Miracle of Tissue Cleansing and Cell Regeneration



this a wild “Malva” bush… the green leaves are very good in Smoothies… today was a great day of food gathering and buying and cleansing and in-joying
Hello Friends,
Today, we are both super excited to share our experience and love for “Tissue cleansing and regeneration”… this is a very essential “thread” in the rich tapestry of ARUN Conscious Touch and ARUN/ OSHO Yoga.
The Human Energy-Field is simply marvelous… “Every 30 days our blood cells are renewed.  Every 3 months, 60% to 90% of our body cells are replaced and rebuilt from the food we eat.  This is how we create good health for ourselves.  Raw foods give living enzymes and bio-available vitamins, minerals, glyco-nutrients, and phyto-nutrients”. <www.prana.co.nz>
Anasha at the Bio market in Denia with “our farmer”
The Body is an incredible gift that has the capacity and ability to heal itself, given the right measures.  Our medical doctors are not trained to cure the cause of disease, they only “try” to cure the symptoms.
As meditators, we need to inform ourselves, take responsibility, and help the body regain its “natural state”… so it can attain a better functioning.
When we ingest food, this is digested… and what ever we need for maintaining us alive and rebuilding will be taken out of the food we eat… what we do not need will be ejected through the colon and the eliminative organs.

Dr Bernard Jensen’s description of food in our colons, and how the food from the day accumulates, leading to putrefication and diseases
Dr Bernard Jensen’s description of food in our colons, and how the food from the day accumulates, leading to putrefication and diseases
Problems start when the colon does not eliminate quickly enough what should come out.  This produces a “back-up” of feces, and eventually this “acid ballast” will seep through the walls of the guts into the bloodstream, producing high levels of toxicity, which then manifests through various diseases.  It also backs up into the liver and kidneys that are the guardians of our health… so the burden becomes too big for them and they can not function properly, either.
If the colon is not clean, you start to accumulate waste material, bacteria, etc, in its walls… preventing the food you eat to be properly digested.  Most people have up to 3 1/2 kilos  {7 pounds} of fecal matters in their guts!
We all overeat, going past the point of saturation…
we do not “eat to live”, we “live to eat”…
The accumulation of waste on the walls of the colon provides the perfect breeding ground for parasites, yeast, and viruses.  It prevents the “healthy” bacteria to inhabit, stay, and do their work in the colon, because the terrain is so polluted that they can not live there.
Therefore, cleaning the colon with colonic irrigations, enemas, colemas {mechanic colonics}, is, in my eyes, and the eyes of other experts, just as important as eating the “right food”.  I have seen healing and energy flow miracles occur with this, and have also heard many beautiful and amazing stories.
Anasha giving her colon the gift of inner cleansing… the water enters through the enema bag, and evacuates the colon in a very efficient way
The peace of mind due to a relaxation and purification of the Nervous System that follows a colon cleanse is tremendous!  It is essential to maintain or restore vibrant health.
Dr Norman Walker says it quite practically:  “If the sewer system in your home is backed up, your entire home is affected.  Should it be any different with your body?”
What kind of delicious Green Smoothie shall i make NOW?
Now let’s hear a little from Anubuddha on this subject…


Buddha with his south american friend at the market earlier today… this guy always has good mangoes and papayas… i think we’re his best customer!
“I think that one of the very best gifts that people can give their Energy-Field is periodic cleansing and detoxification of the tissues and cells of their body.  We are not only physical beings… we are very complex and interconnected organisms.   Everything inside of us is important, and our body cells are constantly being re-created.  Patanjali and Osho talk about 5 bodies… and the first Body is the “Annamaya Kosha”, or “Food Body”. {see Day # 11 “A.O.Y. 21 Day Immersion”… “Seeds sprouting inside”- the 5 Koshas}
But i was VERY RESISTANT to the idea of tissue cleansing and colonics 20 years ago! After Osho left his Body in 1990, i made my first trip to Goa. As Osho had often told sannyasins to “stay in Pune, and don’t miss out by going to Goa”, there was still a feeling in the Commune that if you went to Goa, “you were missing”, so it gave those of
us who went a bit of a bad reputation.

Anyway, there was an Italian homeopathic doctor living in Anjuna, Goa named Makarand who offered a 5 day “Fasting & Colon Cleansing” Program based on the amazing discoveries of Dr Bernard Jensen.  I had a bit of an attitude at that time that  “i don’t need colon cleansing, and some people even say it’s not good for you.  I’m vegetarian, i do Yoga regularly, i’m a bodyworker, a meditator, so i don’t really need that.”  And even the sannyasin doctors and acupuncturists i knew were agreeing that “we don’t really need to do fasting or colon cleaning”.   Anasha was always suggesting we do it, because she had done a long fast with enemas in the mid 70’s in Germany with a women’s group, and she always said how amazing it was for her- physically and emotionally.   Well, 2 years later, after a few sannyasins who i respected a lot did it in Goa, and they told me i should try it, but i was still a “hard case”.   Finally, in 1995, Anasha and i decided to do it… we were both in our early 40’s… and the “Cactus house” where we lived every winter, was right next door to Makarand’s new colonic center in Candolim, so it was very convenient for us.

What a shock!  For the first 2 days, i had a splitting headache, and except for a few “hangovers” i had almost never had a headache in my life.  My body felt VERY LETHARGIC, i had no energy at all, and i was “pretty irritable”, with a lot of achy muscles, and gas.  Makarand kept smiling and saying these were classic “detox symptoms” and i was like, “Right man… i think this fasting is total B.S.!”  I woke up on the 3rd day and “was a New Man”… full of energy, very light, and in a good mood.  I did Yoga that afternoon, and was pretty surprised at how easy and enjoyable it was.  The fourth day of no food, with 2 daily colemas, i honestly could not believe how good i was feeling!  Looking in the mirror, i could see that i had an inner glow that was very different.  I went swimming for an hour, and when i did my Yoga that afternoon, it “blew my mind”.  My joints had NEVER FELT SO FREE… and when i sat at the end of stretching and closed my eyes, i could feel energies moving inside my head and a deep peace that is difficult to describe.  Anasha and i were reading Dr Jensen’s books, and talking to Makarand about his experiences, and we were very excited, to say the least.  The last day was even better… i felt a weight lift off my heart that i did not know was there… i started crying and crying, for no apparent reason.  When i looked into Anasha’s eyes, the tears poured out stronger, and we hugged and cried together.  The effects for her were different, but just as dramatic… physically and energetically.


Life is good!

“When i started eating again, i really could not believe it!  I had been eating my whole life, of course, but i think i had never “felt the energy” of food before.  I had fancied myself as being “aware when i was eating”, but now realized that it was not true… i had never really tasted like i was tasting after the Cleanse.  I lost 3-4 kilos in 5 days, {which was good, because when a man {or woman}  turns 42, there is an easy possibility to get “a little dumpy”, and look middle-aged and thick in the body,and become a bit depressed}.  But the most gratifying benefit for me was in my skeleton… EVERY JOINT FELT LUBRICATED AND LOOSER!  This was a humbling and mind-opening revelation for me at this time of my life… because before this personal experience, which i could not deny, i “was convinced” that “Yoga and Bodywork were the 2 BEST things that could heal joint pain and restore flexibility in the Body”… in fact, my work up until then was quite tied into and invested in this limited belief.

Since that wonderful Cleanse, Anasha & i have done at least one 7-day Cleanse { with no food } every year… but counting Juice and Green Smoothie Cleanses, we do 2-4 Cleanses a year.  Colonics and enemas have become like a “Yoga class” for us… i learn something almost every time… sometimes the effect is purely physical, and sometimes it is mental, and sometimes the effect touches my emotional body… sometimes i feel a reconnection to my essence.  If either one of us has some strange physical feeling, we immediately stop eating and do an enema or colonic.  The latest time was recently, when Anasha had a very strong tooth pain… she did a series of enemas, reduced her food, and 2 days later, the pain was gone.
All the great enlightened Masters have positive things to say about Fasting and Cleansing the Body.  George Gurdjieff, who is more famous for his elaborate dinners and wild behavior, was very much into fasting, and has amazing things to say about the benefits.   Osho has spoken so beautifully on the benefits of cleansing the body {he also warns of the dangers of fasting as a fanatic lifestyle, as is done in India by many yogis, but that is not what we are talking about here}.  It has been part of Yoga for milenia.


let’s add a little wild dandelion, a very healing and mineral-rich green… mmmm
Buddha’s doctor, “Shivago”, who is honored in Thailand as the Founder of Thai Massage, was once called to treat Buddha after he had been poisoned by a jealous follower.  You know how Dr Shivago cured Buddha?  Through giving him special herbs, to help clean his colon, and massaging the colon… Buddha fasted for 3 days, and on the 3rd day, after 12 bowel movements, all the poison left his body.


here we have grasses and azelgas and other powerful energies
There is a gradual inner awakening and joy that naturally occurs with a love and awareness-based discipline such as ARUN/ OSHO Yoga and Conscious Touch.  That has been, and is, my experience.  The more i realize how easy it is to care and nourish the Human Energy-Field {my Body}, the more i am amazed at how “screwed up” our educational systems are.  {Medical, religious, psychological, scientific, athletic, nutritional, etc}  It’s as if everyone is being taught and programmed ‘how to be tense’, ‘how to be sick’, ‘how to be depressed and unhappy’!
With the “right kind of education”, people could easily become happier, and healthier, and more sensitive as they get older.  The skeleton could remain flexible at any age… in fact, movements should become more graceful with more life and meditative experience.  “ARUN Conscious Touch” and similar meditative approaches are needed more than ever in the world today.  “In the right hands” and environment, everyone can learn to be compassionate and loving to their own body…


Osho in the light…
We finish this sharing with a letter from Strecho, lovingly known as “Lucky” {he’s from the ex-Yugoslavia originally}.  He started with ARUN about 10 years, and has been a few times to Lalita, and many times with us in our yearly ARUN Parimal Retreat.  I think his letter illustrates exactly what we are sharing today…
Hi friends,
Lucky is with you all the time!, and the smoothies today 5th day. The smoothies work well,(especially in the morning I feel much fitter,cleaner) compared to “normal”, last two days were a bit harder, because I was working throughout (44hours) including cooking for others, shopping too, but I kept going…I enjoy the blog, your songs give good energy in many ways, and they are full of beautifullyinspiringimages. I especially love the one of “letting pain go” through a conscious stretch-makes sense,opens a door of hope that this pain will become less and less.  I was on AOY too for the first days then I cought a Grippevirus which knocked me out for 15days. Finally I started the smoothie experience and improved (seems) more quickly. Now it looks like the infection is gone. Time to start again with AOY which for me is only possible when I´m off work.
Thank you for sharing. Send greatings from and to all hearts. Lucky”
In love and laughter and light,
Anasha & Anubuddha

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  1. carlos Reply

    Hola queridos.
    Está terminando mi 6º día riquísimos batidos verdes, y no quiero que pase sin compartir la estupenda experiencia que está resultando. Ya fué muy rico en septiembre, pero ahora está siendo genial. Vuestros comentarios son muy inspiradores y aclaran también el “como” y el “porque”.
    Desde el 3 día la realidad se limpio. O sea, mis ojos se limpiaron. Pero lo mas excitante es la sensación energética. Pranomaya Khosa está encantado y muy ruidoso. Lo siento como nunca. Mis canales energéticos están ahí y solo con dirigir la atención en cualquier momento los percibo.
    Durante este mes, he compartido con mis amigos de yoga la sesión que propusísteis y ha sido revelador. Habitualmente yo construia las sesiones un poquito diferentes. Y el resultado es muy bueno. Sobre todo en cuanto a “permitir” la compresión igual que permitimos el estiramiento, y ese fino hilo en el centro de la médula espinal está siendo nuestro objetivo al final de las sesiones, con lo que muchos de nosotr@s estamos conectando con nuestro interior de una manera muy fina y hermosa.
    Durante esta semana he tenido varios “toques” y han sido también muy especiales con una muy buena conexión con mis centros y canales y con los de mis amig@s.
    También comentaros que el tema de los enemas me venía rondando desde hace tiempo y creo que vuestro compartir me va a acabar de decidir. La historia de Anubuddha con ellos es muy gratificante y animadora.
    El saber que todo un gran grupo que vibra con una frecuencia muy especial está compartiendo estas experiencias es también genial.
    Y por último deciros que tengo muchos amigos en Japón. Trabajé con ellos para la Expo 2008 en Zaragoza (fué una gran experiencia; son muy buenos trabajando y viviendo). Todos mis amigos están bien. Pero todos tienen amigos o familia en las zonas afectadas. Y están muy tocados.
    Trasmitirles desde aquí que mucha gente de Zaragoza está acompañándolos con meditaciones, oraciones y toda la energía que podemos, Muchas de mis clases terminan de esta manera.
    Sois un pueblo maestro en la entereza. Saldréis adelante con cicatrices pero mas hechos, mas amorosos si cabe.
    Un abrazo desde Zaragoza de Pepa y carlos

    salud y amor

    • anubuddha Post authorReply

      Incredible Anu-rana/ Carlos! Que alegria por fuera y por dentro! Voy a taducir esta cancion en ingles por todo el mundo. Estais en mi corazon y de Anasha tambien Os quiero…

  2. Maria Reply

    Beloved freinds,
    yesterday I was at a rawfood exhibition in berlin, the “Rohvolution”. Sooo many people who are interested in raw living! Yes, yes, yes…I strongly recommend this amazing oportunity to get inspired of the raw food stuff. read more at http://www.rohvolution.de, the exhibition is comming to the citys speyer and augsburg this year. love maria

    • anubuddha Post authorReply

      Hi Beloved Maria, MA-RII-AA!
      yes, we knew this Roh Kost Fair was happening in Berlin… the “ROHVOLUTION” is ON— and now it has truly reached into Germany– YAHOO! Did you happen to meet our Japanese friend, “Megumi” there? She is “German/ Spanish/ Japanese cocktail”, young and full of great energy… she did and ARUN Conscious Touch weekend in Madrid at a Yoga School with us about 7 years ago. 3 or 4 years ago, she got totally into “Raw Life” and has traveled and studied it A LOT. She has a great web network and you should connect with her. Here are her various websites and contacts=

      Facebook facebook.com/megumi.saananda

      Megumi has also been to Vilcabamba, Ecuador where Anasha and i just bought our new property, which will become the “fulcrum” for ARUN Conscious Touch” next year.
      We are so happy you are SWIMMING IN THE MYSTERY… and we look forward to seeing you at Osho UTA real soon! Smiles and a hug, Anubuddha

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