Day # 17 of “A.O.Y. 21 Day Immersion”… “Polarity Yoga” and the genius of Randolph Stone

Ahhh… today’s subject is one VERY DEAR TO MY HEART!

{In fact, every day of our “21 Day ARUN/ OSHO Yoga Immersion” is touching my heart and soul… but today is TODAY, after all! }

Each one of us is “a vibrating electro-magnetic Field of Energy”… with non-stop chemical actions/ reactions, and hydraulic magic flowing through and around and within all of our “Buddha-bones”… with the “airy mind” energies, and sound and light currents intermingling. We also have countless emotions, {including the emotional sense of humor, i hope! }, and constant input through our 6 senses influencing everything under our skin.  But more essential than that… we are “consciousness inhabiting this physical Energy-field”… “we are a witnessing consciousness”.

ARUN CONSCIOUS TOUCH is lovingly dedicated to the on-going evolution of creative Human Touch in all of its glory.  We give equal emphasis and value to the touch that we give outside of us, and the touching that happens inside of us.  ARUN is a totally new kind of education in the world today.  We could say that OSHO is the most obvious creative force behind ARUN, but this HUMAN evolution has millions of contributors. We are very aware of and grateful to “our ancestors”… all the amazing explorers of the inner world, the Enlightened Ones, the Mystics, the Rishis, the musicians, the poets, the dancers, the organic gardeners, the healers, the scientists, the meditators, and the lovers that have poured their energies into raising their own and humanity’s Consciousness.  We are also very touched by all of the amazing people all around this great planet that are “right this moment” sharing their love, wisdom, and insights for expanding TRUTH, BEAUTY, and CONSCIOUSNESS…  “SATYAM  SHIVAM  SUNDERAM”…  We are not alone in this longing!

Now, i am very happy to introduce one of the great contributors in the evolution of conscious touch… a modern-day “Rishi”…


I don’t know if Randolph Stone was enlightened or not, but he touches me as if he is.  I have a deep trust and love for him as a teacher, and as a Man.  Similar to Osho, the wisdom that Dr Stone was sharing is “way ahead of his time”.  In 1948, he published his first book himself:  “The Vital Polarity in the Healing Art”. In 1953 he published “The Wireless Anatomy of Man”, containing many hand- drawn charts “which illustrate the fields of potential wireless energy currents in the human body”.  Later on he wrote, “these fields became the fulcrum for moving and releasing stagnant wireless currents in the body by means of polarity contacts and skillful manipulation based upon energy flow, unlike the accepted view which deals with the nervous system as { the only } conductor”.he was referring to the Osteopathic and Chiropractic ideas, with their mechanical orientation- Anubuddha} In 1954 he published a new text called “Polarity Therapy”, and also his small book for the lay public called “Easy Stretching Postures for Vitality and Beauty”.  His next book was titled, “The Mysterious Sacrum: the Key to Body Structure & Function”. These books are really not for “the curious”!  You need to really be present to follow his observations.  His most popular and accessible  book is called:  “Health Building- the Conscious Art of Living Well”, first published in 1976.
Randolph Stone was a real lion in many ways… he was always amazed whenever a physician became interested in his work.  He fully expected that what he taught “would not be understood!” Dr Robert K Hall, one of his closest students shares this story:  “I once asked him where his information about energy channels originated.  He laughed and told me that he “burned the midnight oil”.  I knew that by this, he referred to his meditation practice.  He learned about the movement of energy and it “step down” into matter “by studying himself”.  Such is the path of genius when not contaminated by the ego’s harping”.

Stone spent many years living in India and studying Yoga… he even had a spiritual master near Rishikesh.  He started a free clinic in India, near Nepal, where he treated 100’s of patients.  He was a student of Paramahansa Yogananda { who i talked about in Day # 5 }. He studied CranioSacral Technique directly with Dr William Sutherland, and he developed his own understanding of the CranioSacral Fluid and treatments, based on his energy research and Polarity Yoga.
Dr Stone says that man’s physical body is the epitome of the Universe, his mind is a spark of the Universal Mind, and his soul is a spark of the Supreme Being.  Therefore, the causes of physical ailments are in the energy fields, and the symptoms and pains are merely the effects in the physical body.

I just love this next story about Randolph!  It comes from “Polarity Therapy Vol 2”

“After a series of increasingly well-attended workshops on the West Coast { U.S. }, Dr Stone surprised many people by retiring completely from practice and teaching at the height of his popularity. { i heard of Dr Stone and Polarity Therapy around the same time i began my Yoga sadhana in 1974… if i had not met Osho, i was considering learning more about his work- Anubuddha}. In 1973, at the age of 83, he suddenly announced that he was returning to India to end his days in meditation.  He promptly gave away all his personal possessions, made arrangements for the continued sale of his books and the teaching of Polarity Therapy, taught one last farewell seminar in Hawaii, and departed for India.  He lived there, spending increasing time in meditation, until his peaceful passing on December 9, 1981.  He was almost 92 years of age.”
OK… let me share with you about Polarity Yoga, mostly in Randolph Stone’s own words
“When you realize that you do nothing, you don’t get tired”. Are those words of a modern Rishi, or what?!?


Dr Stone continues:  “Vital force resides latent in the pelvis; anteriorly, it is the generative and regenerative force; and posteriorly, it is the latent motor force, sometimes called the “kundalini”, asleep in the spinal fluids of the sacral area– as a motor force within the three-walled enclosure of the dura mater, arachnoid and pia mater membranes.  This force can be utilized to activate and rebuild the body through concentrated effort of a few minutes of regular, daily, stretching postures.


The “foundation” for Polarity Yoga is the “Youth Posture”… the squatting posture prevalent in all eastern and latin cultures.  It may not be easy for some of you at first, but with regular and patient practice, it can be learned by almost anyone… the time and effort spent IS WELL WORTH IT.  This posture is often used by Anasha in her Breath of Meditation classes to help “build the bottom 

Youth pose w/ neck stretch


room” of the Breath. { It took me about 2 months to be able to do it when i first tried in 1974, so i know that it is possible.  Stone learned it when he was already 50, and it also took time for him }.  You can warm up to it by progressively flexing your knees and going up and down… you can also hold on to something in front of you, and stay where you can manage, breathing so your pelvis and low back expands.  Add time slowly.  NO FORCE IS USED.




Youth pose w/ inside eye sockets resting on thumbs

Start with your heels about 15 cm apart and your toes slanting outwards.   A big part of the benefit is in rocking forwards and backwards and from side to side.

So while the pelvis/ sacral area is being stretched in the Youth Posture, the abdominal area is pressed against the legs…

The hands are used on the neck and head, to encourage an energy balancing from north to south poles, and to also

Youth pose w/ left thumb on left maxilla…

direct the stretch to any vertebrae that you “want to touch”… the spinal stretch is from outside, and from inside you allow the breath to also gently stretch the spine.  The hands and fingers also are used on the eyes, in the ears, and inside the hard palate of the mouth… the effects are extraordinary!  In the ARUN Training, i will show you more, so please begin practicing today!

Dr Stone continues:  “The brain is the positive motor pole for mind action, while the pelvis is the negative motor pole for physical action.  The pelvis contains the latent force and drive behind all our actions, whether we are aware of it or not.”

Youth posture w/ little finger touching eye and rolling under frontal bone; ring finger and middle finger on wings of Sphenoid bone; thumbs on TMJ, with arms resting on knees

This posture is ideal for the release of gases, constipation, excessive abdominal fat, and for toning the walls of the abdomen by the muscular exertion and squeezing by the thighs, which also protects the muscles from excess strain in this posture… Joints will become free, walking will be easier, the step more elastic, and there will be less heaviness due to stagnation and gases in the abdomen because the posture eliminates this sluggishness.  Even the
cheeks will glow, and the heart and lungs can benefit greatly by this stretch of the brachial plexus.

The real currents at work are the life currents in the airy principle, with their upward and downward action behind every inspiration and exhalation of air.  One minute or so is sufficient to start the currents”
I wish i could share more of what is contained in these movements and all of the Yoga asanas… but hopefully this stimulates your confidence enough to trust and explore for yourself.  For those interested, i am happy to share resources and more details. ARUN/ OSHO YOGA IN ALL ITS FORMS, IS A VERY BIG SUBJECT… but the real benefit is in the playing, not in the knowledge.
By the way… Dr Stone was very much into cleansing the Body and he was eating a very simple, fresh and healthy diet.  He felt it was impossible to understand Polarity without cleaning the Body.  He drank a lot of juices, and developed the Liver cleanse that is practiced today.
I encourage you to include these “Youth Postures” in your daily “Buddha-bone” journeys.  Even 3-5 minutes daily can have an incredible positive effect on your physical and energy bodies.  Polarity Yoga is especially beneficial for removing gases and stagnations in the pelvic / sacral area, and getting in touch with “finer energies”.

Friends, i wish you all fun and joy in your Yoga journey… remember, one meaning of “Yoga” is  “union with the divine”.

Love and a smile,

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  1. muditosan Reply

    a todos los rishis osho aruneros es un regalo de los budhas compartir cada dia …una nueva inmersion con tantos presentes buen dia a todos y una profunda reverencia

  2. Ana Reply

    My dear friend Rasata,

    Im very touched by the words you have wrote to Anubbudha & Anasha, very touched by the situation of your country, your people, my friends… touched that I can’t say anything…..just that you all (You, Kamala, Sahajo, Wuakako, Lyla….all) know that you are in my prayers, and of course, here from Spain, Ill send you all my love, all my support and energy.


  3. Rasata Reply

    Thank you!
    Everyday I feel love in the air all around.
    I just amazed how beautifully japanese people doing there.
    The situation is very bad, but also amazing oneness and love
    arrising from each of them, and each of us.
    Sometimes I am worried and emotional too much,
    and Japanese friends are more in Hara, even they going
    through many emotions.
    I also can not do anything, I just pray and send all my energy.
    thank you for your love, Rasata

  4. kamala Reply

    YES! Great! I was waiting this day!
    Thank you very much!
    I am very very very happy to see the Photos of Dr.RANDOLPH STONE.☆☆☆
    He is my favorite!
    & in this sensitive time, I cry to meet him in this Blog
    & my heart have BIG Smile.

    Dear ARUN Friends☆
    Thank you very much for your energy support & worm HUG to Japan.

    Peace on the Earth
    with love & light Kamala

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