inside… giving mis-information and stupidities about exercise, breathing, nutrition, relaxation, sex, inner anatomy, health in general, the mind, etc…    They have not taught us how to love our bodies; how to enter into the mystery of the body;  how to make creative use of our brain and glands;  how to clean the body of all the junk that accumulates inside and then creates a 1000 diseases; how to become naturally sensitive and be able to touch and be touched deeply, without fear; how to live vibrantly and full of juice throughout our whole lives.  For this higher experience, “a totally new kind of education is needed in the world, today”.  But before we can appreciate this higher Meditative Vision, some thorough “de-programming” is required!

5}   For fun! I wanted to compose and sing a little “Song for Yoga”… Yoga has been so important and valuable to me since the day it found me 38 years ago, and i have spent thousands of hours alone on the floor.  Yoga brought me to Osho, it brought me to ARUN… I wanted to “rave” a little… i wanted to share a few things that i find extremely valuable and interesting.  If this song touches a few friends in a positive way, i am very happy.  But just “singing this song” in recognition and gratitude to Osho, Patanjali, and all of the enlightened Rishis who have come before, is a delight in itself…  Plus, since we left the Osho Ranch in Oregon in 1985, i have not had the space and time to focus on teaching Yoga… i kept doing it regularly alone and with Anasha of course, and i always share a little in the ARUN weekends, and in the longer Trainings, but i never really “scratch the surface” of what i could share in the groups, and this sometimes leaves me feeling a little sad… because i know how amazing this subject is… so now i have a few of my “favorite things” all in one place to give to my friends and students, as i see fit.
I also am aware that Osho has an entirely more comprehensive and meditative vision of Yoga than what is commonly understood in the world today.  When Osho started speaking publicly about Yoga in 1973 {the same year i began my yogasadhana} , very few westerners knew about it.  Even Indians and students of Patanjali do not understand Yoga the wayOsho does… Now, {fortunately and unfortunately}, Yoga has become “a multi billion-dollar business and industry” all over the world.  There are some incredible and very deep teachers and students of Yoga in its many forms all around the world today… but sadly, many people teaching yoga do not have a very deep experience of its’ essence at all… they over-focus on the physical “gymnastic” part, and they bring the same rotten conditioning into Yoga that infects all of our educational systems: competition {with others and oneself}, comparison, judging, desire, improvement, success/ failure, good/bad, too much theoretical mind, ego trips, etc… making innocent people feel guilty, inadequate, and inferior in their body and awareness.  Yoga sometimes comes across to people as something very serious and difficult… this is neither my nor Osho’s experience.

So i am sharing my love of Yoga, Osho, and the miraculous Human Energy Field with all these things in mind, and with you, and many beloved fellow travelers from over the years, in my heart.  Thanks for being here…
Before writing more, i will lay down and listen to Snatam Kaur singing, and play with “changing the angles between my bones” while watching my breath, and my mind… time for  “Fitness for the Witness”

Smiles and love,
Prem Anubuddha

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