Day # 20 of “A.O.Y. 21 Day Immersion”… “Witnessing Pain within our Energy-Field”

The Discipline of “ARUN/ OSHO Yoga” is not “goal oriented”, nor is it merely gymnastics.  ARUN/ OSHO Yoga does not share the “fitness fallacy” prevalent everywhere that maintains:  “NO PAIN, NO GAIN”.  I understand what is meant by this idea, but i feel it is a VERY MISLEADING BELIEF to carry around inside… and if you accept this “incorrect understanding of vital energy”, it will make you susceptible to many other misconceptions about energy, vital health, and consciousness.
The Human Body is liquid… so movements that are loose, natural, inquisitive, sensual, and conscious are fitting with the Nature of the Body.  Learn to be strong from your center… a flexible, graceful, well-toned, and conscious male or female body is strong enough for all of life’s challenges.  There is no need to search and seek for “an unnatural flexibility”… if you constantly need to stretch and pull to the maximum, and beyond, your Autonomic Nervous System will never really relax, and your muscles will become programmed to “need the adrenaline rush of big effort and stretch.”  Once in a while, okay… but as a Discipline, “easy is right” is more practical and rejuvenating long term.  And if you stay lazy, lethargic, uninterested in your energy body, that too is not the way to freedom from pain.
Remember, i do not have any personal investment in how you or anyone else lives in their body… we all need to find and trust our own way.  Freedom is the highest value.  I have noticed what i am saying by observing myself and many others.  If i try to always go “as far as i can”, and then some more, in each stretch, my bodymind will always feel overstretched… then, if i go a few days without “formally stretching”, my bodymind will be feeling “uptight” and nervous very quickly.  { I don’t know if you have been around ‘serious yogi’s’ or ‘professional dancers’ much in your life, but i have been.  I notice that even when they are “relaxing”, they constantly are stretching, bending, cracking knuckles, etc.  Over stretching and hyper-moving can cause a kind of nervousity.  Being still and easy is very difficult for “stretch junkies” }.  In my opinion, this habit of “overstretching” is actually helping to create pain in the joints and unease in the glands.  It can be an unconscious sign of “non-acceptance”, judging, and a need “to prove something”.
Allow me to encourage you “stretch easy”, so your glands, breath, heart, fascia, energy lines, and craniosacral fluids are all in harmony… saying “yes” to the inner touch… let your Yoga be a kind of “food” for your subtle bodies- the pranayama kosha, manumaya kosha, vigyanamaya kosha, and anandamaya kosha.
{ see “Day # 11-  Seeds sprouting inside”  for a reminder about our Subtle Bodies…. <> }.
Buddha-bones… brachial plexus inner touch
There is an intrinsic pain that is revealed and transformed doing Yoga the way i am indicating.  A sensation very similar to “pain”, but very different at the same time.  There is an inner re-balancing that happens this way.  It is perhaps the most difficult aspect of the Human Energy-Field to understand.  You could say that “stretching is painful”.  That is why most people don’t stretch and bend their bodies very much… they feel that it hurts too much.  This is most people’s unconscious logic and attitude: “If i don’t stretch and move my joints, i don’t feel any ‘active pain’, but if i lay down and try to bend into various yoga asanas, i feel ‘active pain’… stretching and compressing my skeleton hurts too much.  I would prefer to do nothing because that doesn’t hurt”.   This logic sets up a pain producing lifestyle.
When i stretch, i often feel something “similar to pain”, but it is NOT PAIN!  It is a RELEASE OF PAIN.  It is a cleansing and rejuvenating of the accumulated energy inside.  I feel a clear, obvious sensation… maybe in my back, in the neck, in the legs, in the pelvis, in the head… that is attracting my attention, my awareness.  But it is not painful.  It is a chance for me to observe a strong sensation that is purifying for the body and mind.  I am co-creating the sensation… if it is “too much”, i just need to soften the angle by 1 centimeter or 2… then it becomes something very “watchable and acceptable”.  This is a training in “dis-identifying” with sensations… pain is a sensation.  When you consciously change the angles of your skeleton, you expose the pains that are already there hiding within the connective tissues… it is a “daily cleaning of the Fascia”, and a chance to learn witnessing at the same time.
This is a very subtle and complex subject, and worth investigating as deeply as possible.  I want to bring the observations of 2 Enlightened Beings into this discussion… Gautama the Buddha and George Gurdjieff.  One of the Basic tenets of Buddha’s teaching is “Life is Dukkha”.  Dukkha means suffering.  Life in this body has an unavoidable element of suffering in it… we can not escape it.  Buddha showed the way to transcend this apparent suffering through meditation and non-attachment.  Gurdjieff’s idea of how to be with this reality, was that everyone needed to devote time and energy to “conscious labors”, and “intentional suffering”.  This sounds a little depressing at first, but it is much more subtle than that, and it actually transforms life completely.  Gurdjieff’s message became known as “The Work”.  By doing everything consciously, an alchemical paradox happens… work actually is NOT WORK.  Anything we do consciously, mindfully, totally becomes more like play than work.  But people have lost the ability to be totally present.  He used to call the inner friction that happens through movements, awareness, exercise, work  “intentional suffering”.  It is not masochistic… it is an inner approach to being fully responsible for your own body, mind, and emotions.  If i don’t move and just “do nothing”, it maybe looks like i am conserving energy and my body will be pain-free.  But just the opposite is the reality!  If you don’t move, energy stagnates, joints become inflamed, organs become overloaded, and the end result is the many chronic diseases that humanity is suffering from.  So, daily conscious movements appear to be effort at first glance, or work.  But if you look deeper, it is liberating and gives a lot of freedom.  Or, take another example… if you don’t eat every thing your mind desires and craves, you could call that “intentional suffering”- you are denying yourself a short term pleasure.  But if you really learn to honestly feel the body, you can see that many pseudo-foods are actually creating diseases inside of you.  Once you go through the initial barrier and the subconscious addiction, you are no longer “suffering” when you don’t eat unhealthy things… you have changed the dynamics… you have become free.   Once you really experience that your Buddha-bones “are fed and nurtured” through conscious movements, it is no longer suffering to stretch, breath, and watch inside the body-mind- even when you “don’t feel like it”… it is your daily joy… it is like food.  But it needs an inner discipline, centered in love and nurturing your Energy-Field.

While in the different positions, you have time to experience the difference between pain that you “expose” through a natural stretch, and the pain that “you create” through force, competition, non-acceptance, etc.  At first, “you” are doing and creating the stretch + compression… but as you become used to it, and relax into it, then the “stretch + compression” can start “doing you”!
That’s when the healing and new energy flow really transpires.  So you create, or initiate the stretch… then the stretch “re-creates you”.  At first, you actively move into the stretch… then gravity + the breath take over… you are simply a witnessing consciousness.
This is not an easy subject to talk about, but i have enjoyed trying my best to bring light to this area.  Don’t worry if nothing that i am saying makes sense!  I’m just “singing a song” and trying to understand something that is maybe beyond words… i am very interested to know if this discussion is interesting or helpful to you in any way.  I would like to erase the expression “No Pain, No Gain”… i prefer,  “No Awareness, No Bliss”.  Experiment with what i am sharing…
try being loose and natural within your Energy-Field.

Enjoy the moment.  Sending smiles and love your way… with love,

4 thoughts on “Day # 20 of “A.O.Y. 21 Day Immersion”… “Witnessing Pain within our Energy-Field”

  1. Sergio Reply

    Queridos Anubuddha y Anasha,

    interiormente me siento profundamente agradecido por cada día vivido en Arun Yoga, siempre regalos de la energía de Arun,
    La primera semana si que ha sido un combate interno para dejar salir de mi mente la disciplina vista como trabajo y dar paso al compromiso interior desde el amor y alegría. Usarlo como espejo en mi vida ha sido una bella toma de consciencia.
    Cada rincón de mi cuerpo, lugares donde antes nunca había observado están empezando a brillar,
    me siento muy fresco, mi esqueleto se siente libre, y ni te cuento sobre mi columna, GUAAAUU.
    Ya con ganas de disfrutar de los sabrosos batidos verdes.
    Desde el corazón gracias por vuestro trabajo, la energía de Arun llega y toca.
    Un gran abrazo y unidos para ser soporte al bello pueblo Japonés .

    • anubuddha Post authorReply

      Hola Sergio, incredible! Me gusta mucho tu experiencia! Estas en nuestros corazones. Amor, Anubuddha y Anasha

  2. Basera Reply


    We are in !!! Lily loves it !!!

    • anubuddha Post authorReply

      Hi Beloveds! We were wondering about you 3, and how your India time went. We are happy to hear from you and will see you very soon! Love, Anasha + Buddha

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