#1~ Detoxification leads to Elimination and Rejuvenation

“Universal Harmony~ ARUN Conscious Touch 2013:

 21 Days of Love & Awareness

begins with an intimate sharing from Anasha on how “Detoxification leads to Elimination and Rejuvenation on all levels of our Being”… 

Anasha in Goa... many years ago

Anasha in Goa… many years ago

In the winter of 1993, 20 years ago, Anubuddha and i were in Goa.  Living nearby to us was a very unique man, Makarand, an italian sannyasin, and naturopathic doctor.   Makarand was conducting “Colon Cleanses” based on the amazing Dr Bernard Jensen’s approach… with Fasting for 5 or 7 days, taking special products to clean the colon, while you have “2 colemas” a day.  A “colema” is a gravity colonic, enabling you to control the inflow of water, and you can eliminate when you are ready to do it, without getting up, as with an enema.  You have a bucket of water containing 20 liters… in the morning coffee is added to it for detoxifying the liver… and another 20 liters in the afternoon with garlic, for flushing parasites.   And we were lying under beautiful palm trees, 50 meters from the Indian Ocean! Some of our friends were participating, and they were raving at the end of the 7 days, so we got interested and decided to do it.  Oh boy!  little did i know where this would lead me… I was 42 years old at the time and living in India with the usual complaints one can experience~ like amoebas, parasites, and I had started to get headaches, vague symptoms of peri-menopause, joint pains sometimes… I was eating a vegetarian diet {i have never eaten meat my whole life}, but i had a lot of sweets, coca cola, smoking, sometimes also hashish, white rice, white flour, drinking coffee.  So we had a meeting with Makarand, and he looked at our eyes… he was a Naturopathic Doctor and an Iridologist… he said we already had the onset of many chronic diseases in us.  Also, our colons were in a bad shape… so we decided to go for it, a little nervous for sure!  I was skinny and was afraid of losing more weight… i was also suffering from hypoglycemia, which is a deficiency of glucose in the bloodstream, and the precursor for Type 2 diabetes.

The 1st day went well… it was not so hard, even so coffee and cigarettes were not allowed {some people kept smoking, but we decided to go “cold turkey” and take the opportunity to stop for at least a week}.

The 2nd day i woke up with a “splitting headache”, feeling like vomiting all day and really thinking “I am stopping, this is absurd!  What am i doing to myself?”  But somehow the group, Makarand, and Buddha got me into pursuing it.

The 3rd day I felt “reborn”… clear headed, clear eyes, and with a fresh vibrant energy, full of joy… i can still recall the blissful feeling of it.  From that moment, the other days went easy, with some momentous discomforts, but the felling of “well being” persisted.

Makarand had many interesting books of cleansing, nutrition, and i started to read,  and read… and to inform myself, as a new world was opening up to me. When Anubuddha and i started eating again, we were able to eliminate “bad habits” and my cooking took a turn towards a healthier lifestyle.  From then on, we have followed different methods of “cleansing the body-mind-emotion-spirit organism” at least once a year… bringing more “love and awareness” in our lives, through the vehicle of the body… our amazing “electro-magnetic energy-field”. The exploration of the Body paired with Meditation has been my/our most consistent passion this present Lifetime.  After all, this is the home of the Soul, and i love to explore unchartered territories, and keep diving into the mystery.

Our bodies are a gift from God, Existence, Creator, Maker~ as you wish to call it.  The better it functions, the easier it is to be grateful… and it will give us “pain” when we go astray, act unconscious, succumbing to ridiculous, harmful habits.  So by breaking habits you gain a tool to take a good look at yourself, to see if the habit is serving a purpose or not, and why you are under its influence. Addictions “take over our lives” and it is important to recognize it! And this is why we are taking the time to share and “sing our song” with you.  This is our 4th Annual Worldwide sharing, and we are conducting while we are in our annual cleansing mode.  This year, for the 3rd time in my Life , it will be a “Water-only Fast” {the first one was back in 1979, 10 days only water with a far-out group of 20 women… and what i most remember  from that Fast was the total pain-free and loose sensation that i felt in my neck~ it was mind blowing!}.  Then, Anubuddha and i did a “Water only” fast in 2010… and Now. We start slowly… 1 day only water, 1 day vegetable juices, green smoothies, and coconut water.   Then 3 days water only… then 3 days  vegetable juices, green smoothies, and coconut water,  And then we will go for 1 or 2 weeks on water only.  We will come back very slowly by eating only fruits for a few days, then adding vegetable juices and raw vegetables, but NO fat.   After a week , we will resume our “raw living food” diet.

If you have fasted for one week, take 3 days to come back~ your first day should be either orange or watermelon… take half an orange every 2 hours, or a small a small piece of watermelon every 2 hours.  “The way you come off of a Cleanse is as important as the Cleanse itself!”. If you water fast, i recommend you to “rest”, do it on weekend and celebrate a day at home.  You may have “detox symptoms” like headache, vomiting {bile and acidity in the stomach may come up}… but it passes and you can always remind yourself that you are on “Mother Nature’s operating table” and this is a step for better well-being. As I know that some of you want to try 3 days of “Water-only” fast, I would recommend to ease into it by having “green smoothies” and veg juices 2 or 3 days before, and by eliminating salt and fat, and too much protein from your diet before, you will make the experience easier.  If you have to work, you could have breakfast on Friday morning so that you have the energy to work through the day, then only take water after that all through Saturday and Sunday.  And by Sunday night have a piece of fruit like an apple or orange, and then smoothie breakfast in the morning, or more fruits… and on that Monday keep a day of fruits, smoothies, and juices, as much as you want.  By Tuesday you are ready to start eating again with a hopefully more conscious way of eating.


Anasha with Berry / Green Smoothie on the beach in Portugal, 7 years ago...
Anasha with Berry / Green Smoothie on the beach in Portugal, 7 years ago…  mmmm!

When you give the Body the opportunity to heal itself, Nature supports it. You may think that after 20 years of Cleansing, Anubuddha and I are quite silly to keep going… this is your freedom to think this, but let me tell you that you need to clean your car and your house all the time… {as the mystic poet Basho says “a Zen garden is never finished”}, the process never ends, the filters need to be changed, etc.  For me, I am aware that I live in toxic environment, full of poisonous chemicals, heavy metals… it is everywhere~ in the “chem-trails”, the non-organic vegetables and fruits, the fumes from the cars and factories, airplanes, the chemicals in household products, in the water, in the cremes you put on your body, etc etc.  The list is Infinite!  I choose a Healthy Life-style where I minimize it, but I cannot stop the traffic, the planes, the chem-trails… what to say about EMF {electro magnetic field} pollution?!? So once in awhile, I take the time to stop and “reset my internal clocks”, my organs, my glands… I take away some of the acids clogging my joints and giving me pain… this is a GIFT TO MYSELF.  This is a way to express my gratefulness to this gift of Life on Earth.

Also, in regard to the Water Fasting, you could start to simply dedicate ONE DAY a week to do it… in a year you will be fasting 52 days!  And you will benefit from it enormously.   When you are sick, take the opportunity to water fast in your bed.  This is what animals do when they are unwell.  Stop eating… no chicken soup, no nothing.  Just relax into yourself, go in, do not fight against.  Celebrate it.  Your body is telling you to have a break, your nervous system was on overload, and you need to re-establish balance. To know more about “Water-only Fasting” visit these links:

http//www.allaboutfasting.com>  and http//www.gaianstudies.org/articles4.htm

Both are excellent articles.

Also, we love Arnold Ehret, who wrote 2 classics~ “Rational Fasting”, and “Mucus less Diet Healing System”. Dr Herbert M Shelton’s book, “Fasting Can Save Your Life” is great, as is Paul Bragg’s inspiring book: “The Miracle of Fasting”

The 2 prior years, during our 21 Days  Journeys together, we have initiated you into Green Smoothies Cleanse and Juice Feasting Cleanse… here are the links from our old blogging at the bottom of the Post.

And if you choose the “Healthy Whole Foods Pure Diet” during these 21 Days, try to introduce  just 1 day of only “Green Smoothies”.  Or 1 day of “mono fruit” eating, which means you eat only 1 fruit at a time as much as you want… and then you wait at least 2 hours before eating again. Choose what is ‘in season’, preferably. Eating a “Healthy Whole Foods Pure Diet” means: no processed foods!  No preserved, packaged, GMO, no MSG (mono sodium glutamate).  Only eat fresh fruits, veggies, “whole grains”, preferably gluten-free, like brown rice, quinoa, millet, Amaranth, potatoes, legumes, nuts seeds.  Try to eat 40% cooked food and 60% raw… take “non-saturated” fats, use organic coconut or olive oil.  Eat Nori or other sea vegetables, Miso, sauerkraut.  Don’t eat any sugar for that week, no dairy, no meat or fish, no eggs… and see how you feel.  REDUCE YOUR SALT consumption, as salt is everywhere, also in packaged food.  If you want to eat sweets, use natural sweeteners like agave, stevia, raw unfiltered honey, and EAT ORGANIC!  If you are into drinking coffee, or cappucino with cream, or black teas- cut it… try drinking green tea instead, just for that week.  It is a “Vegan Diet”, and you can “google” it on-line, and find recipes and ideas. Jump over your shadow, explore, watch and feel what this “changing your habits” does to yourself.


Anubuddha + Anasha at Bamboo Temple, Kamakura, 3 years ago

And report to us, or send questions, through the Blog.    Do not forget to cultivate good thoughts, to move your body by walking, dancing, ARUN / Osho Yoga, active meditations from Osho… move, move, move!   Our bodies were made for movements and modern life does not support it, we have machines for everything.

So Beloved Friend, we are here with you, for you, and are happy to share our passion and love for the Human Energy-Field.

Let’s Do It… and remember:  You are, and you become, what you eat!

We love you,  Anasha  {and Anubuddha}

ps~  check out these amazing links:

This is all about “Juice Feasting” and a complete Juice Fast – Fresh Juice Recipes, Enzymes, Organs, Glands, and the Vital Life Force
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“ARUN Time”…Sun rise/ Dawn on the Mediterranean, just outside our house in Spain on Jan 1st, 2011
“ARUN Time”…Sun rise/ Dawn on the Mediterranean, just outside our house in Spain on Jan 1st, 2011

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  1. Ana Monte Reply

    Just one question about “healthy whole foods pure diet”: can I cook with spices? which ones? and Could I eat some whole bread?

  2. anubuddha Post authorReply

    No bread, no, as you read the post you received today you will see that i was mentioning no gluten, wheat, barley, etc.. all have gluten, gluten is poison to the body, as is sugar, so Quinoa, Amaranth, Millet, Brown rice are good grains to use.We all have Candida in our guts but when the level of it get’s too high it start to cause trouble, and gluten contributes to this. Instead of bread use raw crackers or rice crackers or non GMOcorn crackers.Now spices yes and also plenty of fresh herbs and garlic and onions , green onions in spring time are excellent. Turmeric is very very good. hope it helps you….love to you Anasha

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