ARUN/ OSHO Neo-Yoga… Mudras and Meditative Hands: “Alert, sensitive, loving, and in this moment”

Osho during silent Satsang… can you sense and feel the energy transmitted through his hands?

Can you think of anything that is more mysterious and more miraculous than the Human Hand?!?  I can not!   The Hand’s 26 bones, hundreds of muscle fibers, countless ligaments and tendons, sensitive skin and fascia… with delicate nerves and blood vessels which connect it to our heart and brain.   The Human Hand is not only a physical engineering feat… the Hand is a clear manifestation of the “Wireless Energy”, or in modern terms, “the Wi-fi energy” within the Human Energy Fieldthe Hand immediately transmits our inner thoughts, feelings, and longings to our outer environment.  Whether you are aware of it or not- every single thought is immediately registered in the muscles and bones of your Hand… every feeling and emotion is minutely mirrored in our hands… moment to moment. We should never under-estimate the “organic unity” within the Human Energy-Field… nothing can be hidden, and all is inter-connected.  From the deep recesses of the emotional Brain, the left and right hemispheres of the Cerebral cortexes, and from the Spinal nerves, through brachial plexus, to our hands- sensory, motor, and emotional impulses are traveling “faster than the speed of light”!  And likewise, from our heart, which is intimately dependent upon our Breath, the life force is flowing back and forth from our fingers… so each breath, and each heartbeat resonates through our hands.

“The Sense of Touch” is a gift that is beyond measure… it is extremely valuable in its richness and complexity.  Human creativity is always exquisitely channeled through the Hands.

{ I remember Swami Yoga Anando, a famous Tantric sculptor and artist, and one of many enlightened disciples of Osho (in my opinion). Anando was one of my very important early teachers in the mystery of touch and tantra, saying to me way back in 1977:  “I can never be sufficiently grateful to my hands… they have given me everything throughout my whole life.  When I feel the life force in my hands, I am always trusting that there is nothing to fear…”}   We all should be very grateful to our hands…

“Namaste”… this is the “Anjali Mudra” which is the melting of male and female energies together… you are “in balance” when you greet someone… it is a global, whole hand pressure contact… connecting to the essence… the Buddha inside

Thanks to my life-long passion, work with, and interest in the subject of the physical body, OSHO Neo-Yoga, touch-based healing, and meditation– I have traveled throughout the world and have come in contact and shared with, and learned from many creative people– great teachers, top athletes, coaches, mystics, musicians, healers, hypnotists, sculptors, painters, gardeners, cooks, and body workers.  Although very different in their passion, all these people share one thing in common… their creative juices flow unrestricted through their hands.  The first time I visited India to study Yoga and learn Meditation was in 1976, and I spent the majority of 20 years of my life in India, Japan, and Thailand.   I have also enjoyed reading hundreds and hundreds of relevant books written on the understanding of the Healing Arts and ‘body awareness’, as well as persistently teaching in this field for the past 35 years.  I have been exposed to a myriad of helpful methods and ways to enhance your inner vision, health, flexibility, and your love and appreciation of the Human Energy Field… In this article, I would like to share with you one of the most simple, unusual, and effective ways I know of to balance your energy, heal many pains in the bodymind, and deepen your inner awareness of Touch.  Let us explore together…

The Ancient Inner Science of Yoga Mudras

First, a little historical background is needed: The ancient Indian “Rishi’s”, or Enlightened Seers, did experiments on themselves and developed “Yog-sadhana”.  From their meditations and discoveries developed the various schools of Yoga asanas, Pranayama breathing methods, hand Mudras, and the medical science and life

Most of Buddha’s disciples left India after his Mahaparanirvana… mudras are essential in Buddha statues

philosophy known as “Ayurveda”.

After the death of Gautama the Buddha, 2500 years ago, many of his closest disciples and followers were forced to leave India by the religious establishment.  Others chose to voluntarily leave to spread Buddha’s message.  Buddhism never flowered in India… but it became very important in Thailand, Sri Lanka, Burma, Cambodia, Japan, Vietnam, Korea, etc.  For this reason, you will see yoga mudras used throughout Asia in Dance, Art, medical treatments, and many spiritual disciplines.  One of Buddha’s personal physician’s,“Shivajo Komarpaj” also left India and relocated in Thailand, where he is recognized as the founder of Traditional Thai Massage.   This is why so many words and descriptions found in Thai Massage are so similar to the Indian language and understanding of energy flow and inner anatomy.

Gracefulness and awareness in the hands has been cultivated and valued throughout Asia for centuries.  All of the various hand gestures seen in statues of the Buddha are examples of “mudras”, and each mudra also corresponds to a different emotional attitude.

Osho hands move with incredible grace and awareness…

When I first saw Osho in person, in 1976, I was immediately drawn into his hands… I had honestly never seen hands like this before! In fact, his whole body to me was intriguing- the way he walked, the energy coming from his eyes, the way he breathed, his smile, the tone and vibration of his voice- all aspects of his “body gestures” touched me in a way that was different and stirred my soul.  But his hands!  They moved sooo gracefully, so fluidly… without any tension or fear.  Many sannyasins would close their eyes during Osho’s discourses, but for me, my eyes were almost “pulled open” by some mysterious force, and I would sit as relaxed as possible and just watch his hands and gestures… I would close my eyes sometimes, of course, and that was also amazing, but eventually my mind would say, “open the eyes- you are missing something that you will never see anywhere else!”  So when I heard Osho say on numerous occasions that “even the Master’s gestures can take the devotee into deep meditation”, I know for personal experience that it is true…

Between 1988 and 89, i gave Osho over 150 individual sessions- most were “Conscious Touching” sessions, but many were “Mora electro-magnetic” acupuncture energy balancing sessions, which required me to hold his hands for long periods of time while testing the acupuncture points in his hands and feet.  When I would touch his hands, my heart and mind would melt.  Never- before or since, have I met a Man with absolutely “no fear, no tension” in their hands…  and simultaneously so much love and life force flowing from within.  I still get courage just remembering that it is possible.

On the day Osho started “Rebalancing”, in April of 1980, the office called the 5 of us together who were chosen to give Rebalancing sessions, in order to make public what Osho Rebalancing was.  Everyone was saying things about Rolfing, or Postural Integration, bodywork, or physio-therapy… when Garimo finally asked me, i said- “I learned how to do Rebalancing by watching Osho move his hands and move his body over the last 4 years”… she smiled and looked at me a little strange, and said we had to have someone else write about it!  So it never entered into the Rebalancing publicity, but i can honestly say that watching the gracefulness and dexterity and expressiveness of Osho’s hands while talking, or greeting us in namaste, or in dancing has taught me so much, that words could never convey!  Even now, while watching Osho videos, I almost always keep my eyes open and delight and marvel, while observing his gestures…


Bodhi-leaf mudra… used for transmitting peace and healing energy

Yoga Mudras are used to give health and energy to the whole body. Some hand mudras are used to treat earaches, the kidneys, the lungs, arthritis, overcoming drug addictions, depression, high blood pressure, etc.   In the West, many of us have become aware of and benefited from the art of “Reflexology”, or foot massage, which uses the nerve endings and energy lines in the feet to send healing energy throughout the body.  The hand is also having connections to the whole energy field.  The roots of foot and hand Reflexology can also be traced back to India, and like Yoga mudras, is based on a deep understanding and observation that the Body is one, organic unity.   The ancient Rishi’s were meditators, and for a meditator, everything in the Energy-Field is inter-connected within  “the 5 Koshas” {see this Post for more about the 5 Koshas- } which includes Organs, muscles, bones, thoughts, emotions, breath, heart, brain, etc.  Especially in the extremities {feet and hands}, we have many points and energy lines that correspond to seemingly unrelated, distant parts of the body.  Consciously pressing and massaging, or stretching all of the points of the hands and feet, freeing the tension and pain between all the bones {each hand and foot has 26 bones!}, not only feels great… but it gives healing energy to every part of the body-mind.  To say it another way- if your hands are tense, fearful, and constricted, then the mind and the emotions will also be disturbed.

Hatha Yoga and Ayurvedic understanding is very inter related to Nature…

It’s curious to notice that the western hand gesture for “everything is okay, or Yes”, is also the”Gyan Mudra”, or “Spiritual Mudra”!

“Ha” – “tha” represents Sun and Moon, and the 5 elements in Nature are fundamental to this relationship.  According to the ancient Yogic philosophy, each finger of your hand corresponds to a different essential element of Nature.  The thumb represents “Agni”, or “fire element”; index finger represents “Vayu”, or “Air element”; middle finger represents “Akash”, or “sky element”; ring finger represents

“Prithvi”, or “earth element”; and the little finger represents “Varana”, or the “water element”.  Isn’t it amazing to sense and visualize all the elements mingling and flowing inside of our hands?!?  Harmony in Nature and in the Human Body depends on the equilibrium and unrestricted flow of these 5 elements.

This is the “air mudra”… or Vayu Mudra. It is used to balance “too much air in the body”… joint pains: arthritis; rheumatism and other “stagnant air” conditions in the body

Each of these Mudras can become a “meditation” with each element, or “Tattva”. It is not necessary to believe this in order to derive obvious benefits from the sincere practice of various yoga mudras- remember, each point of your hand has a different energy potential and importance.  When you practice and go into these “hand asanas”, the more subtle inner connections between your hands, brain, breath, heart and whole body are brought into your awareness.  This awareness, or “watching inside” is the key to inner transformation and health.

For practicing Yoga mudras, no special position is needed- they can be practiced sitting, lying down, dancing, or walking.

“water mudra” or “Varana Mudra” {little finger and thumb contact}. This mudra is a “blood purifier”; all kinds of diseases related to water {urine, kidneys, etc}, skin diseases; it is said to make the skin more healthy and beautiful.

For full benefits, it is recommended that you maintain the position and contact of the fingers for 10 minutes each.  There are no rules, but relaxation is essential.  The contact of 2 fingers is what is most important.  In Sanskrit, “mudra” means “to seal”, or to connect.  So when you press {which is the secret to activating energy} different fingers together, you are re-balancing the whole body and energy flow.  It is almost always best to use both hands simultaneously.

meditating with the “Prana Mudra”… {little + ring finger on thumb}. It increases energy in the immune system… very good for ill and healthy people when done daily. Also helps with eye problems…

You can consciously, or intentionally “change or regulate the amount of pressure” between the fingers to find the contact that most easily allows you to “stay in Touch” with the present moment.  This “being in the moment” – open – without expectations, judgments, or comparing is what we teach and emphasize in ARUN Conscious Touch.  It is also the essence of Meditation.

meditating with the “sky” or “Shunya Mudra”… {thumb contacting back of middle finger}. In the Rishi’s understanding, “emptiness” denotes “space”, or the ether… it is a very valuable element for health and meditation. Modern physics is now agreeing with many of the ancient Rishis understandings. Now it is known that within our Bodies’ cells, there is much more “space” than matter! The Shunya mudra is good for ear and hearing problems…

Meditate over this:  The Human body is “electro-magnetic”… Energy is always streaming out of us into the atmosphere… and from the atmosphere energy streams into us.  This happens through our entire “aura”, but the energy flow is unique in our fingertips, toes, crown chakra, and tail.  It is a “two-way street”… if we can relax and open the mind, the brain, and the heart- then our hands will be more sensitive and co-ordinated, and graceful… able to communicate our subtle intentions and feelings to our environment.

But the enlightened Rishi’s also noticed something else– if you start with the Hands, and you arrange them in various “constellations”, through “sealing” the energy flow and helping it to circulate within- then you can influence all the Energy lines, organs, and tissues in the body.  So when you “seal the fire energy with air energy”, or with the other elements,  it sets up a new circulation of energy, that your consciousness is able to “distribute” to all the tissues of your physical body, and also to our immaterial subtle bodies, or Koshas.

Hridaya, or Heart Mudra… { ring and middle finger on thumb, index finger curled on inside of thumb, little finger straight}. The Hridaya mudra is very good for the heart, the lungs; circulation; all blood related problems, plus asthma. For some crazy reason, i always call it the “anti-hexenschuss” mudra, that prevents the negative energy from other people from giving you a bad back! Try it next time when you feel someone may be putting a “witches’ spell” on you!
this is the “Prana Mudra” while making circles from the shoulders… one minute in each direction is an amazing antidote to tiredness and depression!

The energy flows through the arms and legs from hara, heart, and brain… but within the Human Energy Field there are innumerable energy lines.  The ancient Rishis put the number at 72,000 interconnecting streams of energy flowing through us right now!  But for the majority of people today, these are merely words… they are not aware of their bodies and its “Electro-Magnetic potentials”, and they suffer innumerable illnesses as a result.

I feel that any exercise or movement awareness we do with our hands has tremendous value.  I also feel that what happens through the Human Hand and touching is one of the greatest mysteries and miracles in all of existence.  The way I “touch” the people, animals, p;ants, things {objects}, clearly demonstrates how i feel about them.  Human hand is a place where our inner love and awareness meets and contacts what is outside of us.  Our whole personal history and present psychology is “in our hands”.  Most people have never taken the time to feel and become acquainted with their own hands “from inside”.

Add these easy and simple hand mudras to your ARUN/ OSHO Yoga discipline, and you will see and experience a new quality of awareness and life flowing inside of your hands…

Love and awareness moving through your hands, in whatever activity, always brings joy.

Hina Bharti… “the Fragrance of India”… Hina was the very first dancer that I saw using “mudras” as part of her art. The first time I saw her dancing was in Osho’s Ashram in 1976. I lovingly refer to her as “my guru of mudras”. This is her during a performance in “Lalita Escuela & Retreat Center” in Spain (in 2010), where Anasha and I conduct the long, residential trainings in ARUN Conscious Touch

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