ARUN Body-Love and Cleansing with A.O.Yoga continues…

Hello Friends,

How are We doing?!?  It is Day#3 of our “Green Yoga Smoothies Spring Detox” week… I add Yoga to this because both are enhancing each other.


Even in “ancient Egypt” Anasha always has a Green Smoothie!


Today, let us look at the “Detox effect” this Cleanse has on the Body-Mind organism…
Whenever you leave out certain substances in your diet, immediately the body will start to de-toxify, or eliminate accumulated harmful substances.  It could be coffee, cigarettes, sugar, processed food, condiments like MSG {mono sodium glutamate}, table salt, deep-fried foods, chlorinated water, “junk foods” of all kinds, many pesticides {if your fruits and veggies and meats are not organic- and even then traces of pesticide are always present}. All of this and more creates a toxic environment and contributes to an overload of toxins that the body and eliminative organs { your liver, kidneys, skin, colon, gall bladder, lungs} “do not have time to get rid of”, as they are under constant stress and bombardment.

So right now, as we are leaving out a lot body clogging substances- only eating raw living fruits and leafy greens-, the body will start to “detox”.  “Mucous” is always being created in the body to shield it against harmful “contaminants”.  So when you do not ingest them, the excess protective mucous can leave the body.  The mucous will be more fluid, and this can cause symptoms that are unpleasant.  But if you can go through this, it will leave you refreshed at the end with more vibrance and “electric zest”… and positive thinking and emotional attributes… and much more fluidity in the skeleton.

The body may crave those foods that you usually give to it, your mind will find all kind of arguments why you should stop eating that way… your nerves will start to detox and may give you a restless feeling.  But it is normal, and if you know this, it can help you to not give in to fear producing thoughts.


So with the Green Smoothie week you may loose weight… if you have “excess weight” this is great news.  If not, do not worry… it will come back very soon when you eat your normal diet again.

The Cleanse will “Re-balance” and reconnect you.

Now, i suggest you pay attention to the “law of digestion”.
Most of us eat whenever we feel like it.  We have sooo much food and diversity available and we are so disconnected with our bodies, its inner functioning and real needs… we ignore its signals completely.
Also, we are all educated in a way that we give over certain parts of our lives to “so-called experts” without exerting proper thinking or right judgements.  And we take as “established facts” many untruths related to food and digestion… but this in itself is another post for later.  Now i come back to the subject that we are always putting new food into our stomachs before the contents of the last meal has been digested.  Our stomachs and colons are overloaded, full… and therefore the food can never properly digest… it mixes together, thus creating putrefaction and fermentation.  The bacteria and parasites can not exit the colon and they nestle in the warm corners of the putrefying mass.  So many “unwanted guests” live within your digestive system, and they have their own wastes that they release, which are again highly toxic… it’s a vicious circle.
Therefore, to wait until the last meal has been digested, before putting new food in will be greatly appreciated by the digestive team of your body!

Can I put “nuts” in my Green Smoothies”

Many have asked, “Can I eat nuts while on the Cleanse?“.  My answer is “NO”, as nuts, though they are a source of protein, they are also “fats”.  Fruits and leafy green veggies digest very quickly, but the nuts will take up to 6 hours {depending on the efficiency of your digestion} to leave the digestive tract… and this true scientific fact would create putrefaction, fermentation in your guts, because you would bring a new load of fruits and greens before the 6 hours required for proper digestion.

Some also ask, “Can I eat vegetables like cauliflower, brocolli, carrots with the fruits?” The answer is “NO”, as only green leaves and fruits are compatible.  You can take the leaves of the carrots, beets, etc, but not the root vegetable themselves.
A leaf is a leaf is a leafy green leaf…

And, if you are on the “salty tooth side”, you can also replace the fruits by just green leaves.
6 romaine lettuce leaves
some parsley
some cilantro or basil or whatever is available
1/2 lemon
2 celery sticks with the green
2 cup water
and you can add tomatoes, garlic, onion greens, and some china-kohl or get creative in your creations.  Some people put avocado in the soup, which is not recommended during the Cleanse, but if you feel you need it, put only 1/4 for one soup.  You can use also use cucumbers and celery as greens, as they are compatible with fruits.  And, with the soups you could add zucchini or fennel… mmmm.

I do not put out recipes now, as we have some on the Blog, and every area has limitations with what is available.  I personally go shopping and create my Smoothies with what is available.  Frozen organic fruits are ok and “Basic” in Germany always has berries in the frozen section… very “lecker”!


and the more greens you consume, the more you want them.  So it could reverse and become 60% Greens to 40% Fruits, but it takes time to reach there.

And also on the “theme of Fats”:  Studies have shown that if you use fat, especially a lot, with fruits together, it could increase “candida” in the body.  As we all have candida living inside of us, we do not want to give them the possibilities of multiplication as fruits are a very big part of our diet right now, while on this Cleanse.

So, i leave it there for now… and please feel free to interact with each other… send your favorite recipe ideas, and ask questions.

In Laughter, Love, Light,
from the heart,  Anasha

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