Friends and lovers of the “3 Inner Treasures: Freedom From Pain”

Greetings Beloved Friends,

        for a long time i have been wanting to write to you… Now is the right time.
friends in love and awareness…
ARUN Sun & Moon Touching Meditation… the 4 moving wheels of the Human Energy-field

Anasha and i think of you all with great affection very often.  What we have shared and experienced together this July in Lalita {the 3 Inner Treasures- Freedom from Pain} is truly priceless.

And the love, acceptance, and meditative energy that we gave to, and received from each other, is something very transforming for all parts of our beings.

Taken together, the 3 inner treasures { the Breath of Meditation, CranioSacral wave awareness, and Buddha-bones connecting to electro-magnetic energy} are always with us… and the more we give value to them, with our love, gratefulness, sense of wonder, and our witnessing consciousness- they become windows to our Soul.   We remain “in touch” with ourselves in a very essential way… and this is the “Master key” that gives us “Freedom from Pain”.

So to take the time that we did together this July and to deeply explore this mystery so passionately is a gift for me… our collective longing to discover the inner secrets is what creates the alchemy that transforms these treasures.

friends connecting before Osho Dynamic Meditation…












So what can i say to you all except “Thanks a lot; Muchas Gracias; totamo Harigato; Danke schoen; Merci beau cu… from the depths of my heart.

ARUN Sun & Moon Touching Meditation… crown chakra and sacrum
allowing the touch and watching inside… moment to moment

Anasha and i wish you all a daily deep connection to your life sources and trust… and we encourage you to share what you have experienced by giving “ARUN Touching Meditations” to your friends and the people around you.

Still point… el punto de quietud
 Because the hidden secret to these 3 inner treasures is: “the more you share it, the more you become grateful; the more you are grateful, the more they grow; and then you have more to share… it becomes an energetic circle, just like your breathing.”

We look forward to our next meeting, wherever and whenever Existence wills it to be.  We enjoy hearing from you, anytime.
ARUN Sun & Moon Touching Meditation… diagonal energy line connections
Meanwhile, feel the touch and the good vibrations coming to you through the rays…
with a lot of Love,
Anubuddha & Anasha 

2 thoughts on “Friends and lovers of the “3 Inner Treasures: Freedom From Pain”

  1. kamala Reply

    Mhuuuu what the sweet memory…
    if i do breath of meditation, I can still feel the light in my spain, around central sensitivity system.
    what a great gift I’ve got from this group.
    Through ARUN I found that heaven is not somewhere it is in my body.
    To live in heaven on this planet with my body.
    I LOVE ARUN Conscious Touch…
    Thank you with worm Hug Kamala

  2. Reiko Reply

    Beloved Anasha & Anubuddha & friends!

    it was Grace that i could join the group in Lalita.
    After i came back from Spain, i found a lot of things had changed.
    i’m more being myself, i listen more birds singing, i spend more time in the sea,
    i develop a feeling of serenity, i understand more of myself, and i enjoy my work as a therapist everyday more than before.

    i can feel the air of the group in Lalita.
    … beautiful, sacred, silence, warm heart and lots of laughing and love.

    we had big typhoons this month, and over 100 people had died in Japan.
    we still have earthquakes sometimes.
    It’s very important for Japanese to live here and now,
    because we don’t know what happens next!

    thank you very very much !!!!!

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