The “21st Day” + “Hungry for Change” ~ a very intense movie about “the Truth you maybe don’t want to hear”

Hello Beloved Friends,

Well, today is the “21st Day” of our little ARUN immersion into the marvelous “Buddha Bones/ Buddha Eye/ Fresh Juice Experience”… It has been offered to you as part of our “2 Year Professional ARUN Conscious Touch Training” happening in Osho UTA Academy in Koln.  Anasha + Anubuddha + all of you have devoted time every day for Yoga, movement and breath awareness, ‘watching inside’ with love and focusing on our Glands and Chakras and the electro-magnetic life within us, the power and magic of “forgiveness”,  and the Healing, cleansing and rejuvenating properties of “Fresh Vegetable Juices”.   We hope it has added to your love and awareness of the miraculous “Human Energy-field”.

Anasha would like to share a very powerful movie with you that is available free on Internet for only 2 more days.  It is a scientifically based documentary about the effects of modern food and drugs on the physical, mental, and emotional health throughout the planet.  For her, it is a MUST VIEW… a little disturbing, but it also offers a way out of the mess.  About 50 minutes into the movie, it also shares a lot of great info on “Juicing”.  If you really love your Body and your Self, you don’t want to miss this.
The movie is called “Hungry for Change”, and you can access it at
“21 Days” in our ARUN language is a metaphor for “always”… moment to moment.  The Meditative approach to Life we share in “ARUN Conscious Touch” needs no special time.  Every moment Life is touching us, and we are touching Life… it is a never-ending “circle of energy”.  Whether we are active or passive, alone or with others, in pleasure and in pain… our consciousness is mirroring it all.   Don’t you just love it?!?   And to share ARUN Conscious Touch is a real blessing during this very potent and unique time for Humanity on this Planet.  Thank you and Bless you All.
We are in awe of the mystery.   Smiles + love,   Anasha + Anubuddha

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