These are notes (with some up to date revisions) from an Osho Craniosacral Balancing class given by Swami Prem Anubuddha at Osho’s Commune in Pune, India – Feb. 12 1989

Setting the Mood

Yoga stretching (one hour) Focusing on the cerebro-spinal (dural) part of the Body. Emphasis on “the time In-between” asanas, witnessing “involuntary-inner body rhythms”: Your involuntary -inner body rhythms and their frequencies, which are in constant and vitally essential harmony and balance, are: 1). The circulation of your Blood (60-80 pulse beats per minute) is noticeable in obvious locations and with relaxed awareness, throughout your body. 2). Breath inhalation and exhalation flow (12-18 cycles per minute) can also be felt or witnessed in obvious places, and with deeper observing and letting-go, throughout your body. 3). Craniosacral fluid pulse or Rhythm (8-12 cycles each minute) is happening around Central Nervous System (brain and spinal cord) and can also be felt throughout your whole body. While pausing and resting in between asanas, let all of your voluntary impulses be passive- in other words, don’t move! (Physically or mentally)… Just BE! NEUTRAL, silent, without expectations and without judging in the present moment.

If the yoga position can be held without undue strain, with breathing deep and even and soft, the connective tissues (fascia), muscles, nerves, ligaments, joint capsules and fluids, spinal discs, blood and lymph circulation, cerebrospinal fluid, brain, and organs are greatly benefited by this slow, de-compressing. With practice and patience, you can use the various asanas to direct energy, motion, and an “inner touch” to any body structure. IT IS A FORM OF REDISCOVERING THE FORGOTTEN LANGUAGE OF TALKING TO YOUR BODYMIND. One key: Whenever possible, while in the various asanas, consciously relax your mind (let-go of thoughts). Once in a while, bring your awareness to the “back” of your brain, and keep letting go of any unnecessary straining in the muscles of the eyes and face. (If your eyes, and mind, and breath are straining, you’re definitely “over stretching” in my opinion…) This “relaxed awareness” will help the stretch go “deeper”…

Living Brain Concept

Infinite potential for new sensory-motor nerve growth and Mind, Body, Heart, and Spirit Awareness. Basic exercises (3 + 20 min each).

Craniosacral Understanding and Sensitivity

History of the discovery of the Craniosacral System within the Human Energy
** W.G. Sutherland and friends
** John Upledger and ‘Mass Marketing’
** Us (Osho and friends)

Try to visualize and feel this “inner anatomy” from “the inside, out”, and from “the outside, in”: The “CENTRAL NERVOUS SYSTEM” (CNS) includes all the different parts of your brain and the spinal cord, as well as thousands of blood vessels carrying fresh oxygen in, and carbon dioxide out, of the brain. This is carried out and assisted through the movement of air within our Respiratory, or Breathing System. So you see, we can not really separate these so-called independent systems. The body is one, organic unity. We are a BODY (Human Energy Field) AND at a deeper level, the Consciousness that lives within the energy field.

Although each part has a different name and function, the brain and spinal cord
is also one, continuous unity. Major parts of Brain:

  1. Brain Stem
    (oldest part in evolutionary years) is the top of spinal cord, and location of 12 “Cranial Nerves”, which keep us alive (centers of respiration and heartbeat, etc) and allow our “senses” to operate.
  2. Limbic System
    and interbrain “Fight or Flight” mechanism (newer addition). It is center for emotions, and also a hormonal homeostatic control center.
  3. Cerebellum
    is our motor coordination center and important key to relaxation and gracefulness. Separated from Cerebal cortexes by cranial membrane called “Tentorium Cerebelli”.
  4. Cerebral Cortexes: 7/8’s of cranial space…newest addition. Left and Right Hemisperes share information, but have different qualities and talents. Connected by “bridge” and separated from each other by cranial membrane called “Falx Cerebri”. Sensory, motor, memory, imagination integration, as well as innumerable other, subtle functions are initiated and processed here.

Repeat! Brain and Spinal Cord are one continuity! In other words, you are sitting on your brain right now! Get it?!!? Your whole body is your “Brain”! (You would also say that the “Whole Body” is one continuity, if you look deeper). The Spinal Cord (midline of Body/Brain) is a little bit like an American freeway with “off ramps” to both sides leaving spinal cord (and returning), to innervate towards the periphery (muscles, organs, limbs, glands, connective tissues), to carry out physical movements (originating with mental idea), and giving sensory info and feedback, etc. etc…

Cerebrospinal Fluid

Surrounds the CNS (Central Nervous System). This is what bathes, protects, and nourishes the brain; helps keep us alive, and allows hormones and sensory motor, and mental communications within the entire Energy Field. The cerebrospinal fluid is “The highest known element in the human body”, according to the deep understanding of Andrew Still, the discoverer of Osteopathy, at the end of the 19th century. Modern Science has validated his
observation. CSF “flucuates” around and within the CNS. The fluid is produced in the “4 Ventricles” or “waterbeds” within the home of the Brain. The “Home of the Brain” or house that it lives in, is constructed or built by the more than 20 bones of the Head, Face, and Sacrum. The “Cranial Base” (‘heavier’ parts of Sphenoid, Occiput, Temporals, Ethmoid, and Frontal bones), and the “Cranial Vault” (upper parts of Temporals, Frontal, Occiput, wings of Sphenoid, and all of Parietals) form the outermost boundraries and on their inner surfaceare the immediate attachment of the “Dural Membrane”, which encloses the whole CNS. In other words, through the ‘3 layers of Cranial and Spinal Meningees’ the cerebrospinal fluid, when new fluid is flowing into the bags, the expansion pushes 3 dimensionally into the bones of the head, face, and sacrum. Because they are all separate, and join on intricate”suture lines”, there is a palpable motion, like the ‘ebb and flow’ of the Tides that can be perceived by sensitive hands. Within the skull, separating the 2 hemisperes of the Cerbrum and Cerebellum (Falx Cerebri and Falx Cerebelli), and the “Tent”, or “Tentorium Cerebelli” which eliniates and separates the Cerebrum from the Cerebellum, and the Cerebellum from the “Pons” and the Brainstem. are formed by continuations of the Dural Tube and Membrane. This creates a very palpable and feel-able “inner tidal wave” motion within skull and spinal canal. EVERYTHING from the center out, and the periphery in, is intrinsically held together by this dural membrane which is constantly and very efficiently responding to the changing flucuations of the cerebrospinal fluid. (“That’s a lot of words, but if you can ‘sense it’, it makes’perfect sense'”-Anubuddha)

Some fluid is always “exiting” from the bag through a very intricate plumbing arrangement…Minute blood vessels carry excess cerebrospinal fluid back to the heart, to mix with the breath. Probably, this assists in the movement of hormones and other messages within the Energy Field.
When new, fresh fluid is required, the ventricles supply it, and inject into the bag. Allowing and responding to this fluctuation within the “semi-enclosed” Circulatory System, the “Bones of the head retain motion and independence throughout life”. In other words, there is a subtle, constant movement in the “sutures” or spaces between the bones.

(You should stop and reflect on this, and be open to feeling it, and getting to know this part of yourself from inside, without expectations or fear).