For Kamala and the Japanese Friends of ARUN

Hello Friends,

We will see each other soon, but starting Saturday September 18th (or later if you are in Japan), for one week we will have the opportunity to experience ‘1st hand’ what it means to help the body detox and heal itself through a mild approach. I consider this fundamental for the health of the body-mind organism.
Giving your body a break of what it is accustomed to receive on a daily basis is enlightening… Self-experiencing is the key to authentic knowing- it’s not borrowed knowledge, but related to you. It is also a good way to dive into the vertical reality of your Being.

Why Green Smoothies?
Our bodies are too “acidic”- even sweet fruits can lead to acidity in the body if not properly combined. So the “green leaves” are what will alkanalyse the body. Notice that most of the diseases humanity suffers from are due to too much acidity (such as cancer, arthritis, depression, headaches, etc). Too much acidic food in the diet also contributes to inflamation, calcification, contraction, stiffness, water retention, skin disease, and tissue and cell degeneration. The Green Smoothie is abundant in ‘liquid chlorophyl’, which means you are consuming pure, life energy… and chlorophyl is also a potent blood builder . So if you are suffering from anemia, remember to drink green juices or green smoothies to get the “iron” your body needs… as supplements are often not absorbed by the body.

How to Combine Fruits?
Melons should always be eaten alone… you can mix them together, but not with other fruits, as it creates flatulence and putrefication inside. Watermelon is fantastic to help the kidneys detox, and you can use the white rind also as many nutrients gather in the rind.

Acid Fruits and Sub-acid Fruits combine well:
“Acid Fruits”- which are Grapefruits, oranges, tangerines, pineapple, pomegranates, strawberries, raspberries, blackberries, cranberry, and kumquats combine well with “sub-acid” fruits- which are apples, blueberries, cherimoyas (with seeds), cherries, fresh figs, grapes (with seeds), kiwi, mangoes, nectarines, papaya, peaches, pears, and plums.

Sweet Fruits:
Bananas, persimmons, prunes, fresh dates, durian, mulberries, and any dried fruits (dried fruits should always be soaked in water to revitalize them… soak them for 6 hours and discard the water that would be “too sweet” and rinse them again before consuming.

Note: ‘Acid fruits’ are not so good with ‘sweet fruits’, but they are ok with ‘sub-acid fruits’. ‘Sub-acid’ fruits are good with ‘sweet’ fruits. I personally eat ‘acid fruits’ alone, and melons also. (If you have an impaired digestion, I would suggest you to respect these guidelines).
Also, make sure that you use ripe fruits, as un-ripe fruits would ferment and cause acidity in your body. Also, don’t use ‘over-ripe’ fruits, as this would also have the same affects. Bananas in Germany are often sold while still green… ideally, bananas should have some brown spots on them. If they are still green, it will cause gas in the intestines and will not mix well with other fruits, creating putrefaction.
Remember… the simpler your Smoothies, the better. Trust in your combinations, dare to take chances, have fun, experiment!

How to Conduct the Cleanse:

Have 3 or more Green Smoothies a day… and have fruits in between if you are hungry… or 1 cucumber… or chew on some salad leaves.
You can prepare your Green Smoothies in advance, and put them in the fridge.
If you have a “cheap blender” blend in steps, and cut the greens small, as this is more of a challenge for your blender, and it will make it easier for your machine. Blend the soft fruits first with water, then add the harder fruits… blend, then add the greens and blend.

If you ever feel the need to have ‘less fruits’, 1 meal could be like a “soup”.
For example:

* 1/2 bundle parsley
* 1 cucumber
* 1/2 bundle dill NO SALT!!
* 1/2 lemon NO OIL!!
* 2 cups water
* 1/2 avocado

And you can interchange, be creative, buy what you body/ belly craves!

2 Other soup ideas:

* 1 small piece of ginger
* 2 tomatoes
* 2 stick celery NO SALT!!
* 1 cup spinach
* 1/2 cup Basil NO OIL!!
* !/2 Avocado
* 1-2 cups water


* 1 Red Bell Pepper
* 1 Tomato NO SALT!!
* 3 cups Baby Spinach, or young tender leaves
* 1 bundle coriander NO OIL!!
* 1/2 Lemon
* 2 cups water

Do not eat if not hungry! And “eat” your Green Smoothies, do not gulp them down… impregnate them with your saliva for better digestion and assimilation… and ENJOY!
In love, Anasha

Now, for some tasty, rejuvenating, Green Smoothie Recipes!:

* 1 Mango (you can use dried mangoes, and revive them by soaking in water for 6 hours)
* 1 cup water
* 1 cup Cabbage


* 1/2 Pineapple
* 2 Peaches
* 2 handfuls Baby Spinach
* 1/2 cup water


* 1 Apple
* 2 Bananas
* 1/2 bundle Parsley
* 1 Cucumber
* 1-2 cups water


* 3 cups Melon (also can use parts of white rind)
* 1 bundle Parsley
* no water, or just a little


* 3 cups Melon
* Mint- 1/3 bundle
* Spinach- 1 hand full


*1 Papaya (small or 1/2 big)
* 2 cups Spinach
* 1 Banana
* 1 cup water


* 3 ripe Kiwis
* 2 Oranges
* 7 leaves of Lettuce- (Romaine, or whatever is in season)
* 1 or 2 cup water- (try 1 cup first and if you want it more liquid, then add a 2nd one)


* 2 Bananas
* 1 Pear
* 2 Apples
* 1 cup Cabbage
* 1-2 cups water


* 2 Medjool Dates – without the pits! (Medjool dates do not need to be soaked first)
* 1 Apple
* 1 Banana
* 2 cups Parsley
* 1-2 cups water


* 1 Apple
* 1 Pear
* 1 cup deep frozen strawberries
* 1 twig mint or 5-7 mint leaves
* 1 cup Salad
* 1 cup water


* 1 cup Spinach
* 2 Bananas
* 1/2 Papaya
* Coconut water- 1/2 of the package (‘Basic’ or other health shops are selling pure coconut water- with no fruits added- keep in fridge for 1 day after opening)


* 1 cup deep frozen Berries
* 2 cups Spinach
* 1 small piece of Ginger (this gets the ‘blood circulation’ going, and is very tasty!)
* 2 cups water


* 5 Figs (fresh if possible, or if dried figs, then revive them by soaking 6 hours)
* 2 Bananas
* 2 cups Greens of your choice
* 2 cups of water

Also, if you use ‘Swiss Chard’ (Mangold), then only use the green, not the middle white part

So friends, i hope this gives you energy to give this beautiful gift to yourself- it takes a strong commitment, and a little discipline, but your “Human Energy-Field” will be very grateful to you! Please answer back to us after reading this and inform us if you will joining us in the “ARUN Conscious Touch Green Smoothie Detox and Cleanse Experience”. We are still a little unsure if everyone receives our mailing or not, so we would appreciate a reply. Also, many friends from Spain and Japan will be sharing this experience with us… riding the waves of rejuvenation and Body-Love!

Sending many smiles and good vibrations your way… with love, Anasha & Anubuddha

this is Anasha’s earlier mail, that also has some important information to help this “Green Smoothie Detox and Cleanse” be a transforming and valuable experience for you on many levels…

Hello Beloved Friends,
Hope you are all enjoying the Summer and the possibilities it brings to be outside in the fresh air… taking the sun for Vitamin D (which is super important to fight cancer cells and to grow and also to grow and boost our immune systems), being in water to cool the body, conscious movements for the “buddha bones”, and to establish a deeper connection with Mother GAIA. Walking bare-foot in grass is a perfect way to plug us in to the electro-magnetic field of the Earth. Studies have shown that it reduces the inflammation rates to a significant amount. So if you use cell phones or computer, i would recommend it.
And now, the first of our “Green Smoothies” experiments…

The dates of the “Green Smoothie Detox and Cleanse” will be 18 to 24th of September… Saturday to Friday included if you do 7 days, or Saturday to Wednesday if you do 5 days. The idea is to only drink green smoothies for these days (if necessary, you could also eat some fruits which includes a tomato or cucumber). We will not be taking any salt or fats, which is helping the body to detox. We will not be taking any excitants like coffee or teas (black or greens) to allow a regeneration of the adrenal glands. That may cause a little headache on the 1st day (that is why we start on Saturday so you are not working) but it passes quickly.

This is giving your body everything it needs and is helping the digestive system in many ways. You will have more bowel movements than usual, and it will be more soft also. You will not have to feel hungry at all, as you can have 4 liters of smoothies a day, and you can prepare them at night and keep them up to 2 or 3 days in the fridge. I recommend a glass container (we have one of 1 liter). So if you have 2, you can take 2 with you at work… The evening one or the breakfast one you can enjoy at Home.

I will send recipes, but the principle is that you bring the “GREEEN LEAVES” from cultivated plants like salads, carrots, brocoli (only the leaves!), celery leaves, etc… or some parsley, basil, mint, etc… or wild edible green (the ones you know), and FRUITS together. 60% Fruits– 40% Greens.

I highly recommend organic fruits and greens! If you do not have a blender, borrow one from a friend. But you could buy one for 30 Euros.

So, some Green Smoothie ideas for now:
1 Honey melon
1 bunch dandelion
equals 1 liter

1/2 pineapple
1 mango
2 bananas
1 cup water
greens of your choice
makes 1- 11/2 liter

Remember that Green Herbs have a stronger taste than other greens and can “take over” the taste of the smoothies. So if i use parsley, i use less and add more neutral green to it, so i still have my 40% green content. You can also use frozen fruits. “Basic” has very good frozen berries, and if you use oranges, press them using the juice only instead of water, as the oranges do not blend well. I never use recipes… i buy what i can find, and play with it.

If you have any questions, please feel free to communicate! During the Cleanse, i will be available on Skype (our Skype address is “anubuddhaanasha”), by e-mail, and by telephone to guide you or to help if any problems arise.

From August 10th until the end of the month, i will not be available for comments as we are in Lalita with our ARUN Conscious Touch Intensive.

I wish you all lots of fun, love, and awareness { “we let the breath (or fun) come… we let the breath (or fun) go… and we wait, until the breath (or fun!) comes back by itself”}

Love, Light, peace to you all. Anasha (and Anubuddha also sends smiles and love)

Yes! Yes! YES!!!

We enter the “ARUN Green Smoothie” experiment tomorrow, so make sure you have all the food you need… fruits and different greens… greens like parsley, cilantro, rucola, and basil can dominate the taste, so be aware to put in less.  But spinach, baby leaves, carrot or beet tops, kale, salad are more neutral for taste… so be more generous with these, and you can mix greens together in the same smoothie.  It’s good to re-read the earlier mails we have sent with more information, or review your notes from our ARUN Conscious Touch Training.

And try not to think “negative”, like, “oh! my god, I will miss my chocolate, pizza, steak, beer, wine, cakes, bread, cappucino, etc”.  Think “positive”, like, “I am doing my body a favor… because I love my body”.  This will give you a new inner connection with your body and consciousness.  You can only know the effects and benefits of the Cleanse by DOING IT!  Not by thinking about it and drawing your own conclusions.
I will be there for any question you have.   Phone:  (34)  965 78 13 26  or  (34)  645 495 492     or   “Skype” address is “anubuddhaanasha”.  We will also be checking e-mail regularly.
REMEMBER:  1 DAY AT A TIME! ,  not  7 DAYS, but 1 DAY…  staying in the present.   There may be a few difficult moments, but there will also be many moments of real joy and lightness of Being.  And- if you need to chew on something, chew on an apple, a cucumber, or…  and no need to feel hungry.
If you work all day, bring your smoothies with you and bring fruits or greens to chew on, between delicious Green Smoothies.
OK ?   READY ?!?
Love to you ALL and see you tomorrow.
Anasha and Anubuddha

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