Day # 4… “NOW, the Discipline of ARUN/ OSHO Yoga” Relaxing “away from the stretch”…

Beloved Friend,

Every day is a good day.  And TODAY is a good day to bless your “electro-magnetic energy field” with the gift of the Discipline of Yoga.  And with so many fellow-explorers participating all over the planet,  the cumulative energy is like a huge pulsing wave that we can all ride together, allowing a new flexibility and sensitivity to flow through our Being.  This is a very good time to be alive, as the whole planet is going through an evolution. I

“shaking feet from sacrum”… this is very energizing for blood circulation in legs and also safe and easy warm-up for the low back area. You can ‘roll your ankles”, which is very good for energy lines thru feet. Also, move your legs “as if they were arms” and you can really touch all the deep pelvic and hip muscles

wrote this to Lani, in Israel this morning, but i can say it everyone now:  “Friend, It’s great to know you are “on the floor” with us during these days… it’s very beautiful with friends from over 10 countries and between 150-200 of us loving our bones.  Yes, definitely take it slow… if you just go gently (even “under- stretching) and do it every day, by the 12th day, the muscles, nerves, and fascia will have a new trust, elasticity, and coordination that you will happily be aware of!”

So, if you haven’t started yet, you can do it Now {or later!}  just watch this 3 minute Enlightened message from Master Shivaji again… and you will be ready to join in, and to let your bodymind problems and tensions be a thing of the past!  {I sent it out yesterday, but many people did not know how to access it}.  Click on the link right here…
This 21 Day – ARUN/ OSHO Yoga Immersion was designed to help the friends who are participating in the ARUN Conscious Touch 2 Year Professional Training in Koln learn the art of teaching classes in “Yoga, movement awareness, and the Breath of Meditation”.   But then a funny thing happened!… Friends from other ARUN Trainings over the last 17 years in Japan, Spain, India, and Germany heard about it and asked to join in… so Anasha and i thought “why not?!?  The more the merrier!”
This 21 Day Immersion is also designed to help deepen your awareness of your own “inner anatomy”, and the subtle flow of electro-magnetic energy lines throughout your whole body.  So let each “core sequence” that you experience be a personal living anatomy exploration… see “your bones” swimming in your body tissues.  Feel the muscles, ligaments, nerves, and blood vessels stretching and compressing and relaxing.  With each asana, allow the “fascial bands” from the top of your head to the tips of your toes… and from your skin to your core… to breath and expand and to be liquid.  Then each of your bones will have more space around her… and the joints will gradually return to their natural range of motion.  As your skeleton becomes more conscious, more alive… you will start experiencing what we like to call “Buddha Bones”.   As you do this day to day, your inner vision will become clearer, and you will sense new intimate relationships between your physical body, mental image, your mind and beliefs, your emotions and feelings, your fears, and your ability to open up to higher vibrational frequencies of energy than you could allow before.  Osho says it this way: “The Body is the greatest mystery in the whole of Existence.”  But really, enter into each asana mindfully, and lovingly…  you have lots of time.

Here is an interesting 4 minute help for your inner vision… it’s a beautiful “Zen Biology” video… click on the link below
NOW, our  “A.O.Y. Tip of the Day”:  Awareness of “Un-Intelligent” Tension

Trikona Asana…. “the Triangle”. Be careful that you do not “overstretch your knee ligaments in this beautiful “inner touch” of the sides, organs, and inner leg “energy lines”. This position is also very good for grounding and bringing awareness into the feet.
When you are bending or twisting in any position, there is typically an area, or place in your body that is the most obvious and intense for you.  While that is happening, of course be aware of it and allow it, without stopping your breath.  But also, do one thing more: while the stretch is happening, consciously relax and let go “away from the stretch”.  If it is most obvious in the back, for instance… relax your belly a little more.  If it pulling your neck, relax your feet and knees.  “Scan” your whole body while one area is being high-lighted by the obvious stretch… you can almost always relax your elbows and hands a little while in any stretch… or, for sure you could let the muscles in your pelvic floor around your ass relax and expand during most stretches.  Another rich area to bring consciousness to while in asanas are the muscles in your face- around your eyes, your mandible, your maxillae and nose.  All of these places i have mentioned are not involved in the “primary” part of the movement, but are usually “over worried” and protecting the “primary” area, and this tension is not needed… it is fear related.  And, un-needed, or “un-intelligent tension” prevents the stretch from becoming light and round.  Remember, in Conscious Body movements, we are looking for round, light, and free motions.
this “skeletal constellation” is simply marvelous… the sacrum and pelvic floor really can “breath” here… this is a safe and effective way to give good energy to the lumbar vertebrae and discs… really allow your face and “front brain” to be easy. This is also very beneficial for the intestines and other abdominal organs. You can also “rock n roll” in this position… and touch the places that want more irrigation and awareness

So learn to differentiate between tension that is “unavoidable” and tension that is absolutely unnecessary.  This “inner scanning and let go” will start opening up a new world of inter-connections between your muscles, nerves, mind, breathing, and glands.  Play with it, and don’t take it seriously!  Tension has its own ways, and if you fight with it, and judge it, or condemn it–  then i don’t think you will ever understand it.  And this ability “to watch inside” is the bridge for awakening more subtle energy awareness.

All right, i leave you with that for now.  Very soon, i will get the ARUN Blog up and running so you can share with each other and ask questions.  We’ve received a lot of comments and questions already, which i always answer, and i will post them on the Blog, so keep them coming!
Right now, Anasha and i are in a Hotel in the center of Madrid.  My god! this is a big city!  This weekend, we are sharing “The Tantra Vision of ARUN”, and we are enjoying a lot.
Tomorrow we are going for lunch at the new “Raw Food Restaurant” that just opened up here {the very first in Madrid!} with some good friends.  I think this is at least the “21st ARUN weekend” we have shared in Madrid since 1994.  Back then, it was very hard to find a vegetarian restaurant, and not to many people had heard about or experienced meditation.  By the way, you find Osho books EVERYWHERE in Spain… it has been fun to watch people fall in love with him here.  And people on the Planet are definitely waking up!  { or NOT! }.  We are all free to choose.
Have a good night and day wherever you are.  Smiles and love,   Anubuddha

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