Text from Red Alternativa (Madrid – Spain) – July – August 2001

Have you ever felt what is going on inside your head and behind your face? Have you learned how to let your head and brain “breathe freely” and open its many ‘windows’ to higher consciousness and spontaneous creativity? Probably not, because this ‘inner sensing’ of the moment to moment flow of life through our face, head and brain is not even talked about in our out-dated traditional education systems.

It sounds crazy (and it is!), but the typical education system (secular and religious) actually results in almost everyone becoming unnaturally tense- in other words – crazy.

Tension- whether it comes from worry, competition, comparison, anxiety, low self-esteem, anger, prejudices, fear, injuries, bad experiences, insomnia, pain, chronic fatique, depression, frustration, insecurity, resentments, unexpressed feelings, unfulfilled desires and longings- all of this is ‘bottled-up’ inside the average human brain. The accumalated and habitual effect of all these and other conflicting energies is enough to drive anyone crazy!

Through daily un-awareness, and a lack of inner sensitivity, our head is wound up so tight that it now keeps us in a constant state of inner turmoil and mistrust.
Even when we want to relax, we can not. Although we manage to hide it, all of our daily activities are colored and shaped by our internal beliefs and inner tensions. If we want to improve the quality of our life, we need first to explore and utilize our body’s, and especially our brain’s hidden potential. We all have the same potential for ARUN- ARmonia UNiversal.

The physical body that you see in the mirror is the outermost part of the mind and brain that you don’t see. The mind and brain and fluids that are flowing through them, is the invisible part of the body that we see. Body, mind, emotions, and spirit are one, organic unity. We don’t “see” our thoughts, but our muscles and connective tissues “feel” them. And muscles respond immediately and obedientely to our thoughts. They minutely contract, hold tight, and so move with less grace and more internal effort. The spaces between bones is compressed and misplaced. The flow of fluids and oxygen is restricted. This makes the mind even more worried… and the cycle continues.

There are over 24 bones and 100 muscles in our face and head. On the outside, it is all held in place by an intricate “web of fascia”. Within this web of muscles and tissues flow the fluids and hormones of all our feelings and emotions. If we can regain our inner sensitivity and allow, first of all, our muscles to relax and move more consciously- then the spaces between the bones in our head and face will be more conscious and will receive more “prana” (the vital life-force within the breath), allowing your head to breathe, in a sense. And, within the protection of the cranial bones and membranes is where human life becomes even more mysterious…on the inside, where we process all of our experiences…we are completely fluids, air, and thoughts…all moving. It’s amazing. So, when the muscles relax and trust, the ‘web’ expands, the bones are no longer ‘held together’ from the outside- now the “inner tides” of the cerebro-spinal fluid can ‘float’ the bones apart with each breath- from inside. This unrestricted expansion and relaxing of the brain releases all the juices necessary to combat tension, fatique, fear, comparison, etc. More importantly, it connects us with the “here
and now”.
To experience this inner oceanic breath, we need to feel more, rather than thinking all the time. Feeling is a deeper function than thinking. Feeling happens in the moment. [Thinking also happens in the moment, but it is mostly about something that is not happening. And our thoughts, if you haven’t noticed it yet, are mostly tension producing. This is why it is so essential to learn how to “watch” your mind, without evaluating or judging. “Watching” is always in the moment.

“Feel” your face and head from the outside , in. You or a friend can massage on and between the muscles. With relaxed hands, free the skin that is closest to the bones- this is where many nerves are “frozen” into the bones, sending a constant message of alert to the brain. Notice the sensation of the “sutures”- the spaces where the cranial bones join together.
In places where 2 or 3 bones come together, the outer texture, or contour will be noticeable…It will either be felt as a small “build-up” of tissue, or a small “indentation” or hallowing. The sutures are most probably more sensitive to the touch than other parts of the head (for sure the energetic sensations are different). As you touch more often and more consciously, this pain or discomfort gives way to pleasure and a smoother texture and energy flow. The bones breathe easier. It is between the bones that we find the “window points”. As the bones expand with the inner fluid waves (instead of resisting), a different harmony and fluidity is available for the brain. Now, the chronic tensions placed on the lymbic system and other vital energy centers of the brain are released.
“With the windows open”, a deeper awareness of the present moment is possible and fear diminishes. Instead of constant fear and anxiety flowing within, the healing fluids of trust, intuition, and contentment flow throughout the entire body-consciousness unity.

You can feel your chest, head, and brain breathing whenever you want to. It is very easy and natural. You just need to momentarily “let go” of all voluntary tension, be silent and still, and feel inside, without any expectations or fear. Let your consciousness be like an inner light inside. Take as much time as you like…this silence is meditation.