Here we go – starting the ARUN Green Smoothie experiment!

We enter the “ARUN Green Smoothie” experiment today, so make sure you have all the food you need… fruits and different greens… greens like parsley, cilantro, rucola, and basil can dominate the taste, so be aware to put in less.  But spinach, baby leaves, carrot or beet tops, kale, salad are more neutral for taste… so be more generous with these, and you can mix greens together in the same smoothie.  It’s good to re-read the earlier mails we have sent with more information, or review your notes from our ARUN Conscious Touch Training.

And try not to think “negative”, like, “oh! my god, I will miss my chocolate, pizza, steak, beer, wine, cakes, bread, cappucino, etc”.  Think “positive”, like, “I am doing my body a favor… because I love my body”.  This will give you a new inner connection with your body and consciousness.  You can only know the effects and benefits of the Cleanse by DOING IT!  Not by thinking about it and drawing your own conclusions.


I will be there for any question you have.   Phone:  (34)  965 78 13 26  or  (34)  645 495 492     or   “Skype” address is “anubuddhaanasha”.  We will also be checking e-mail regularly.

REMEMBER:  1 DAY AT A TIME! ,  not  7 DAYS, but 1 DAY…  staying in the present.   There may be a few difficult moments, but there will also be many moments of real joy and lightness of Being.  And- if you need to chew on something, chew on an apple, a cucumber, or…  and no need to feel hungry.

If you work all day, bring your smoothies with you and bring fruits or greens to chew on, between delicious Green Smoothies.

OK ?   READY ?!?    Love to All

15 thoughts on “Here we go – starting the ARUN Green Smoothie experiment!

  1. anasha Reply

    hi Gautam mon amour !!!!!!! ho la la
    Fantastic, your kidneys are working to detoxify, celebrate this without getting annoyed at minor inconveniences ok ?
    We all will gothrough small detox.
    Remember to be grateful for it and connect with your body, thanking it for the wonderful job it does for you and asking for forgiveness for all the abuses.
    voila, i kiss for my secret lover……

  2. Vira Reply

    O.k. it seems it vanished… one more time then.

    So hello hello to all and thanks to the ones who organized this side. Great! Send your favourites rezepies – I am curious what you all create.

    So today I won my prize. I sat next to Prem who enjoyed greatly his heavenly smelling superfresh plumcake. You have to know I can get very dramatic about plumcake. Silly? maybe… still one of my absolute -make me always happy- foods. So I sat and could even enjoy his joy and I was slurping my spinach banana appel drink. And felt- content.

    I really like my green smoothis.
    But yesterday was a bit tough as I prepared too little and then wasn’t home all day, had yoga and sessions, became hungry and stressed. I get so nervous when I am hungry…I NEED TO REMEMBER TO TAKE CARE. I was never super organized with food, but now I have to and want to.We were in Eifel and i found Löwenzahn and it felt intersting to pick dinner from the ground. So easy… A big hug to all of you, & lets stay smooth!!

  3. kamala Reply

    Hola loves,
    2nd day of smoothis week, It’s fantastic!
    I have much more energy than yesterday.
    & Getting more & more sensitive for all the senesce.
    Pero I am little constipated maybe ’cause I did water enema yesterday morning?
    So my intestine have not much things to put out?
    anyway I will see tomorrow morning.
    I’m enjoying lots to be more close to the LIGHT.
    with love & light

    • anubuddha Post authorReply

      yes Kamala… if you do an enema (which is great sometimes), for the next day less will come out. Any time the reactions are super uncomfortable, a good enema can work wonders. Me and Anasha are also full of energy with hearts expanding. Love to you, Dr Prana, and Risas

  4. kamala Reply

    Hello friends,
    I would like to ask someone who is making this site that
    Thank you very much for the wonderful creativity &
    If U have space to put the smoothies recipes in English then friend from the world can understand more.
    ’cause I link this site with my blog in Japan so I think more Japanese will look at it.
    what do U think?
    with love kamala

    • anubuddha Post authorReply

      Hi Kamala… i will do it today. Yeah, you could also send to Naveen for the Japanese ARUN page. Howz it going? But you have the English in an earlier e-mail already. But we can also put it on this page. Is “Risas” also doing the Green Smoothie Cleanse?!?
      [note to all friends: Risas is Kamala’s little dog who was always coming into the Big Circle at Lalita during our Conscious Touch trainings this summer. During the breaks, when i was always drinking a delicious Green Smoothie, she would run to me and really “beg” for some with her eyes, tail, and tongue drooling… so i would pour some into my hand and she would go crazy! She loved them so much, no matter what combination of fruits and greens we made. So i think she could enjoy a day of only Smoothie- ha! But, you have to know- this little dog loves to eat ANYTHING! ]

  5. Kiran Reply

    Hello Friends,

    Although I stared with a powerful YES, YES, YES the last 2,5 days gave me a hard time. Not so much because I had to stop consuming parts of my favorite food and foodlike substances or because my legs were aching like they always do in the beginning when I’m fasting. More because I caught a cold on Friday and even the soup did not help my body to fell a little warmer or healthier.
    Hence I decided now to add some warm, high-energy, yet cleaning food to my diet. I will have some Congee (with ginger or apricot kernel) during the day in between the smoothies.
    I’m curious whether this will already be sufficient to cure the cold and do some cleansing at the same time – staying connected in our ARUN green smoothie cleansing experiment…

  6. anasha Reply

    Hi Kiranji
    yes, the cleanse will definitely clean you, because of the food you are leaving out for this time, and i would allow my cold to come out fully as a cold is a sign of the body cleansing itself of the accumulation of mucus in the body, it is super beneficial to allow it, and in the west it is sometimes considered a weakness sign to have a cold, so stupid to think this, enjoy it, rest, that is what your body is asking you to do, drink warm herb teas, do an enema if you know how to do it, and drink water and green smoothies.
    I do not know what conjee is , so i cannot answer this one, maybe send me a note and i will respond to this, but i think you could just stick with smoothies and warm soup and warming teas, if conjee is mucous forming like grains or nuts and seeds, i would not take as this would create more mucous in the body that the body would need to expel and it has enough with the cold already.
    hope this help, and thank you for sharing, a warm hug from
    anasha and buddha

  7. Vira Reply

    Good morning smoothieland!!

    Woke up , again much earlier than usual, again 1st thing: toilet, then I almost fainted: red pee. Kidney infection – Inner bleeding – Death now here near???

    Then counting and realizing that it was just about time.. and this time & 1st time since a decade WITHOUT pain & painkillers, cramps, swelling in breasts, tension, tiredness, big moods, fights with boyfriend or being fed up with it all..a period can be quiet & smooth? She walked in lightly on supersoft soles…So silent I did not feel her coming at all. Unbelievable.

    Time for Ananas and Romanamix. Yes o yes. Have a beautiful day, friends!!

  8. christoph Reply

    Hello beloved Friends ,
    today is my third day of Green Smoothies …. I started one day later because of a Weeding and and all that nice food there 🙂
    But anyway I am on with you and enjoying my Smoothies 3 times a day and between an appel or banana or another littel fruit between … its not so big change for me because since nearly 3 month I had every day 1 liter of Green Smoothie a day ….. and the coffee I dropt a while ago … when I start the last time , it was summer and a bit more easy to start for me. Now I can feel allready the cold of autum what makes it more difficult for me …. Yesterday I recieved a beautiful Massage Session from Rofl and that maked the day very easy for me …. My faforites Smoothies are with fresh Mango, Nektarine, Pears, Bananas, ” Schwarzkohl “, ” Löwenzahn “, ” Ruckola “,” Mangold “, Spinach, and I allways add some Spirolina and Chlorella powder …. mmmhh
    and I allways trie to make it very tasty … if I do not like the mixture I add somthing until I really like it …
    Green Smoothies and the world goes round !!!!!!!!

  9. Prem Pranada Reply

    Hello to all of you my friends , now 4º day of experimenting green smoothies, and first time doing this consciously together with others in different locations of the planet, is great, really great, very easy, very healthy, also for the mind, because I just came out of the experience of being stolen in my own house few days before the detox started, it was a little bit of a shock, but the way I’m dealing with it surprise me, anyway i feel very light in the body and enough energy to work, in fact I have more busy days than usually… and also some reactions is happening in my mouth, but this is happening since I stopped being smoker 2 1/2 years before, now is clear that this new reaction was triggered by the smoothy experience…I think i will start recommending this to my patient from now on …
    Thanks to all the ones who are encouraging this nice time together…

    With Love


  10. anasha Reply

    thanks Cristoph for sharing with us and also your recipes and i would like to point out something that is valuable to all of us, and it is: no 2 cleanses are the same as the cleaning goes vertically , not horizontally , so we should all be aware of not comparing or judging, or drawing our own conclusions too early, and also what has inpired me to say this is a comment of Cristoph saying that he is having one liter everyday, so he is used to it, but still he is taking other food everyday, so when you cut down all except fruits and leafy greens, a deeper cleansing will take place, it is always relative to what we do everyday, and yes the reactions will be milder than for someone eating meat, coffee, cigarettes, high fat etc….
    so friends thank you for inspiring me with your comments, thank you Cristoph, and i thought for you Cristoph that maybe you can reduce the dose of you know what to one third or leave it altogether and see …..
    you are in my heart and thank you doctor P
    also for Abha:
    you can make almond milk or hemp seeds milk for Lily via breast feeding:
    one cup of almond or half a cup of hemp
    let it soak overnight or for 6 to 8 hours,
    blend with 2 or 3 cups of water and little honey or 3 medjool dates
    then pour the blended liquid in a milk bag or a bag made out of fine mesh, maybe a nylon sock could work, and drink this but one hour before or after a smoothie, this is full of proteins
    let’s enjoy more, ciao everyone

  11. christoph Reply

    Hey Vira
    that was a great idear to make Yoga to suport the detoxing ….
    I realy enjoyed your way of helping the body with yoga ….. that was a great class …
    Thanks a lot …. great suport

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