20th Year Birthday of ARUN/OSHO Conscious Touch… Osho~ “I leave you my Dream”

Beloved Friends~ this is written from my heart to many world-wide lovers and friends of ARUN Conscious Touch.  I hope and trust that this moment finds you connected to your heart and body, and that you are riding and witnessing the waves of Life in its many dimensions.  Anasha and I send you all many smiles and lots of love.
hmmm… “where to start?” often seems to be the most challenging part for me… there are MANY inspiring things to share with you, right now!!!
OK… so, why don’t i start on the incomparable evening of 19 January, 1990 at Osho’s Commune in Pune, India?!?  
the pieces of woo you see around Osho's head were placed by me {Anubuddha}... upon this foundation, I built a little "teepee" over his wonderful face, so that no wood was touching until the "holy fire" was burning, and the wood melted into him... one of the most memorable moments of my life, and the birth of "Osho/ARUN conscious Touch"
Osho had just “left his body” a few hours before… the pieces of wood you see around Osho’s head were lovingly placed by me {Anubuddha}… upon this foundation, I built a little “teepee” over his wonderful face, so that no wood was touching until the “holy fire” was burning, and the wood melted into him… one of the most memorable moments of my life, and the birth of “Osho/ARUN conscious Touch”
This evening was “surreal” and mystical for me in so many ways… i can’t begin to touch on all of the impressions experienced,  or tell you all the details.   “I leave you my Dream” is what we told were Osho’s final words to us, so now i will share part of the essence of Osho leaving his Body, as it applies to the “Conception of ARUN Conscious Touch”  {the actual “Birth of ARUN” happened 4 years later, in 1994} .  
So let me return to the evening of January 19th, 1990… Since 1988, i had the wonderful gift to carry Osho’s chair from his balcony to the podium in Buddha Hall every other night before his Discourse.  We had to arrive about 6:15 for this, and this was “my night”.  When i arrived, Lao Tzu House, where Osho lived, was in chaos, and at first i didn’t know why.  Then i quickly learned the inescapable truth~ Osho had just left his Body!  They asked me to stand guard at his back entrance, so i did.  Then, we all went to Buddha Hall, where his body would be brought for the final send-off.  After the announcements and meditation, we all walked with his body to the “Burning Ghats”, which was probably 2 km from Buddha Hall.  I was asked to help carry his Body, and was positioned right by his right shoulder… the same shoulder that me and all of his other Doctors tried so hard to heal {a side note from Anubuddha: “it is now clear to me that while Osho was held prisoner by the American Government in 1985 for 10 days without any of his Sannyasins knowing where he was… that Osho was administered a very sophisticated, slow working and deep poison; and that this poisoning was the unnatural cause of all his strange body pain after that time, and consequently the cause of his unexpected death”.}  So walking that long way to the funeral pyre, i had a lot of time to reflect and feel… I had touched this incredible “Human Energy-field” more than i had touched anyone else.  And the Life force and Consciousness was no more inside.  It was amazing to be able to look at and touch Osho’s lifeless body… it still gives me shivers of the unknown when i think about it.  But the most bizarre part was waiting for me when we set his body on the funeral bed.  After a few moments, when we began carefully placing wood over his exposed body, the thought jumped into my head that “we can’t place hard wood directly on his face and head before we light the fire!” so i immediately took over the wood positioning around his head and face… {you may not know it, but i was a key part of the “Death Celebration Team” team in Osho Commune~ i had helped in at least 20 different Sannyasin burnings before Osho’s}… so i constructed an igloo, or teepee around his face, so no wood was touching.  I moved with “uninterrupted trust” and in a very deep trance this whole time… and i am very glad that i could play this part in Osho’s mystical send-off.  And i also was able to help “light the fire”… and my new life was beginning.
So i was asking myself what this “Zen koan” from Osho was asking of me?!?  Without knowing the exact form, already I intuitively knew what my answer would be… Anasha and I had spoken many times in the 5 years we had been together about how we wanted to bring a “new way of touching” to the world.  And for 15 years continuously i was sharing and teaching in Osho’s Multiversity.  So sharing Osho’s vision of the Body, Yoga, and the Healing Touch would be my contribution and gift.  And Osho had gifted me with over 150 individual sessions of Conscious Touch with him personally… it was on his balcony in India where i first received the vision of ARUN Conscious Touch from him.  It happened just after a particularly incredible session with Osho, where he spoke, while we were both sitting on the massage table, on very deep subjects about pain and genetic engineering, and electro-magnetic energy… he continued talking as he started walking back towards his room to get ready for Discourse, so i walked a few steps with him.  I remember Osho stopping and saying to me: “Anubuddha, people have a misunderstanding of the ‘Man of Awareness’… they think and hope that if you are ‘aware’, you won’t feel the pain in your body.  In fact, when you are aware, you feel the pain more clearly, but with total awareness you learn to be dis-identified.  Help people go into the pain and remain alert.  There are many pains in the bodymind that modern medicine can not help, but touching can… “Conscious’ touching can make an important contribution to the ‘world of Medicine’, and also to the ‘world of Meditation’, because unless someone feels connected and at ease in their physical body it is very difficult to experience the silence of meditation.  Share this in your work.”
Osho relaxing in his lunghi in India... this is how he would be dressed when he came for his "Touching Meditations" with me... such a graceful and conscious body!
Osho relaxing in his lunghi in India… this is how he would be dressed when he came for his “Touching Meditations” with me… such a graceful and conscious body!
The last 20 years sharing and watching ARUN Conscious Touch unfold and flower have been amazing for us. And it is our response to Osho’s koan “I leave you my Dream”.  ARUN truly is “the Gift of the Buddhas”.  We have met and fallen in love with, touched deeply, and meditated with people of all ages, backgrounds, countries… literally thousands of friends have participated in our ARUN Gatherings~ in Spain, Australia, Japan, Germany, Greece, Portugal, India, Thailand, the USA, Ecuador, Holland, and France.  Anasha and I circled the globe at least 15 times in these past 20 years.  I have totally enjoyed this experience, and give thanks almost every day for what i have learned and the friends i have made… Conscious Touch has been my most deep and on-going meditation, and i will share with you much more intimately the beginning moments of ARUN Conscious Touch in my next mail~ it is a wonderful and inspiring story that needs to be spread all over the globe.  As Osho said in Buddha Hall while answering a question from me in 1988~
“Love and compassion are absolutely necessary for your body and its nourishment.  And the better body you have, the more is the possibility for growing consciousness… it is an organic unity.  Anubuddha, a totally new kind of education is needed in the world today where fundamentally everybody is introduced into the silences of the heart- in other words into meditation- where everybody has to be prepared to be compassionate to one’s own body.  It is a living organism, and it has done no harm to you…
It is inconceivable to create such a mechanism which is so obedient and so wise.  If you become aware of all the functions of your body, you will be surprised.  You have never thought what your body has been doing.  It is so miraculous, so mysterious… but you have never looked into it!  You have never bothered to be acquainted with your own body, and you pretend to love other people.  You cannot, because those other people also appear to you as bodies.  
The body is the greatest mystery in the whole of Existence.  This mystery needs to be loved- its mysteries, its functioning’s to be intimately inquired into.  Within the mystery of the Body is the very shrine of your Consciousness.  Any education that does not teach you to love your body, does not teach you to be compassionate to your own body, does not teach you how to enter into its mysteries, will not be able to teach you how to enter into your consciousness.  The Body is the door~ the body is the stepping stone”.  
This vision of Osho is what ARUN Conscious Touch really is.  And with this 20 Year Birthday, with your help, we want to take “spreading this message” to a worldwide audience.  Won’t you join the Dance?!?
Anasha in front of "Wat ARUN" in Thailand... the Temple of Dawn
Anasha in front of “Wat ARUN” in Thailand… the Temple of Dawn
During May, June, & July of 2014, in Germany, Spain, and Holland, Anasha and Anubuddha will be offering you many chances to celebrate ARUN’s 20th Birthday {Yahoo!}  with us~ and go deeper into the mystery of the Human Energy-Field and the miracle of “Conscious Touch as an Interactive Meditation”.    
Here are the dates, locations, themes, and contact info for our
ARUN 20th Anniversary Tour:  
♥  May 4 – 11, 2014      “Conscious Touch~ Joyful Voice” ~ Open for Everyone (co-inspired with Peter & Aneeta Makena)
 @ Parimal, in the peaceful/fertile German countryside.   Contact Pujarin at <silvia.merkle@web.de> for reserving your space {Pujarin has given so much energy and love to ARUN since its beginning, and we are very grateful to her}.  
This will be a magical start for our ARUN Birthday Tour… being and singing with Anneta & Peter is a Blessing!  Our “Conscious Touching” will center on “energy lines, chakras, Breath of Meditation, spinal balancing, & the glands”.  Every day will include “ARUN Yoga”, Sufi Dancing, Singing and Voice expansion with Peter & Aneeta, giving and receiving Conscious Touch meditations, great organic food, a whole lot of love, being in Nature, and Meditation.   Good Vibrations that will transform your Voice and Sense of Touch forever!  Many friends have already booked, and spaces are limited, so get in touch with Pujarin soon.
 "Conscious Touch/Joyful Voice" in Parimal 2012~ men and women singing different harmonies with Peter Makena
♥  May 17 & 18, 2014      “ARUN Conscious Touch” ~ Open for All  @ Osho UTA Academy in Cologne <www.oshouta.de>.  Sharing the “Essence of ARUN”, the meditative experience that transforms lives… Learning to see inside the mysterious “Human Energy-field” without fear, and connecting deeply to our inner Consciousness… learning to use your touch as a way of “watching inside” while promoting health, flexibility, awareness, and acceptance.
♥  May 21, 2014         Conscious Nutrition w/ Anasha ~ Open for All  @ Osho UTA Center in Koln <www.oshouta.de>.    What we put inside our mouths every day is one of the most important keys to our physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health.  Anasha has been intimately exploring the art and science of healthy Nutrition for the last 30 years.  She will share her understanding of how you can cleanse, purify, and heal your body… also how to make “Green Smoothies”, eliminate toxins and unhealthy food habits, what “superfoods” to include daily, and a wholesome diet that everyone can enjoy.  
raw organic vegetables and fruits are full of living giving enzymes, which give our glands their ability to transfer hormones wherever needed
raw organic vegetables and fruits are full of living giving enzymes, which give our glands their ability to transfer hormones wherever needed… Anasha at home in Vilcabamba
♥   May 23 – 29, 2014    “ARUN #9 ~ Master Level”   Residential in the German Countryside… Contact Kushad  <kushad@web.de>.  This is open to everyone from our 2 Year ARUN Conscious Touch Professional training in UTA, and to other friends with advanced ARUN Experience.  Kushad has found us an amazing space with a kitchen staff devoted to healthy organic food, so in this “super-advanced” ARUN Retreat, we will experience a deeper understanding of detoxing the Body and a balanced wholesome healing diet, as well as a 2 day “Green Smoothie” Cleanse.  This will be an intimate gathering and we will share more insights into the “Breath of Meditation”, creating an on-going series of ARUN Touching Meditations, electro magnetic Energy-line and Glandular awareness, CranioSacral balancing, “Freedom from Pain” and how to use Conscious Touch for specific Body Mind imbalances.  Also, we will introduce ways of sharing ARUN in 1 and 2 day Seminars.  We are REALLY looking forward to this mystical gathering of old soul friends!  Spaces are limited.
Graduation Day, july 2012... 2 Year ARUN Conscious Touch Training @ Osho UTA, Koln. We love all you guys
Graduation Day, july 2012… 2 Year ARUN Conscious Touch Training @ Osho UTA, Koln. We love all you guys
♥  June 1-4, 2014       “ARUN Conscious Touch for Rebalancers”   Residential Advanced Training in Holland.  
Contact Dhyani <dhyani@bodymindinbalance.com>.   This intensive workshop is for trained “Rebalancers”.  As most of you know, creating and teaching Osho Rebalancing beginning back in 1980 in Pune, India was my main contribution to Osho’s Buddha-field.  Along with mainly Satyarthi, but also several other gifted sannyasins, I helped create a radically new form of Bodywork that continues being taught and practiced throughout the world.  So i am very happy that Anasha and i can share ARUN Conscious Touch with the Rebalancers there, and help them deepen their understanding.  I still really love what happened to me with Rebalancing with the friends and with Osho in India and Oregon.
Osho Ashram 1979... P.I. trainin
How about this picture?  34 years ago!  Many incredible people and healers in this photo…Osho Ashram in India in 1979… Postural Integration training.  That’s me, kneeling 2nd from the left.  I was one of the assistants in the Training.  I’m next to Jack Painter {RIP} the creator of P.I.  Satyarthi is standing bare-chested towards the middle.  That was also an amazing time!  It slowly became clear to us all that around Osho that something “new” was being born, very different from Rolfing or P.I. or any other bodywork… and one year later, in 1980, Osho Rebalancing was born
♥  June 7-15, 2014    “The ARUN Experience” ~ Basic Training Open to All    
@ Osho UTA Academy in Koln <www.oshouta.de>.  Contact through <www.oshouta.de>.  This is the essence and heart of ARUN.  The ARUN Experience is designed to positively enhance every aspect of your life, and to provide you all the tools necessary to take optimum care of yourself.  Whether you are new to the Healing Arts and Meditation, or if you are very experienced~ the ARUN Experience will be cleansing, nurturing, revealing, inspiring, and transformational.  
The Human Energy-field {your body!} is the greatest mystery and miracle in the whole of Existence according to Osho and ARUN.  This mystery needs to be loved and investigated without fear… to experience and benefit from this insight, we need to intimately connect with the inner wisdom and self-healing energy contained within us.  The ARUN Experience is both practical and multi-dimensional.  This will be the only “ARUN Conscious Touch” Basic training in 2014, so spread the word!  
And then the LAST ONE in 2014… Happy 20 Year Birthday to “ARUN Conscious Touch”… the “Gift of the Buddhas”… in pure Nature in Spain ♥♥♥  Thank you OSHO!!!
Lalita~ home of the best Meditation/ Group Room in the world!
Lalita~ home of the best Meditation/ Group Room in the world!


July 4-15, 2014        “ARUN Conscious Touch 20 Year Birthday Body/Spirit Retreat & Celebration”~ Open to all ARUN graduates since 1994!   @ Lalita in Spain.  This is the GRAND FINALE!  Don’t let this chance go by!
Contact is through us directly, or through Japanese Kamala  <lilyrosestarbkamala@gmail.com>.  Kamala has been with ARUN since 1997, and she will be helped by her partner Pranada and Carlos in Zaragoza… we are planning for a huge response, and the Lalita family is very excited to host ARUN again.  
Did you know?  “ARUN Tacto Consciente” was something never heard of before in 1994.  In fact, when we told Candida, who first invited us to share ARUN in Spain that we wanted to call it “Conscious Touch”, she said it was “impossible, because the words “Conscious Touch” do not exist in Spanish!  And no one will understand what it means”.  So we even brought new words and experiences to the Spanish culture!  I wish we had an even bigger place than Lalita for this Advanced ARUN…
and i really hope that all of you with energy to share ARUN~ in individual Touching meditations, in classes, in schools or Universities, or through the media, or with your children~ that you all take this opportunity to renew your connection and deepen your Understanding with the “Source of ARUN”.  Although the essence of ARUN remains unchanged, in the last 20 Years, Anasha and I have added so many “new and colorful threads to the rich tapestry of ARUN” that to really share the latest vision, you will need to come to Lalita this summer.  It is so different with so many new touches than in 2000.  In modern computer language, ARUN has been upgraded and improved in numerous ways.  So come and drink fresh healing waters of “ARUN Conscious Touch”.
Breath of Meditation and "Freedom from Pain" at Lalita
Breath of Meditation and “Freedom from Pain” at Lalita

P1080719 P1080836

So, Beloved Friends & Fellow Travelers~ see which one of these beautiful ARUN Gatherings fit for you next year… the 20 Year ARUN Birthday can be a new birth for all of us… recharge your batteries, deepen your meditation, andnew learn ways sharing… Conscious Touching is needed more than ever in the world today!  We can’t wait to see you again.
Sending good vibrations and smiles your way… with love,  Anubuddha & Anasha
ps~ more details, stories, and photos coming soon!  Plus, a full report on our incredible 2 week “ARUN Conscious Touch”  Basic Training last August here in VILCABAMBA… 24 friends from 7 different countries… we/ everybody loved every minute… Vilcabamba really is a healthy, powerful, meditative place to be!
one of our organic greenhouses here at home in Vilcabamba. Kale, cabbage, and carrots are all rich sources of organic Sodium... one of Nature's most important minerals for our well-being
We live in the rich abundance of Nature… this is one of our organic greenhouses here at home in Vilcabamba. Kale, cabbage, and carrots are all rich sources of organic Sodium… one of Nature’s most important minerals for our well-being.  We have 3 huertos, and at least 200 fruit trees growing on our land

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  1. Vira Reply

    Hey friends, great news and great feeling to see you again – soon!! My 2014 seems to become a big year with many beautiful happenings….your schedule came just in tim before I commit for smh else in june…so I hope to dance with u!
    Much Love!

    • anubuddha Post authorReply

      yes Vira, please save at least one place on your popular dance card for us! It will be so fun and inspiring to reconnect and share after so much time… love to you beloved friend

    • anubuddha Post authorReply

      thanks Pujarin… i also can’t believe our luck, and i have big trouble “being in the moment” when i think of Joyful Voice/ Conscious Touch next May in Parimal~ haaa! Love to you

  2. kamala Reply

    WOW, ARUN, it’s so very so exciting!
    Sahajo is translating into Japanese.
    Spanish, Pranada is going to do translation.
    ARUN… world connection!
    so Beautiful! & so Touch!
    Light & Love☆

    • anubuddha Post authorReply

      Harigato Kamala! What an incredible “global team” we have with ARUN… East meets West meets here & now. Love to you & Pranada and we are happy you are coming to visit us in Vilcabamba…

    • anubuddha Post authorReply

      we miss you Sarita! How are you doing? Lots of love from the Andes…

  3. Patricia (Sevilla) Reply

    yesssss…i hope to dance, meditate and TOUCH you friends…thanks so much Anubuddha and Anasha for sharing this beautifull gift with us!!!
    See you in Lalita next July 4-15
    Bless you all

    • anubuddha Post authorReply

      Patricia~ we really look forward to being with you again… i’m happy to know you are coming. It will be a very magical gathering!

  4. Veet Mano Reply

    Hi Anubuddha,
    Nice to find you here! I did the Rebalancing training with you and Satyarthi in Pune 1989. Now I am interested in the training in 2014 in Holland.
    Please keep me informed.
    I also would like to use the picture with Jack Painter, you and Satyarthi on my own fanpage/website. I did PI with Jack and Rebalancing with you and Satyarthi.
    Nice to have you all on one picture! Is that okay for you?
    Veet Mano

    • anubuddha Post authorReply

      Hi Mano~ i remember! Go ahead and share the photo if you like, it’s such a great gathering of people very into Touch-based healing and meditation. For the Holland Advanced, you have all the details and info you need on this Post~ if you want to join, contact Dhyani soon because i heard it was almost full. Big hugs to you from Vilcabamba, Buddha

  5. hasya Reply

    wow….sounds like a beautiful time! would love to come share, play and be! much love, big hug and kisses

  6. regina reuter Reply

    herzklopfende vorfreude auf alles was kommt.und jetzt schon in mir schwingt.
    thank regina

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