ARUN Conscious Touch is happening RIGHT NOW!

Beloved Uta ARUN Friend,

I am so happy knowing that we will be together real soon in the freshly renovated Buddha Hall at Uta. How have you been, since we last were hugging?!? I hope you are feeling the inner Life and letting it radiant outwards into your world.

Anasha and i have been totally “on” and “plugged in” since last June. ¬†Our summer ARUN Conscious Touch programs in Spain were 2 of the best for us on all levels… as they say, “sometimes the last dance is very special”. We knew it was our last summer for a while at Lalita, in Spain, so that gave it a special flavour. A good number of our friends from the Uta ARUN were with us for either 1 or both of them, which was very juicy. And beautiful Maria, from Berlin, jumped into Sannyas, and is now called “Ma Jivan Sarita”- which means ‘the vibrant, flowing life of the river’.

Sarita… floating on the inner river of life…

What can i say, except that “there is a lot to be grateful for”…

As you know from us, 2011 has been VERY challenging and incredible for the 2 of us so far. In fact- almost all of our friends and many people we don’t know report the same thing: Time is accelerating, life is more intense, and many changes are in the air… and as well as the chaos and un-certainty that comes with this, there are many doors opening up for new consciousness, love, and higher life frequencies than ever before, right NOW… i am sure it is also true for you.

So, because of Anasha’s Mother and sister both leaving their bodies, and our full work schedule, we literally had NO FREE TIME to just be with ourselves, with nothing to do so far this year. We have really enjoyed this year on all levels, and we have learned a lot, but we both felt we need to “reset” our body, mind, heart, and being clocks. So right now, we are in the 5th day of a one week Fasting Retreat… deep cleansing of our Colons and Organs, and whole Energy-field. It is very intense and very beautiful, and we are feeling a deep inner let-go, inspiration, and rejuvenation.

In 21 days we are all meeting again, so i wanted to help get us all ready to go deeper into the mystery and miracle of Conscious Touching and the Human Energy-Field. Here are a few of my ideas:

1}- we invite you all to again devote 21 days to experiencing a ARUN/Osho Yoga session daily… and re-read the “ARUN/Osho Yoga Songs”… try doing the Sequence daily and read the message for each day. {i am aware that your life is already busy, but giving yourself an hour a day, alone will make everything more magical.

“Buddha’s bones” in ‘Plough position… “Halasana”

2}- if you can, have a few days of Green Smoothies, or at least one a day, and eat lots of fresh, organic, alive food. Anasha wants to build on what is possible through “Inner Tissue Cleansing”, and has some deeper keys of Detox she would like to share this October.

Anasha at home preparing a delicious, nutritious “Green Smoothie”…

3}- have a relaxed review of the ARUN Notes we have shared with you over the last 1 1/2 years… or review the videos.

Anasha & Buddha sharing Touching Meditation… with Vimalkirti last July at Lalita

4}- share as many “ARUN Touching Meditations” as you can fit into your days between now and October- you and your friends will love it! You can experiment with what we shared last June about giving yourself freedom to create each meditation moment to moment… follow your own flow.

ARUN Touching Meditation in Buddha Hall

5}- sing, dance, hug people, and love yourself just the way you are!

Anasha with Dennis, the owner of the “Juice Factory” in Vilcabamba, Ecuador last January

We would love hearing back from you…

Meanwhile, feel many smiles and good vibrations flowing your way… with love, Anubuddha & Anasha

2 thoughts on “ARUN Conscious Touch is happening RIGHT NOW!

  1. Vira Reply

    Yes. Yes. Yes. Looking do much forward to the next dance with you all. I am also starting a green week soon and taking time off. My joints are not so happy these days…but the rest of me: very well…..:-) Going to Istanbul tomorrow for 10 days mindful yoga/ meditation retreat….hmmmmm. Big hug to the whole ARUN family. Vira

  2. Utchi (Frank Schubert) Reply

    Hi beloved Anubuddha & Anasha,

    Me too I’m really happy to be with you and all Arun friends again within 18 days from now!

    Having known you both and Arun is for sure one of the best things that happened to me in my life!

    I continue my daily every morning Yoga practice of course in the spirit of Arun and just put a day for an enema (colon cleansing) im my agenda. Will ask Pilar to make some rich green smoothies and add the morning olive oil-lemin juice strategy according to Mr. Stone.

    I’m happy to fell you both so happy and motivated with the upcoming changes and challenges in your life! This works as a good example for me.

    A big hug for both of you.

    See you soon.

    Much Love, Utchi.

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