ARUN Cranio-Sacral Polarity & Pranic Electro-magnetic Healing Training in Vilcabamba…

Start your 2018 in the Sacred Valley of Vilcabamba~ being at home in pristine, peaceful Nature revered by mystics, shamans, and “seekers of truth” since Incan times for its healing and rejuvenating energy.

We will intimately and minutely explore our mysterious and miraculous Brain and Spinal Cord together in a meditative, energetic, musical, and scientific way… by taking time to feel the waves and electro-magnetic impulses of the cosmic fluid surrounding and nourishing our Central Nervous System.

With Anasha, we will bridge this sensitivity with the “Perceptible Breath of Meditation”- connecting with the 3 primary energy channels of the Breath (Ida, Pingala, Sushumma in Yogic anatomy) running through and intertwined within our “craniosacral mid-line”.

Your “sense of conscious touch” and your ability to “look deep inside the Human Energy-Field” will never be the same! I can still vividly remember that when I first felt the Cranial Sacral fluid rhythms and Tides in myself and others (it was in 1983 in Oregon living in Osho’s Commune), and I felt individual Head and Face bones rebalancing themselves under my hands with an extrememly gentle pressure- that my experience of fascia, listening, and what is really “deep bodywork” took a whole new direction. I experienced a wholistic sensitivity of the “organic unity of body, mind, emotions, spirit, and consciousness” that continues expanding to this day. And over the last 30+ years I have guided 1000’s of friends into this experience.

As I heard Osho say to me: “Conscious touching is an art you can begin to learn, but the experience never stops growing- it goes deeper and deeper and becomes more and more psychedelic!” This I now know to be true. And by the way- Osho loved it when I was touching his face and head and sacrum and whole body in this gentle and very healing way.

This Retreat will not only be an in-depth ARUN Healing Art Training… it will also be an opportunity to experience directly the ancient wisdom of Hippocrates: “Let thy food be thy medicine”… daily Raw, living organic fruits, veggies, herbs, nuts, seeds, and elixirs prepared by the incomparable Familia Luz- Chefs Antonio, Marli, and Marina are authentic masters of healthy/healing food prep that is loaded with enzymes, nutrients, and love. A psycho-physical-spiritual cleanse, detox, and cellular awakening will happen in a gentle, delicious way… and the majority of the veggies and many fruits are growing or being planted right now and will come straight from our own gardens!

We will also create space and time for “nature tours”, Shamanic Temascals (sweat lodges), mantra singing, and daily sharings from the Heart.

The enchanting, secluded “Villa Beatriz Finca” sits at the feet of the Sacred Incan Mountain “Mondango” (said by the locals to have sub-terranean colonies of extra-terrestrials- lol!), with long views over the Valley, away from the noise and pollution, with a very beautiful fresh “salt water swimming pool”… with magical starry starry nights.

Anasha and I are filled with Joy to start 2018 in such a loving, healing, inspiring, and meditative way.

Spaces are limited… exact price is not fixed yet, but we are aiming at around $1000.00 US, all inclusive. Contact us directly for more info and to reserve your place.

We will also supply detailed notes about each bone, the brain, the nervous system, the mysterious Sacrum, and photos of hand positions, and ARUN vision of Human Energy-field…. plus- here in Vilca I have ALL My BONES, props, and teaching aids- lol!

More infos/ and video details will be shared later…

We want to give time for you to plan a wonderful holy holiday in the mystical Andes…

ARUN Cranio-Sacral Polarity & Pranic Electro-magnetic Healing
January 18-29, 2018
Sacred Valley of Vilcabamba, Ecuador

9 thoughts on “ARUN Cranio-Sacral Polarity & Pranic Electro-magnetic Healing Training in Vilcabamba…

  1. Roger Reply

    My wife and I would love to join you both and confirm the dates and times.

    What’s the best way to organise this?


  2. Amann Reply

    Hello, a friend of mine told me about you. I would be interested perhaps in joining you for this “adventure”. In case there would still be a place for me, can you give me a bit more informations about the dates and price ?!
    I m French and as you might know we re not so good in speaking foreign languages . I m speaking English but really far from been able to understand everything directly, would you say that it can be a “problem” ? Would there be some other people whose mother tongue is not English ?
    Thanks a lot for your answer !
    Have a beautiful day ✨

  3. Martha Reply

    Buenas noches. Les escribo desde España. Estaría interesada en el curso que van a realizar del 18 al 29 de enero en Vilcabamba. Me gustaría saber si hay plazas disonibles para reservar mis billetes. También agradecería más información acerca de las fechas, horario de comienzo y fin, precio final y datos para hacer la reserva.
    Si necesitan más información sobre mí (Nombre, ocupación, motivación..) no duden en ponerse en contacto conmigo, aunque preferiría que lo hicieran a través del Gracias.

    Hello from Spain.
    I would very much like to join you for your ARUN Cranio-Sacral Polarity & Pranic Electro-magnetic Healing Training, should there still be any post available.,
    I’d appreciate some further information on the schedule, when does it start and finish (times) in order to arrange flight, acommodations, and my travel from Quito down to Vilcabamba, or any other information that might come in handy (the weather there, clothes to bring, anything special we need to bring, and the training’s final price)
    Should you need any further information about me (name, ocupation, motivation…) I’d be more than happy to provide it to you.
    Please do contact me as soon as possible so that I can arrange flights, my trip, etc (as a
    i mentioned early on)

    Thank you very much. And Happy New Year!

  4. Jahlyn Karuna Reply

    Hello my name is jahlyn . I’m interested in the cranial sacral polarity and electro magnetic healing. Perhaps for next year. Or if there is one this year . Can you please send me more details about next training? I’m am friends with bodhi aloe.

    • Anubuddha Post authorReply

      Hola Jahlyn~ this is wonderful… we have a very beautiful ARUN Breath/CranioSacral/Hara Meditative Training Retreat this July 15-29 in Spain..This is a flyer with a little info. (the dates say “2017”, but it is 2018). I will send it to your email. Looking forward to meeting you soon. Smiles + love, Anubuddha

      /Users/Anubuddha/Desktop/breath Prana3.pdf

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