Buddha Bones/ Buddha Eye/ Green Juice ~ 21 Day ARUN Experience continues wherever we are…

Hi Beloved Friends,

We’re back in Denia, since last night, after a long 2 1/2 day travel with very little real sleep and lots of delays… we arrived safely, and in good spirits, but without our luggage!  Hopefully, it comes this weekend.  What a crazy world we live in~ Denia is such a small little city on the seaside, but it feels like New York city compared to Vilcabamba!  I’m reminded of how i felt back in the 70’s when i returned to the West after being with Osho in India~ such a change of energy frequencies.  I guess the key for happiness is the same for all of us~ “wherever we are, it is the perfect place for us to be, in this moment of our lives”.
“Fly High, Beloved Vim”

One thing happened today that i want to share with you all~  when we went to the Market in Denia to buy organic fruits and veggies to restock our kitchen, we heard from a friend that a sweet friend of ours, who runs a “Power Plates fitness studio” here in Denia, died from cancer {and the treatment he was getting} while we were flying home.  Anasha had wondered if we would make it back in time to see Vim, as we had spoken with him and his wife on Skype last week while still in Vilca.  A year ago, he didn’t know he had cancer, and then he deteriorated so quickly, it blows my mind.  So it reminds me to bring as much love and awareness as possible to every step of my own journey… and to look with compassion at everyone who “touches me” with their presence in my life, as they too will die someday.  We are all very fragile beings, and our thoughts, feelings, movements, and decisions and choices we make each moment are creating our present reality.  As Osho likes to say, “Life is a mystery to be lived, not a problem to be solved”.   

How are you?  Are you enjoying the Spring so far?   Give us a few days to re-adapt before we share more with you about what is so dear to our body, heart, and soul.

Meanwhile, keep taking loving care of your precious buddha bones, your heart, your meditation, and your nutrition.  Sending good vibrations and love your way… Anubuddha + Anasha

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