Day #3…”ARUN/ OSHO Yoga” = “A Play of Consciousness”


Hi Beloved Friend,

How are you today?  I trust that you enjoying the inner and outer happenings in your beautiful life.
Let’s continue with our 21 Day Exploration of ARUN/ OSHO Yoga, exploring the miraculous Human Energy Field and Consciousness as an Organic Unity.
If you think or feel that Yoga is serious or difficult… you did not learn it from me or in ARUN, that’s for sure.
Nothing about ARUN/ OSHO Yoga is serious!
When you do your daily sequence, you really have the freedom to “be yourself”… without judging, analyzing, comparing, or trying to prove anything.  “Play with each posture” explore the boundaries of your own unique “Human Energy Field” by bending in the indicated direction “mindfully”. “Mindfully” is the Buddha’s expression for doing any activity with full awareness… it could be walking, eating, standing, sitting, talking, lying down, or it could be one of the yoga asanas.  The activity we are in is not the point… the key ingredient is always your presence, your awareness.
So there is really no need to be serious about doing Yoga.  Osho calls seriousness “the great disease”. And i think many teachers and western books about Yoga have indirectly given people the idea that Yoga is difficult and a serious subject.  It is not!  By creating too many far-away goals and too many “do’s and don’t’s”, Yoga becomes real “work”.  What can be more playful than laying down on the floor and bending your skeleton in a certain direction to your own body’s boundary and then pausing right where you are and simply observing the sensations and your breath for 30 to 90 seconds?  If the body or some muscle hurts, or the mind and emotions gets scared with the stretch you are in, just stretch a little less!  And if you don’t go as far into the position as someone else does, or as far as you did yesterday, or in your dreams… WHO CARES?!? {besides the EGO?}  Do you think your body and consciousness can be forced or commanded into opening, into healing?
Inner trust, friendliness, and a sincere (not serious!) effort to feel yourself in all the various “skeletal constellations” is what is going to “awaken your own vital energy awareness”.   We are not trying to “change ourselves” or create anything… we are simply trying to awaken our own natural life sources, and allow them to flow and circulate without fear, guilt, or expectations.
Because i was teaching Yoga in Osho’s Ashram in India, and in his Commune in Oregon for so many years { 1976 – 1990 }, i was able to ask Osho many personal things about Yoga and the Body, and i also listened to thousands of his public Discourses .  On many occasions, he cautioned against using too much effort, and the dangers of doing the yoga positions with “your ego”… the danger of trying to prove something to yourself or others… or using it as a power trip of some kind.  He often said to never make anyone to feel guilty about their own body or their energy… help them to trust and relax into their own center… help them enjoy and laugh about their bodies.  If you enter rightly and innocently into your own interiority, he says, many secrets and mysteries will be revealed to you that are NEVER REVEALED by forcing and doing it to enhance your ego.  The more you are grateful, the more Existence keeps showering on you… let go and trust.
So these 21 days we are sharing together with ARUN OSHO Yoga are not serious… it is for fun.
Or in Osho’s own words… it is

prem anubuddha,   A really mature person cannot be serious, there is nothing to be serious about. The whole of life is fun, it is a play, a play of consciousness. And that’s what meditation reveals to you – that the whole of life is a beautiful play of energy. The same energy is in the trees, in the stars, in the rivers, in the mountains, in you, in animals. It is the same energy dancing in different forms. We in the East have called it ‘leela’. Leela means god’s play. Osho


And NOW for our “A.O.Y. Tip of the Day”!
It comes from this amazing living Master of Yoga named “Shivaji”.   His speciality is Yoga for anti-aging… tuning into Shivaji might just change your life!  Just click on the link below…
Until the next time,  smiles and love,  Anubuddha

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