Text from Red Alternativa (Madrid – Spain) – March – April 2002

Best to read this with a friend!

Nature’s design of the Human Body is both mysterious and challenging. “Mysterious” in the sense that the most meaningful and profound experiences of
life are impossible to manufacture or force…we can only become available and receptive to the secrets of existence. “Challenging” in the sense that each one of us exists in a seed-form, with only ‘the possibility’ of growing into and realising our hidden potential. Physical maturity and the accumulation of knowledge and information will not necessarily help us to experience deep contentment, love, or the expansion of inner consciousness.

If we do want to experience ourselves and life to the fullest potential, we must become more interested in “watching inside” – without evaluating or controlling. With our senses alert, our mind open, and our heart present in everything we do – without unnecessary effort or tension. For it is only by relaxing from the inside that we can influence and support the growth and expansion of our consciousness.

Not only is your body both mysterious and challenging; it is also a miracle of design, function, and sensitivity. But again, it is only a miracle in seed-form; it requires our constant love and gratitude, and awareness, to enable it to take roots, flower, and bear fruits.

Conscious Touching with Friends

Easy, simple ‘conscious touching’ can be a great help in tuning inside and allowing the body’s “Chakras” to move and receive energy. So two or more friends being together can greatly assist in awakening this vitality in each other.
Especially when we touch each other with acceptance, friendliness, relaxation and sensitivity.

If you are already spending time watching inside, breathing with awareness, and relaxing consciously – then tuning into your chakras can be very easy. You don’t have to visualize or imagine something that is not there. Chakra is the name for non-material energies living inside the body. They reside in what you could also call the 7 most critical physical body systems and are the centers of our hormonal and glandular systems. It is valuable to become and remain conscious in these areas. Allow your breath to flow in and out and through your chakras, and don’t expect great or amazing results – just be yourself! The Body is not serious!

There are many different possibilities or qualities of touch. Now, I am only speaking of touch that is positive…touch that allows the other person to relax, expand, and be inside…non-violent, non-aggressive, and non-judgemental. A touch that inspires trust. We are all capable of, and respond to this type of touching.

3 Major Qualities of Touch

Touch is a very big subject and at a later time I will go into greater detail about Osho Conscious Touch. For now, I want to keep it very simple. Even when we are describing touching gently, there are basically 3 major “qualities of touch”.

  1. Touch that is giving or sending energy into the person being touched. This directing of energy or light can be either ‘random’ or ‘specific’. (Think of the difference between a lightbulb and a laser). The idea is to help the area or point to become more loose, light, and conscious.
  2. ‘Magnetic’ touch that is drawing energy out of the person. It all depends on our inner intention which is behind our touch. Magnetic touch can also either be random or specific. The intention is to assist compressed, dense energy to expand outwards. (The more time you spend touching in a relaxed atmospere, the easier it is to become aware or conscious of your intention while you touch).
  3. ‘Neutral’ touch. The touch of emptiness. Not giving, not receiving. Just ‘being there’ as a passive witness, alert, observing whatever is happening.

Like Vipassana meditation, this is not as easy as it sounds, and takes lots of practice and trust. Also, like Vipassana meditation, with the ‘neutral touch’
many unexpected doors open inside.

Receiving Friend

One friend lies down on their back or side. Allow a few moments to relax the whole body, connect with your breath and bring your awareness to the here and now. Have the attitude that nothing in particular is expected from you…learn to trust in, and value your own experience moment to moment. Just keep using the touch to help you to watch inside. No one experience is more valuable than an other in the process of watching and opening inside. Keep using the touch to be more connected to the present moment and to yourself. Allow whatever happens to happen. Try to avoid judging or criticising yourself and there is also no need to analyze or rationalize your experiences. You don’t need to change anything… just be a witness to this beautiful play of energy. If anything is ever too uncomfortable or difficult, just feel free to share this with your friend.

Touching Friend

Although it is slowly beginning to change, most people do not allow themselves to touch or to be touched sensitively, without fear. So the ‘sense of touch’ is not developed in us. This “touching ceremony” we are sharing now will not only benefit the one being touched – the person touching will also connect deeper with their life energy. Let this touching be an ‘Interactive Meditation”. By this I mean that you are both being together, making contact, in the true spirit of meditation: relaxed, watching with a non-judgemental attitude, without expectations.

When your friend lies down and closes her eyes, you can also close your eyes and go inside. Relax, and remember also that you can be yourself – you don’t need to be a healer, a psychic, or anyone special. This is quite simply a sharing of energy.
When using touch to tune into the 7 chakras, I have found that it is very good to surround the area with both hands, very lightly. First, I touch each chakra individually, giving each center time to unwind and become more conscious and active. Some of our centers have experienced trauma, pain, and deep fear. For this reason, we are patient, loving, and non-forceful with our touch. Give each center 5 – 7 minutes. Afterwards, it can be very interesting to place one hand over one chakra and the other hand on another – even a little above the body is good sometimes. (For instance: connecting the energy of the Heart chakra and the sex center simultaneously helps improve and integrate our sexual and love relationships).

To tune into the first, or ‘Sex chakra’, place one hand under the sacrum, fingers pointing away from you so that her sacrum rests in the palm of your hand. The other hand rests softly just above the pubic bone in front. Allow both hands to synchronize and meld with the body. Notice the heartbeats, breath movements, and other sacral life motions. Give your friend time to connect with your touch and tune into this part of her (or his) body.

Interactive Mediation

Now, the two of you are ‘watching inside’ together. In this case, ‘watching’ means sensing and allowing the life energy to happen, without controllong or demanding anything. Sometimes, consciously breathe into the same part of your body that you are touching. This melting together into the moment is magic!
Spread your awareness within both of your hands…take your time and trust the touching. After some time, staying centered, let your consciousness move from the obvious contact to the less obvious: now allow your watching to move between the hands – in the middle of the body. As if the hands are highlighting and allowing you to see into the center. This is where the chakra lives. We want the chakra to feel its vitality so it can energize and flow through the whole body. As this happens, you may have feelings or sensations in other parts. This is normal and to be welcomed. Keep watching, and opening deep inside to your natural life source. When touching you can gently regulate and change your pressures. Sometimes you can give energy into the center and feel what is happening. Sometimes, allow your hands to receive the impulses magnetically and notice how that feels. In other moments, just be empty and feminine with your presence; be neutral, loving, and alert. 5 – 7 minutes is enough time for each center. When you remove your hands, do it slowly and gracefully and just be with yourself and feel the energy in your hands and heart. Allow at least 1 – 2 minutes of ‘not touching’ so the receiver can have time to be with themself and feel inside. (A lot will also be happening in this silence and you will begin to feel the energy and life of the chakra without effort.)
You can bring the same sensitivity and principles of touch to each of the 7 chakras. When it feels right, you can place each hand on a different center and feel them together. When we approach the body/spirit with respect and a sense of wonder, the way we are in Nature, the body opens in its own way, without force, and our touch becomes intuitive and creative.