Day 3… from “Osteopathy” to “Osteo-awareness” to “Buddha-bones”… and NOW~ “Buddha Bones” seen through your “Buddha Eye”

Hi Beloveds,
Living here in the Andes mountains is amazing… Anasha and i were walking under a luminous Full Moon just now like i have never seen or felt before.  Such a clarity and light… so magnetic, and so feminine!  As i write these words and think of you, the moonlight is streaming in through a sky-light in our living room.  I love our new home and gardens so much, it is hard to describe.  We live alongside a very alive small river in an enchanted valley, prized by the Incas.  Vilcabamba is known as “the Valley of Longevity” because of the great number of residents who lived over 100 years…. and for its  clean air, good water and soil, and year-round temperate climate.  I call it “the Sacred Valley of Meditation”, because of how i feel here,.. i love the silence and the low density.  There are very few distractions here and not many people.   Our house is well built and simple, with a huge balcony all around it, which we love.  There is a room that we have set up for “ARUN Touching Meditations” that is surrounded by green and hills.  I share more “Touching Meditations” here than i have since living with Osho back in the day, and the people here really are grateful for the space.  The previous owner planted a beautiful tropical garden with 100’s of banana trees, papayas, mangoes, figs, mulberries, guavas, apples, oranges, lemons… plus a nice organic veggie garden.  We have added more trees, and yesterday our huge “greenhouse” for growing special veggies inside was completed.  Every day Anasha picks fresh greens and carrots and cucumbers and herbs for our fresh vegetable juices... what a divine blessing!  And when we drink our daily “Green Smoothie” it is full of fresh kale, azuelgas, and other greens straight from our garden or our neighbor’s garden… and the bananas are straight off of our trees..  So we really are feeling the “live energy” of the sun and minerals of the earth with each drink.  

SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT!      Anasha and i are so looking forward to welcoming friends here for our first“Advanced ARUN Conscious Touch Experience with a Shamanic Vibe”  from August 14-29, 2012 here in the sacred valley of Vilcabamba.  If you are interested, let us know soon.

Tonight’s full moon is reminding me of when i first saw Osho, back in July 1976, on Guru Purnima Day… that means “Full Moon of the Guru” in Sanskrit.  He was known as Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh ~ the “Lord of the Full Moon”.   I feel so blessed this lifetime to have lived 14 years continuously with Osho, meeting and touching thousands of his beloved friends, including the gift of being 26 years with Anasha.  And to have touched Osho on his balcony in India over 150 different times… 9 different days it happened on the Full Moon, and it was always an “enlightening gift” to share a“touching meditation” with Osho.   

Every time we move any bone in our “Human Energy-Field” with awareness, we can experience an “inner touch”.  Every stretch or compression, each rolling and bending of our joints, each step that we take, every breath that flows through our cells and blood can become “an inner conscious touch”.  Conscious Touch is an invisible quality of love and awareness that happens when we are fully present to the moment… senses open and alert… not comparing… not expecting.  Just “being” with what is.
“Watching Inside” with feeling and fluid relaxation is the key to experiencing “Buddha Bones”.  And consistently “being there”  while watching inside will help you develop what we are calling the “Buddha Eye”.  This way of seeing depends on many things.  One of the keys to developing your own “Buddha Eye” is forgiveness... i don’t see how it is possible without experiencing this first.  Another major key for developing your own “Buddha Eye” is the quality of“Not Knowing”.  If you think you already know, you can not see or feel what is happening in the present moment.  Osho has said many times that “Not knowing is the most intimate” way to be with Existence.  “Not knowing” is an alchemical innocence that opens us up to the mystery of life.  When you learn to do yoga or meditate with all your senses alert, your heart open, without fear of expectations… in the spirit of “not knowing” you will start to develop what we call in ARUN “the Buddha eye”.  It is an inner and outer vision full of love and awareness.

There is a lot more to be said and experienced here… when your whole skeleton can be felt and seen and moved in a way that has synergy, grace, and presence, you will start to appreciate what is implied by “Buddha Bones”,  It is a moment to moment experiencing of the “living organic unity” of body and consciousness.  And when we learn to observe our thoughts and feelings on a micro and truthful level without any preconceived beliefs or illusions, then we can begin seeing with a “Buddha eye”.   Osho says that Love Life & Laughter is the fragrance of this awareness.

To go deeper into the understanding of all of this in direct relation to ARUN Conscious Touch, and how this vision and understanding was imbibed, please read this link: Day # 13 of “A.O.Y. 21 Day Immersion”… from “Osteopathy” to “Osteo-awareness” to “Buddha-bones”

I hope you all are feeling the sun and full moon inside of your vibrating electro-magnetic field of energy!  It is a real pleasure to share and connect with you.  We are blessed to be sharing this inner and outer journey together.  I wish you all the best.   Smiles and love,  Anubuddha

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