Earth quaking in Japan and the “Ocean Within”… Day # 12 of A.O.Y.

Hello Beloved Friend,

Today, i am happy to sing a little song about “cerebro-spinal fluid”, and the mysterious Pineal Gland”… highlighting how the “Buddha-bone stretches” we are doing during this “21 Day A/O Yoga Immersion” is touching the “inner Ocean” inside us all, and why this is so potentially magical for our entire Energy-field.
But first, let me and Anasha share all of our love, trust, and compassion with our friends in Japan.  Today a very strong earthquake has happened near Tokyo, and we know what that means, as we were there just after the great earthquake in Kobe 15 years ago… we have also been in group rooms in Shuzenji and Tokyo when the whole room started “shaking dramatically”.  Many Japanese friends are participating with us during these days, and we have received many beautiful sharings from them.  Our support and hearts are with you beloved friends… may you be well.

In these very strong moments we are sharing… i share these words from Beloved Osho

Meditation is a kind of medicine. Its use is only for the time being. Once you have learned the quality, then you need not do any particular meditation. Then meditation has to spread all over your life.
Talking or silent, moving, unmoving, the essence is at ease. The essence is at ease, that is the key word. The essence is at ease, that is the key statement. Do whatsoever you are doing, but at the deepest core remain at ease, cool, calm, centered.

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