“ARUN/ OSHO Yoga 21 Day Immersion”… Day 7, starring “Buddha Bones”!

Beloved Friend ,

Nice to connect with you this way.   Inside and outside, so much is happening for us all.  I send you all good vibrations for your own sadhana, or soul journey.  You are invited to check the link here to see what other friends are sharing… this week, i will get all the posts on the ARUN Blog.  Once you enter in, you can click on a box to receive a notice in your mail when other people post.

In these daily inner explorations, try experiencing the various asanas the way you would enjoy receiving a loving, sensual massage, from the best toucher you know! Get interested in all of the momentary feelings and sensations.  There is no need to compare your body and its flexibility with any one else’s body {and no benefits either!}.  By moving in the “direction” of the different “Buddha Bone constellations”, everyone will benefit in his or her own way.  The photos you see of the various asanas do not have to be duplicated in order for you to sense physical, mental, and emotional relaxation and healing… and the meditative space is CERTAINLY NOT DEPENDENT  on “how far you reach in the pose”.  Meditative and healing energy is not visible through the outer form of the posture… “Real Witnessing” is an inner feel… it is invisible to the outside.
In each “Buddha-Bone” constellation, simply shift, roll, and deepen your body angles towards the indicated posture, and with love, patience, and repetition it gets easier and easier… the Natural Essence of the Human Energy Field { Body } is flexible, sensitive, alert, inter-connected, and aware of itself. Another essential quality and ability of the natural Human Energy Field is its almost unbelievable and miraculous capability to repair and heal whatever damage it receives.  There is an in-built inner Wisdom of the Body within that will take over if we allow it.  This is where creating your own inner Discipline is so important.
“Be yourself/ trust yourself/ get to know yourself” and try not to judge or analyze what you are doing or feeling… just let your Consciousness shine in the present moment, flowing through the stretch.  So “the knack”, or the art of ARUN/ OSHO Yoga is not to control the mind, but to just learn to focus one’s mind on the present experience {which has never happened before, and will never happen again.  The obvious reality to one who is an inner Witness is that each touch, each stretch, each breath only happens one time!  So allow the thoughts and sensations and inner vision to come and go}  You do not need to stretch to the point of pain, and you can constantly search or scan the whole body, searching for places where there is some tension or fear that could relax while you are playing with the positions.

The breathing is a little slower and fuller that usual… through the nose is the most helpful way to breath to circulate the “Prana”, though if it is easier to exhale through the mouth sometimes, no worries.  The breath is intimately related to your brain’s ability to “let go” into the stretch.  { And remember= the “wireless” energy lines that run along the left and right side of the vertebral column to the Sacrum, originate in the the left and right nostril, respectively }.
Let your mind and brain {especially in the front of your head. above your eyes }, relax and soften.  Take it easy, and be patient.

The inner chemistry and electro-magnetic reality of the bodymind is such that if you can relax in these “Buddha-Bone” positions for 1 minute each, every day, for a 3 week { 21 days } period with the Spirit i am indicating, you will experience many positive phenomena inside… some visible and many invisible.  The body becomes more conscious, looser, and psychologically lighter.  The fascia and the energy lines are tuned to your frequency.  Your Craniosacral System and cerebrospinal fluids are toned and cleaned, allowing deeper autonomic nerve healing and clarity.  Your “6th Sense”- the “kinesthetic sense” which allows us to experience “Chi”, “Prana”, and inner motions, is greatly enhanced, and becomes more alert and sensitive…
Much more could be said, but it is better to leave the possibilities open, and to trust your own feeling and experiences.

This is our 7th Day of the “A.O.Y. 21 Day Immersion”… i only hope you are in-joying it as much as i am!  Because when i allow my Energy Field to play with these “Buddha-bone” relations, the inner touch i receive is so loving, so alert, so sensitive, and so relaxing… and different each time!  From the outside it maybe is not so impressive… but from inside, it is priceless and incomparable.  It gives the rest of my day a loose and conscious quality that i appreciate…

Thanks a lot OSHO, Rishis and Existence!

3 thoughts on ““ARUN/ OSHO Yoga 21 Day Immersion”… Day 7, starring “Buddha Bones”!

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  2. Gautam Reply

    Hi frinds!
    I’m a King now!
    Tomorrow will be the last day of the Men’s Liberation Group in Osho Uta!
    I feel powerfull, full of Love and deep touched!

    I’m happy to join now to the arun-osho-yoga!

    Love to you all frinds!

    • anubuddha Post authorReply

      SO! This just proves that REAL MEN do Yoga! Great Gautam, i’m happy you so touched and full of Love… Anasha was wondering about you!

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