Anubuddha’s “Song for the Human Eye & Awakening Vital Energy Awareness”

Hi Beloved Friends,
The first day of Spring, 2012 is here… and it´s a very good time for sharing love, opening our glands, breathing with awareness, and “watching inside”.   This “21 Day ~ ARUN Buddha Bones/ Buddha Eye/ Green Juice Experience” is very potent for many of us, and is revealing many new mysteries.  This weekend Anasha will initiate the “Fresh Veggie Juice” intensive that you are free to experiment with in your own way.  Last January, during the magical 10 day Colon Cleansing/ Meditation Retreat in Koh Chang, Thailand, while 21 friends were fasting, Anasha and i took the opportunitty to only consume “Fresh Vegetable or fresh coconut juice” for 7 days, and each day we also had a 20 liter colema to clean the colon.  It had an amazingly positive effect for us on many levels… we really encourage you to “give it a try”.  The entire digestive tract, blood and circulation, all the joints of the skeleton, the nerves, Brain, organs, and especially the Glands are cleansed and nourished in a way that is marvelous… leaving the body, mind, emotions, and spirit lighter and freer… and meditation definitely goes deeper.  Also, Springtime is an ideal moment to “reset” all our biological and internal energy networks.
I have a “Song for the Human/ Buddha Eye & Awakening Vital Energy Awareness”  to sing for you all… probably it will happen over a few days, as it is “a very big subject”,  and very dear to my heart.
And now that i have chosen our eyes as the theme of “inner anatomy love and awareness exploration”, i am in a gap, and asking myself~ “Where to begin this incredible journey?” 
Let´s start by closing and sensing and being inside our eyes for 10 breaths…  let yourself be very intimate and innocent as you connect with your eyes… don´t miss any detail, and look with wonder.  This watching with awareness right now could shift your whole life in a new and more positive direction.  
First, can you feel your “eyelids”?  They are “the curtain, or blinds” between the eyes and the world, and are much more delicate and sensitive and important than most people realize.  Open and close “the curtains” intentionally a number of times… you have muscles that do this, and you can play with using a strong movement, a soft movement, a fast movement, or a slow movement… each will produce a different effect on how you sense your eyes.  After at least 25 movements, close your eyes “as softly as you can”, and keep them closed with “as little effort and tension as you can”.  Then, feel the effects… in your eyes themselves, and also in your whole Energy-field.  Already, you will start to notice that whenever we change the awareness in the eyes, we awaken vital energy awareness in general.  It is not for nothing that since ancient days it is said that “the eyes are the window to the Soul”.
      Now, cover your eyes gently with your hands, forming a cave around them { by the way, the eyes sit inside of a cave… and it is a cave made up of many different bones, including the Frontal Bone, Sphenoid, Ethmoid, Zygomas, and Maxillae.  And these Bones are all “being moved” each moment by the cerebrospinal fluid that surrounds our brain and spinal cord… try to feel that sometimes, and you will be surprised!}   Energize and magnetize your hands by rubbing them together for a while… then use them to bring inner light, love, and awareness to your eyes.   Can you feel the actual size and shape and texture of your eyes?  Take your time, and really try to sense without any fear and without any expectations or preconceived ideas… just feel your eyes “in this moment of your life”, without trying to change anything.   When you are ready, feel the different tissues of your eyes { you can try one eye by itself first, then the other}… the white area, the cornea, the pupil… the very center of your eye- feel and sense the back of your eye… and then “follow the optic nerve” towards the center of your brain.  The nerves from your 2 eyes meet at the “optic chiasma”, and then it partially crosses over to the opposite side of the brain, while a section continues on the same side.  From this bifurcation point, the nerves continue posteriorly to the “occipital lobes” in the back of our brains.  This is where “vision actually happens”… in the back of our brains.  So try to feel and sense the whole vision pathway from the front to the back of your head, bringing as much relaxation and awareness as possible.
To be continued with more info and exercises when we arrive back home in Spain… now we are in Caracas.
We send love your way on this beautiful day,  Anubuddha and Anasha

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