Day # 21 of “A.O.Y. 21 Day Immersion”… “Thank you Osho, for being Enlightened”

Osho, Thank-you for being Enlightened!

Hi Beloved Friend,

Osho relaxing barechested in lunghi

23 years today, March 21st, 1988, i was on Osho’s balcony in Pune… waiting for him to come for our morning “touching meditation”.  When he came in, he namasted me, with a beaming smile radiating from deep inside.  I felt touched to the core.  He removed his lunghi { he always came in bare-chested}.   We had been having daily sessions for the previous 7 weeks, and we were really inter-connected in the journey… his body was having strange pains in many places, ever since his time in custody in America 3 years before… and he always responded well to our sessions.  Although, the pains and strange sensations would keep traveling around his Energy-Field.  But i never once had the feeling that he was “suffering”… he was amazing in how dis-indentified he was of his body, and absolutely present and sensitive at the same time.  Anyway, after inquiring how he was feeling today, i asked him to lie down face up.  I put my hands under neck, careful not to pull his beard or long hairs.  After a few minutes of touching, i paused and said, with tears in my eyes… “Osho, thank you for being enlightened.  You have given us all so much, i could never express it.”


Here, you can read an article that i wrote for a Spanish magazine in Madrid, on the 50th anniversary of Osho’s Enlightenment… i feel that it is a very beautiful touch for our “21st Day of ARUN/ OSHO Yoga 21 Day Immersion”.  And we will extend our Yoga another week, to give beautiful energy to the “Green Smoothie Cleanse & Detox” that we begin today with Anasha… there are a number of things that i still want to add to our “Song for Yoga”.

Have a beautiful Spring Equinox, enjoying “our Enlightenment Day”.

This year is the 50-year cycle of this modern day, Zen Master’s Enlightenment. In the fields of Human Potential, Psychology, Meditation, Healing, Art, Music, Conscious sex, and Creativity, Osho has been last centuries’ most profound, illuminating presence. Osho’s influence and contributions to the present age have infiltrated everywhere. In major and minor cities throughout the world, you will find many people working with people, using Osho’s methods, active meditations, and insights into natural living. Also world-wide, you will find that Osho’s sannyasins (disciples) are deeply immersed in the “New Age” music stream – in fact, some of the best musicians are meditating, using Osho’s methods and ways of raising consciousness.

Osho conducting “Meditation Camp” in Rajastan, late 1960’s…

After his enlightenment , in the 1960’s and early 70’s, Osho was conducting “Dynamic Meditation Camps” for thousands of people, throughout India. His teaching was, and is, to learn how to use your physical body ‘as a door’ to go ‘inside’, and to reconnect with your inner peace and silence; which is cuurrently bound up in physical, mental, and emotional tension.  This “going-in” enables you to live life at its fullest, without anxiety and unnecessary tension.


Osho under tree, during Meditation Camp in late 60’s

Osho’s basic message is ‘love’. Love of the Body, love of oneself, of other people, animals, nature.  Love and respect for all that existence has to offer us.  Re-emphasizing the understanding of Gautama the Buddha, Osho teaches us to experience: “This very body, the Buddha…This very place, the Lotus Paradise.Obviously, living with such love and awareness needs “a totally new kind of education”!

In a Meditation Camp at Mount Abu, India, in 1970, Osho shared keys to more ‘conscious living’. He explains the difference between living from your intrinsic wisdom, or ‘knowing’, and living out of your mind.  Feel, and try to understand what he is saying.  Sense how it can apply to different areas of your life.  (I know it has transformed my life!)

“‘Knowing is always spontaneous, whereas all beliefs are always to past knowledge, to memory.  When you borrow from your memory, you are not in the moment of knowing.  One must not borrow from anyone, not even from one’s own past.  One must live moment to moment, and live in such a way that everything which comes to you becomes part of your knowing.


Osho by the river… looking and touching with awareness

“If I look at you, my look can be knowing only if my memory is not in between. If I am looking at you through my memory of our past meetings,then I am not really looking at you.  But if I can look at you without the burden of the past, the look becomes meditative.  If I can touch you without the burden of any experience that my hand has known in the past, the touch becomes meditative.

Everything that is innocently spontaneous becomes meditative

“The third point that I would like to stress is that a meditative mind lives ‘moment to moment’.  It does not accumulate, it is always in the now, receptive to each moment as it comes.”   Osho

This approach to understanding our natural potentials, needless to say, is not how our children are taught in our education systems.  Quite the contrary!  Our education, unfortunately, basically consists of learning “how to be tense”. We teach through competition…how to criticize; how to analyse; how to accumulate useless information; how to always compare ourselves to others; in short, how to live in fear and anxiety.

Anyone who enters into their own body-mind-consciousness without preconceived conclusions, is in for many surprises. “Watching inside” as a neutral witness, transforms the whole experience we call “Being alive”. The conditions you need to fulfill in order to “watch inside neutrally”, are not as easy as they first sound.  Your own education has not yet provided you training in “relaxed, non-critical observance of moment-to-moment activities”.

ARUN “Living Brain” Exercise: Looking meditatively

Our vision, (physical and metaphorical), is clouded by our past and our prejudices.  We don’t ‘look’ in the way Osho is indicating.  And, our eyes are directly filtered by our mind.  There is much tension, worry, and mistrust related to our eyes.  You can learn to become more conscious of your eyes and “to look” meditatively.

Sometimes, when you have 10-20 minutes to be with yourself, just close your eyes a moment, breathing like you do at the ocean.   Simply, relax your breathing system. Allow one slow, full breath into your lungs; then one into your heart center; and then one into your hara (or belly) center. Each time, let the air out consciously, directing your muscles to let go and soften.  Let your watching be inside and alert.  Notice the center of your spine from your sacrum through to your neck and head, and allow it to lengthen “just a little” with your inhalation…

Now, internally, allow your awareness to shift to the “back part” of your head and brain, where the “relaxation center” lives.  Take your time and allow the back of your brain to become the “center point” of your interest.  Call to it, feel it, and become receptive to its energy, size, and constant contributions to your well-being.  Good…

When you are ready, shift your awareness to your eyes.  Feel them resting and living inside their homes. Sense your eyes from within.  Gently, place the palms of your hands over each eye, tuning into them through the touch. Then, talk to your eyes; tell them you want to connect deeper with them.  Persuade the tiny muscles surrounding your eyes: “Relax…there is nothing to fear right now… I am here to take care…you can relax”. And, you will be surprised!   Just if you approach any part of your body lovingly, it listens to you.  It follows you.  It is your body!


After allowing this inner dialogue 3 times, continue “palming” your eyes at least 2 minutes,inviting them to expand and to let go of any tension.  Then, remove your hands, and just feel the effects for a few moments… Now, begin to play with the idea of energy, or light flowing freely from the center of your left eye; to the center of your right eye; to the top  of your forehead. (An imagined vertical “triangle” of energy swirling from point to point). Although the eyes are one of the most serious and fearful parts of our energy field, this is not a serious exercise!  Do it about 12 times in each direction.  Then rest, with unfocused awareness, and feel your eyes just “being there”- relaxed and alive.  Wait a minute and then form a different “inner anatomy triangle” (there are many in the human energy field);  eyes connected with the back of your brain. Let your consciousness travel from your left eye, to the right eye, to the back of your brain, to left eye, etc. for 12 “triangles”.  Rest a moment and then reverse for 12 triangles.

Now, relax, breathing into belly, and then when you are ready, open your eyes slowly and let your vision be fresh.  Osho says: “If I can look at you without any burden of the past, the look becomes meditative”.   Slowly, you will get the knack of it, and many enhancements and openings will happen for you.

“Dancing Hands” Meditation

Osho’s ‘dancing hands’…

This is one of the most beautiful and direct ways to help your hands and touch become more conscious.  Sometimes, either sitting or standing with eyes closed, let your hands “really dance’!  Any spontaneous and creative movement is encouraged. Play with all the possibilities of movement and energy flowing through your hands…in new and fluid ways…slow or fast.  Forget everything else and flood your hands with love and awareness, while they move spontaneously.

Don’t worry if you do it “right” – they are your hands dancing!  Stay fluid…let each hand moves as it likes. Be conscious and enjoy.  After some time (10-15 min. is best), stop the movements, and look inside without any focus, without moving, for at least 5 min.

You will be surprised at the beneficial effect this simple meditation has in all your daily activities!

You will touch with more sensitivity and presence.  As there is a “cross-connection” between the hands and the cerebral hemispheres of the brain, it can be very helpful in times when our minds are “overloaded”, tense, worried, or when we can not sleep at night.  It also opens your heart and sensitivity.  Try it!

Osho says: “If I can touch you without the burden of any experience my hand has known in the past, the touch becomes meditative”.

Everything that is innocently spontaneous becomes meditative.


“The third point that I would like to stress is that a meditative mind lives ‘moment to moment’.  It does not accumulate, it is always in the now, receptive to each moment as it comes.”   Osho

This is the essence of “ARUN/ OSHO Yoga“, as well as ARUN Conscious Touch. We will be sharing more practical “insights” in the coming days.  Keep taking a little time each day “just for you”… you deserve all the love and attention!

Osho the Laughing Buddha

So, “thank-you Osho, for being enlightened”.  When I said those words to Osho 15 years ago during a massage on his balcony in India, he opened his eyes, looked at me, smiled from deep inside, and then closed his eyes again.






May we all realize our enlightenment… Namaste friends,

5 thoughts on “Day # 21 of “A.O.Y. 21 Day Immersion”… “Thank you Osho, for being Enlightened”

  1. Franck Montoro Reply

    Hello friends,

    I Thank you both for the beautifull knowledge, experiences, and silences you are sharing with us.

    It has been, and still is, a great and fullfilling experience to read and fell your words during, and aside the yoga practice.

    I really enjoy it a lot.

    I wish you both, as well as all of the friends, a beautifull, shinny, peacefull day!

    All my love!




    • Reply

      Hi Beloved Franck, it’s great to hear from you! How is the Life going? Are you giving sessions these days? Happy to hear you are enjoying the Yoga… for me, these 21 Days have been an amazing deepening and expansion… what i received inside was totally unexpected! It seems it never stops… Anasha and i both send you love… give us a call when you have time!

  2. montse Reply

    Queridos Anubudda y Anasha y todos los amigos de Arun

    Estos dias de yoga estan siendo una gran experiencia. Los e-mails que nos enviais están siendo una gran inspiracion para mi, y me ayudan a entrar en espacios muy profundos de conexion, y amor.
    A veces encuentro alguna resistencia cuando voy a una asana, sobre todo cuando voy a “el arco” y me cuesta encontrar un lugar comodo en esta posicion de mi cuerpo.
    Y a veces en alguna asana, me descubro riendo por dentro y eso refleja una sonrisa por fuera. Es tan divertido.
    Conforme va transcurriendo la sesión cada dia, me voy sintiendo mas agusto en lo que estoy y quiero seguir y seguir por mas tiempo. Me siento tan biennnnnn en ese momento!
    Observo como mi mente entra y sale con sus pensamientos, antes, durante y despues de la sesion, y escucho lo que dice. (ahora no hay tiempo, tienes mucho que hacer…bla bla, ya es tarde hay que cenar… bla bla, esta asana no me gusta…. bla bla, mira ahora lo bien que te sientes…. bla bla)
    Observo mi cuerpo desde dentro y veo el espacio interior y la respiracion recorriendolo y siento como me conecta con el momento, no hay nada mas que ese momento y eso me produce una gran calma.
    El final de la sesion es, muchos dias, de un gran confort, calma, amor, conexion…. La respiracion ha cambiado, se ha relantizado, la mente se ha detenido, el cuerpo se siente mas ligero, hay mas espacio dentro, está mas consciente…

    Aunque estas notas son en general, cada dia es diferente, y me trae a muchos comentarios escuchados en los trainings de arun: no compare, no juzgue, no espere…. solo está presente, con amor y aceptacion. Y hay está la alquimia.

    Los e-mails, los espero con anhelo, y miro el correo, ¡voy a ver si ya ha llegado hoy…..! Mas que leerlos, siento que estoy sentada en “el circulo” escuchando la historia que hoy tiene que contar Buddha y me siento feliz y agradecida de poder escucharla, y vivirla y …..las lágrimas de emoción recorren mis mejillas ahora mismo sintiendo la magia que se produce dentro de mi, cuando entro en este espacio. Siento mucho amor, paz y mucha alegria.
    Un gran abrazo y una gran sonrisa

    • Reply

      querido Montse, muy profundo que has compartido… con “el arco”, disfruta las sensaciones, sin cambiarlas a “bueno”… mira al toque, sin miedo ni expectativas… a veces yo lo llamo “el diablo”! Es muy bien para coraje interna, y las lineas energeticos diagonales cerca de “psoas musculos”. Si puedes respirar en 8:4:8:4 por un rato {o 6:36:3}, es mas facil y interesante. Me gusta mucho que tu dices sobre 21 Dias. Abrazos y mas abrazos, Buda

  3. Prem Pranada Reply

    This is the translation of Montse’s comment into English (I think!!):

    Beloved Anubuddha & Anasha & all the friends from Arun

    These days of doing Yoga have been a great experience for me. It´s being a big inspiration for me all these e-mail you both are sending to us, and they are helping me to enter into very deep spaces of connection, & love.
    Sometimes i feel some resistances, with certain asanas, like “the bow”, is hard for me to find a confortable place in this position of the body.
    And sometimes I find myself laughing inside & the reflection is a smile outside. It’s so funny!
    While the daily yoga sesión is passing by, I’m feeling very good & I want to keep on and on for longer.I feel so gooddddd in that moment!
    I watch how my mind comes and goes with thoughts, before, during and after sesion, and I listen what it says. (…now you don’t have time, you have a lot to do……bla, bla …look how good you are feeling now….bla bla…)
    I watch my body from inside and I see the inner space and the breathing moving along and I feel how it connect me with the moment, there is nothing else at that moment and that brings me a great calm.
    Many days I feel a lot of comfort, calm, love, conection… at the end of the session.
    The breathing has changed, it became slower, the mind has stopped, I feel the body lighter, there is more space inside, it’s more conscious….

    Even though these are general notes, every day is different, and they bring me many comments already heard in Arun Trainings: don’t compare, don’t judge, don’t expect….just be in the present, with love, and acceptance. And there, it is the alchemy.

    I wait all the e-mail with longing, and I look the e-mail, I go to see if already it has come today…! More than reading them, I feel thet I’m sitting in the “circle” listening the story that Buddha has to tell us today and I feel very happy and grateful to be able to listen it, and living it and….tears of emotion are falling right now, feeling the magic that is happening inside of me., every time a enter in this space. I feel a lot of love, peace and a lot of joy.

    A big hug and a big smile


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