Day # 9 of the “A.O.Y. 21 Day Immersion”… the “Natural Alchemy of Totality and Commitment”

Well friends, this 21 Day Immersion into A.O.Y. is really turning me on! It is much more than i ever dreamed it would be for me, and i am being touched in ways that are TOTALLY FRESH AND UNEXPECTED!  And, like every profound “conscious touch” from life, it is setting up an unpredictable cascade of energies within me.  Thank you all for sharing from your heart and soul with us from your own experiences of these days… it makes no difference for me if you put it in writing or if you just feel it deep inside of you.

As you know from being in ARUN-  Anasha & Anubuddha give equal value to the obvious “visible”, material part of each touch… as well as to the immaterial, “invisible” part of each touch.   In fact, you could say we often place more importance to “the invisible energy” in the touch!  So, i’m singing this “SONG FOR YOGA” for you… but it is coming through us all.

"ARUN Time"... it's a "New Dawn"... sunrise on the Mediterranean
“ARUN Time”… it’s a “New Dawn”… sunrise on the Mediterranean

This  “21 Day Immersion” was innocently created by me to amplify and enhance the ARUN Conscious Touch Training in Koln… Anasha and i love the people there, and we are very committed to delivering a total learning experience for all involved.  There is so much more to ARUN Conscious Touch than we have time for sharing in each of the 8 five day sections, plus we know there is a lot of time between the sections that can be used creatively.  So i wanted to add some depth, and expand each participants’ understanding and vision of the “Human Energy Field”.  I wanted to share some insights and experiences about Yoga, conscious movement, body-love, healing, inner anatomy, and Osho with you that are valuable and essential “threads” to the rich tapestry of ARUN. I also wanted to begin teaching you the “art of giving or sharing classes” for the Well-being of the Body and Consciousness in the ARUN Vision.  For me, when i thought of doing the Yoga every day for 21 days, singing/ writing every day a little about ARUN/ OSHO Yoga, and sending it out to you- i figured it would be relatively simple, and straight forward.  I knew that i/we would be “stretched” because we had an “Introduction to ARUN Conscious Touch” in Zaragoza just before we started, a “Tantra Vision of ARUN” in Madrid the next weekend, and then we are in Huelva the last weekend for “Freedom from Pain”- plus we are going through many changes and a lot is happening every day. But just to make it juicy for me, i promised myself that i would be “total”, and just see what happens.  Well, i won’t tell you everything that has happened in these days for me… because the translators, { Pujarin for German }, { Sumana for Spanish}, and { Rasata for Japanese } are already in a “very deep stretch & compression”!

But THIS IMMERSION is REVEALING so much more than i could ask for! My Energy-field is loving it… the stretches, the “watching inside”, my “Buddha-bones”, the organs, the blood, my different Brains, my fascia, the Breath… that is one good part.  But better for me, are the inner feelings and insights that i could never convey to you through my words… so many new perceptions.  It is full of the polarities… male and female; sound and silence; and full-on energy with relaxation together.  And i think the key reason for THIS inner joy explosion is found in 2 simple words:

But human beings these days are seldom “total”, and very rarely committed to Love, Truth, and saying “YES!” to whatever is in front of them.   People today do not love their own bodies… and they have lost contact with their inner voice and inner wisdom.

Osho under tree, during Meditation Camp in late 60’s

And even little self-committments, like what we are doing together for these 21 days… doing Yoga/ Meditation 40- 90 minutes every day by ourselves, no matter what else happens… this has become more and more difficult for people.  Most people always have excuses why they “don’t have time”; why “it doesn’t really matter”, or why “tomorrow is a better day” to start taking care of their temple.  And, a really big modern-day obstacle to growing love and awareness is the inability of most people to commit to “going deep” into one thing… our attention span has become shorter and shorter.  We live in the “age of sound bites”… which in a way, has its fun side, but it is also potentially dangerous for allowing inner expansion, vibrant health, love, and meditation.

For Vibrant Health, love, and Meditation to keep growing inside, we need to be totally connected… with all of our centers, or chakras, vibrating as one organic unity.  Every part of us is important… the physical body, mind, heart, energy, breath, spirit… and we need to realize that every day is a “New Dawn”  { ARUN }.
This is why your daily “discipline” and devotion to your “Temple” is so vitally important… what we eat; what we drink; our each Breath; if we are loving ourselves and what is around us; knowing that our thoughts and beliefs are touching us and those around us;getting the right amount of sleep; having an outlet for our creative energy… Also, if we are GRATEFUL for “what is”, and at peace with our own past through forgiveness of ourself and others… all these things are re-creating us anew EVERY DAY.  And all of this, and more, can be included in ARUN/ OSHO Yoga.  Take some intimate time to “just be” with yourself today… and let your own inner Discipline be born in you.
Use the various “Buddha-bone” constellations to “see inside” your body, mind, and energy-field, letting go of fears and expectations.   This “seeing” is the way to being in touch with your electro-magnetic energy, and will positively affect all dimensions of your life… inside and outside of you.
Love and good vibrations from the heart,

2 thoughts on “Day # 9 of the “A.O.Y. 21 Day Immersion”… the “Natural Alchemy of Totality and Commitment”

  1. Sumana Reply

    Anubuddha hoy realmente me he sentido muy tocada por tus palabras!! algo hizo click! pude sentir toda la energía y alegria que estas sintiendo por estar guiándonos de esta forma tan TOTAL….uhuaaaa menuda palabra más potente….ser TOTAL… todo un arte al que me gustaría acercar y saborear! con amor y gratitud

  2. Deva Manyu Reply

    First of all I would like to tahnk Anubuddha and Anasha for their LOVE. I feel really inspired by the 2 of you. I would also like to share an easy way to get drinking water in a very healthy way. It is called Blue Solar Water and ïnvented ” by the Hoo’Pono Pono wovement, from Hawai. I got in touch with this soem years ago, and started making my own healthy water about a year ago and feel like sharing this

    How to Make Blue Solar Water
    Blue solar water is EASY to make, delicious to drink AND a powerful CLEANING tool to erase memories.
    1. Get a Blue Bottle. Any color blue, from light blue to dark blue will work.
    2. Fill with Tap water and cover with a non-metallic lid–cork, plastic, even cloth wrapped with a rubber band will work because the purpose of the lid is just to keep the dirt and bugs (that Love Blue Solar Water) out.
    3. Place in the Sun for an hour or more. When left longer, it is sweeter. You can speak out your gratitude to the sun and the water, or whatever you want.
    4. When done, your Blue Solar Water can be stored in the refrigerator in any container, glass, plastic, etc.
    5. ENJOY

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