#2~ “The Body is the greatest mystery in the whole of Existence”

Osho says~

“The Body is the greatest mystery in the whole of Existence.  This mystery needs to be loved.  It’s mysteries, its functionings need to be intimately inquired into.  If you become aware of all the functions of your Body, you will be surprised.  You have never thought what your body has been doing.  It is so miraculous, so mysterious.  But you have never looked into it.  You have never bothered to become acquainted with your own body, and you pretend to love other people.  You cannot, because those other people also appear to you as bodies.”

“You walk, you eat, you drink… and all these things indicate that you are a body and consciousness as an organic unity.  The body has to be loved~ you have to be a great friend.  It is your home, you have to clean it of all junk, and you have to remember that it is in your service continuously, day in day out.  Even when you are fast asleep, your body is continuously working for you digesting, changing your food into blood, taking out the dead cells from the body, bringing new oxygen, fresh oxygen into the body~ and you are fast asleep!  It is doing everything for your survival, for your life, although you are so ungrateful that you have never even thanked your body”

” Love and compassion are absolutely needed for your Body and its nourishment.  And the better Body you have, the more is the possibility for growing Consciousness.  It is an Organic Unity.”

“Anubuddha, a totally new kind of education is needed in the world today where fundamentally everybody is introduced into silences of the Heart- in other words into meditations- where everybody is prepared to be compassionate to one’s own body.  Because unless you are compassionate to your own body, you cannot be compassionate to any other body.  It is a living organism, and it has done no harm to you.   It has been continuously in service since you were conceived and will be till your death.  If a man learns the wisdom of the body, and the mystery of the body, he will never bother about the priest or about God.  He will have found the most mysterious within himself… and within the mystery of the body is the very shrine of your Consciousness.  And once a man has found consciousness within himself, he has found the key to the ultimate.”

“Any education that does not teach you to love your body, does not teach you be compassionate to your body, does not teach you how to enter into it mysteries… will not be able to teach you how to enter into your own consciousness.”  

“The Body is the door –  the body is the stepping stone…”   

quotes from Osho~ Om Shanti Shanti Shanti… The Soundless Sound~Peace, Peace, Peace

The “Human Energy Field” {You!}  is more like a musical instrument than a machine… we are made of liquid light and vibrations.  When Osho is talking about “the organic unity of your Body and Consciousness”, he is elevating our vision of who and what we really are.  We are so much more than muscles and bones and nerves!  We are a “vibrating electro magnetic field of Energy”.  The range and harmony, and the depth and musical tone of these vibrations is in our own hands.

Anubuddha playing the "Human spinal sitar"... Parimal, Germany 2009. "Our Human Energy-field is like a musical instrument"
Anubuddha playing the “Human spinal sitar”… Parimal, Germany 2009. “Our Human Energy-field is like a musical instrument”

This inner quest we are starting today, “Universal Harmony~ ARUN Conscious Touch 2013… 21 Days of Love & Awareness” has tremendous alchemical potentials. We can use these days to “fine-tune” and heal our Energy Field on all levels~ physical, mental/psychological, heart/emotional, chemical, vibrational, spiritual~ these and other aspects of our Energy Field can be restored to  a harmonic balance… where every part of us is “humming together” in a deep accord…

Let us all, from every part of Mother Earth, use this worldwide energy-field we are creating together these 21 Days to expand our Love and Awareness.

Every moment, let “Love” radiate inside of you and “touch” whatever is around you… touch with love through your eyes, through your hands, through your voice and words, through your thoughts, through your actions.  You or I may forget many times during these 21 days, don’t be worried!   Immediately we can reconnect to Love.  Meditate on “what is Love?”  “Am I really loving right now?”

And allow these 21 Days to also be filled with “Awareness”.   Whatsoever we are doing, or not doing~ let your “inner witness” be aflame with awareness.  Notice all the “little things” inside of you and outside of you, without judging, without comparing, without analyzing.  Have fun with Awareness~ it is not serious!  Watch all your body sensations {pleasant or un-pleasant}; watch your movements and activities {walking, sitting, taking a shower, eating, talking, dancing, singing}; watch your silent moments; watch your thoughts {positive or negative}.  And go as deep inside as you can~ watch your desires… watch when you are dishonest with yourself, or with others… watch your beliefs… watch all parts of YOU… if you make a sincere opening, you will see things inside that were hidden, and causing you and many people around you, a lot of pain.  Again, let us be really honest and clear with our Awareness… like never before!

This refined, moment to moment Love & Awareness is the REAL CLEANSE!  And joined with consciously cleansing our physical body through the 5 Options we have given to you, coupled with at least one hour daily of Yoga or Active Meditation… like i said before~ THIS HAS TREMENDOUS ALCHEMICAL POTENTIALS!

Let’s finish today’s sharing with Music…

Here are 2 “Mystic/ Satsang Songs” from Peter Makena… <http://www.makenasinging.com/>

Many of you know Peter’s music {we play it all the time in ARUN Conscious Touch gatherings}.  Since the mid 1970’s, he has been putting mystic words to Song… he has traveled the world and sang with at least a million people in the last 40 years… and he is still going strong!  I have a feeling that we will mention Peter a few times during these “21 Days of Love & Awareness”… as he and his beloved friend Aneeta are two of our most cherished and dear friends… we listen to his music all the time.  Here are 2 Songs from his latest CD “Tadasana”.  Tadasana is the “mountain pose”, or standing pose in Hatha Yoga.  The “Upanishad Wisdom” is coming from the same “Mystic Seers” that discovered Yoga over 5000 years ago.  Click on the title links, put on your headphones, and meditate with these soft words, and allow the vibrations of love and awareness from Peter’s voice to awaken new love and awareness inside of you.


A & A during "Conscious Touch ~ Joyful Voice" Retreat with Peter & Aneeta Makena {that's Bhaskar behind us}
A & A during “Conscious Touch ~ Joyful Voice” Retreat with Peter & Aneeta Makena {that’s Bhaskar behind us}

We are SO GLAD you are here with us, and we love you,  Anubuddha & Anasha



Standing tall and still… standing tall and still
The world held in your heart!
Standing tall and still… standing tall and still
The world held in your heart!
Be still and know… be still, be still and know
My dear friend, be still, be still and know
Holy Holy like a sacred chant
holy holy like a night of dance
holy holy like the silence of the moon
A world full of Wonder
A world full of Grace
A kind invitation to unfold
Into the arms of Existence
And dear familiar voices say
let go, let go, let go !
The winds of Grace are always blowing
The winds of Grace are always here
The winds of Grace are always blowing
The winds of Grace don’t disappear
but it is you, you you you
you must raise the sails!
The winds of Grace are always blowing
The winds of Grace are always here
The winds of Grace are always blowing
The winds of Grace don’t disappear
but it is you, you you you
you must raise the sails!
Standing tall and still… standing tall and still
The world held in your heart!
Standing tall and still… standing tall and still
The world held in your heart!
singing with Peter Makena and friends last year during "Conscious Touch~ Joyful Voice" 8 day Retreat in Germany
singing with Peter Makena and friends last year during “Conscious Touch~ Joyful Voice” 8 day Retreat in Germany

Upanishad Wisdom


The sky was lit by the splendor of the moon
overwhelmingly  strong I fell to the ground
Your love has made me sure
I am ready to forsake my holding on
and surrender to the wonder of love

As I love myself ….I love you.
As I love you …..I love myself.
Welcome to the world inside and welcome to your inner groove
ever since it heard your name it was trying to find you
the beat of the rhythm connects and the body responds
the lightnes of heart expands into the endless space beyond
like the moon, sellf-luminous ,..your essence

Watch your thoughts, they become words
watch your words, they become actions
watch your actions, they become habits
watch your habits, they become part of you
That part of you can become easily your destiny

You can either feel, you can either feel, alienated or grateful
You can either feel, you can either feel, alienated or grateful
never ever both, never ever both, at the same time.
Gratefulness drives out alienation; hey hey

oh my heart, your offering, is filled to the brim with prayer

oh my heart, your offering, is overflowing with a New Day

As I love myself…I love you

As I love you…I love myself

27 thoughts on “#2~ “The Body is the greatest mystery in the whole of Existence”

  1. Chirantan Reply

    Thank you, Anubuddha and Anasha!
    what a beautiful start of my day and of the 21 days, even if I do not start my only green smoothie days as I am still a little sick with a grippe in bed. Inside I start – listening to Peter Makena and reading Osho – what a quality time! Thank you so much for providing all this for all of us! Love you – Chirantan

    • anubuddha Post authorReply

      Chiri~ we are smiling here in Vilcabamba, imagining you in bed, taking it easy, reading Osho, listening to Peter… and sharing your love. Take care, and watch how the Body heals itself.

  2. Prem Vimala Reply

    Sat Nam, Dear Ones,
    I am so ready to be within my body listening, acknowledging, thanking. The 4th day of water fast and I am feeling good, still a bit foggy in my head but my eyes are clear. don’t know now how I will continue, still bleeding very heavily and it doesn’t feel right to do an enema yet.
    I want to wait until the bleeding diminishes, is that o.k.? yesterday I drank beetroot juice with hot water to help build blood again.
    do you have other suggestions to build blood or for my situation I am in?

    Reading your Post, and listening to Peters songs, OSHO is totally present, my heart is opening and smiling! Thank you for being here, sharing and spreading love on and on and on. this grid of universal harmony you have created helps me to remember that I am not alone, never and always alone. Enthusiastic and Grateful, before I drink the next sip of hot lemon water I bow and send the fragrance of my smiling heart your way. Om Shanti

    • anasha Reply

      Hello Vimala
      follow your feelings, if you do not feel like an enema do not do it, during the water fast the enema is needed the 1st day and the day after you break your fast. Do you have experience with water fasting ? if not do not do it longer than 7 days, besides the lemon water and the red beet did you drink only water ? Take care and rest a lot, the heavy bleeding may be a cleanse too, do not worry, you will rebuild after, important is rest and do not extend the fast sooo much that you would be depleted. But in general leafy greens contain iron, beets also, parsley, spinach and kale have a lot.organic strawberries, blueberries also to put in smoothies with leafy greens.alfalfa also has a lot.
      a juice of carrots,spinach,lettuce and water cress is fantastic for it also celery, parsley carrots is a good one, carrot juice alone is excellent too.
      Hope this will help you…. love … anasha

      • Prem Vimala Reply

        Thanks Anasha for your suggestions.
        Thanks for the touching pictures, and for sharing paradise. live is birthing it self every moment if I have my eyes open!
        In my earlier age I did often water fast, the last few years I could not water fast I couldn’t bear to feel hungry, so I decided to do a alcaline fast for 2 month, and that felt good, after that I did the liver cleanse from Andreas but only two times.
        This time the desire came organically I am on my 5th day water fast and I am not hungry it’s not a will thing but from inside and that is so relaxing and nice, no struggling at all. Wahe Guru! On the Weekend I’ll atttend a Shakti Naam Yoga Training and I think that I’ll eat or drink greens. I’ll let you know how it went.
        Cold fingers warm heart Vimala

          • Prem Vimala

            Dear cleansing bodies and minds. So good to be with all of you on this wonderful ride to new or known places into our bodies and habits.. I had an amazing experience during my Shakti Naam training on the weekend with fasting. It is a yoga stile with a lot of breath work,arm work for strenghtening and cleansing the auric field and Mantras. I often felt dizzy, so I started to drink fruit and vegetable juices during the day. I had plenty of energy and could not sleep all night. Monday my body was very tired and exhausted, so I rested a lot, that felt good. Still not hungry but the wanting to chew starts to awake. I leave it open for how long I am going to drink only I am thinking to continue my cleanse with steamed vegetables and soups. I am very surprised how warm I am dispite the cold weather and not eating. I am open for new experiences letting the old ones be, or even not remembering them. Yesterday the bleeding finely got less. A pattern of not going to sleep at night staying up until 3 o’clock weakening my self is active since 3 days. That is my junk food, I am distracting myself with raw food sites or other interesting stuff in the web until I crash into bed like a zombie… not nice to witness that. I would like to bring myself to bed conciously and much earlier. I keep on watching it. sending you my gratitude for being here and creating this precious field of love and awareness.

  3. Prateek Nestroi Reply

    Thank you to invite us in such a interesting subject, love Prateek

  4. pujarin Reply

    “Der Körper ist das größte Mysterium der ganzen Existenz“
    Posted on March 7, 2013 by anubuddha

    Das Menschliche Energiefeld (Du!) ist mehr wie ein Musikinstrument als wie eine Maschine…. Wir sind gemacht aus flüssigem Licht und Schwingung. Wenn Osho über die „organische Einheit von Körper und Bewusstsein“ spricht, dann erhebt er unsere Sicht davon wer und was wir wirklich sind. Wir sind so viel mehr als Muskeln und Knochen und Nerven! Wir sind ein „schwingendes elektromagnetisches Energiefeld“. Der Umfang und die Harmonie, die Tiefe und der musikalische Ton dieser Schwingung liegen in unseren eigenen Händen.
    Diese innere Suche, die wir heute beginnen „Universale Harmonie – ARUN Bewusstes Berühren 2013… 21 Tage der Liebe und Bewusstheit“ hat gewaltiges verwandelndes Potential. Wir können diese Tage nutzen um uns „fein zu stimmen“ und unser Energiefeld auf allen Ebenen zu reinigen – physisch, mental/psychisch, auf der Herz/emotionalen Ebene, chemisch, schwingungsmäßig, spirituell – diese und andere Aspekte unseres Energiefeldes können wieder in ein harmonisches Gleichgewicht gebracht werden… in dem alle unsere Teile in einem satten Akkord zusammen „summen“.
    Laßt uns alle, von jedem Teil von Mutter Erde aus, dieses weltweite Energiefeld nutzen, das wir gemeinsam erschaffen in diesen 21 Tagen, um unsere Liebe und Bewusstheit auszudehnen.
    Laßt in jedem Moment „Liebe“ in Euch strahlen und alles berühren, was auch immer in Eurer Nähe ist… berührt mit Liebe durch Eure Augen, mit Euren Händen, durch Eure Stimme und Worte, mit Euren Gedanken und durch Eure Handlungen. Vielleicht vergesst Ihr oder ich das viele Male in diesen 21 Tagen – bekümmert Euch nicht! Wir können uns sofort wieder mit der Liebe verbinden. Meditiert darüber „was ist Liebe“? Bin ich jetzt gerade wirklich liebevoll?
    Und lasst diese 21 Tage auch von „Bewusstheit“ erfüllt sein. Was immer wir tun oder nicht tun – lasst Euren „inneren Zeugen“ in Bewusstheit leuchten. Bemerkt all die „kleinen Dinge“ in Euch und außerhalb von Euch, ohne zu beurteilen, ohne zu vergleichen, ohne zu analysieren. Habt Spaß mit der Bewusstheit – es ist nicht ernst! Beobachte alle Körperempfindungen (angenehme und unangenehme), beobachte Deine Bewegungen und Handlungen (gehen, sitzen, duschen, essen, sprechen, tanzen, singen); beobachte Deine stillen Momente; beobachte Deine Gedanken (positive oder negative). Und geh so tief in Dich hinein, wie Du kannst – beobachte Deine Wünsche… beobachte wenn Du nicht ehrlich bist Dir selbst oder anderen gegenüber…. Beobachte Deine Glaubenssätze… beobachte alle Teile von DIR… wenn Du Dich aufrichtig öffnest, wirst Du Dinge in Dir sehen, die verborgen waren und Dir und vielen Menschen in Deiner Nähe viel Schmerz bereitet haben. Nochmal: lasst uns wirklich ehrlich und klar sein mit unserer Bewusstheit… wie nie zuvor!
    Diese verfeinerte, von Moment zu Moment Liebe % Bewusstheit ist die WIRKLICHE REINIGUNG! Und verbunden damit, dass wir unseren phyischen Körper bewusst reinigen, durch eine der 5 Alternativen, die wir Euch aufgezeigt haben und damit, dass wir täglich mindestens eine Stunde Yoga oder aktive Meditation machen…. Wie ich schon sagte, DAS HAT EIN GEWALTIGES VERWANDELNDES POTENTIAL!
    Laßt uns das heutige sharing mit Musik beenden… Hier sind 2 „mystische/Satsang Lieder“ von Peter Makena. Viele von Euch kennen Peters Musik… seit Mitte der Siebziger Jahre hat es mystische Texte vertont…. Er hat die Welt bereist und in den letzten 40 Jahren mit mindestens einer Million Menschen gesungen…. Und er ist immer noch gut dabei. Ich habe das Gefühl, dass wir Peter in diesen „21 Tagen der Liebe und Bewusstheit“ öfter erwähnen werden…. Da er und seine liebe Freundin Aneeta zwei unserer liebsten Freunde sind… wir hören seine Musik fortwährend. Hier sind 2 Lieder seiner letzten CD „Tadasana“. Tadasana ist die „Berg Haltung“ oder stehende Haltung im Hatha Yoga. Die „Upanishaden Weisheit“ kommt von dem selben Mystiker, der vor 5000 Jahren Yoga entdeckt hat. Klicke auf die links, setz die Kopfhörer auf und meditiere mit diesen sanften Worten. Laß die Schwingung von Liebe und Bewusstheit in Peters Stimme neue Liebe und Bewusstheit in Dir erwecken.

    • anubuddha Post authorReply

      thanks so much for translating Pujarin! Much love from Vilcabamba and Buddha & Anasha

  5. Monica Priya Surges Reply

    My beloved friends,
    I am sooooo grateful that I met you folks. I am always so deeply touched, when I read this beautiful words again and again and again. Big hug from Cologne with Love and Laughter!!! Monica Priya

  6. sumana Reply

    My heart has started dancinggggggg … lettting these sweet and honest words vibrate insideeeee, many many thanks for your generosity and love!
    Mi corazón ha comenzado a danzar…dejando que estas dulces y honestas palabras penetren dentro….muchísimas gracias por vuestro amor y generosidad!

    • anubuddha Post authorReply

      gracias Sumana… hemos visto la traducion. Y podemos sentir las vibraciones de tu danza aqui en Vilcabamba!

  7. kamala Reply

    Yes! to ARUN.
    Universal Harmony!
    I thought I will poss-pond this cleansing till May,
    But I found that Pranada & I, we can not wait!
    We had started today for 10 days to see how far we can go…
    with much LOVE & LIGHT Kamala

    • anubuddha Post authorReply

      Hi Beloved Angel~ very good! We are deeply connected by “invisible strings”… Vilcabamba is missing you and Pranada. Maybe you should also have “Risas” do the Cleanse also?!!?? {Risas is her adorable/wild little dog who will eat ANYTHING AT ANYTIME! } Bubu and Natasha have all the little kids fasting right now. Many smiles + love from A & A

  8. muditosan Reply

    yes yes yes,,desde lanzarote ,celebrando la energia de la creatividad…con amor

  9. Patricia Reply

    Hello dear people…my love to all of you. I am very glad to share this incredible and beautiful journey inside my adorable body…thanks for showing me the way i can do it. Let me tell you something funny. When i started preparing my greensmoothies…the aparatous got broken!!!! woul you believe this??? but i said to myself..nothing absoutly nothing will stop me from starting today. Guess…i used my “mortero” (mortar) and start pressing my spinachs, carrots and beets…and…I eat it all!!!!
    I listened the music and read Osho´s words as well…peace…harmony and thanks full up my entirely body…i feel near all of you!!!!
    Om Shanti

  10. Pingback: ユニバーサル・ハーモニー〜アルーンコンシャスタッチ2013:「身体は存在全体におけるもっとも偉大な神秘だ」 | ARUN CONSIOUS TOUCH JAPAN

  11. kamala Reply

    from 8 March
    “Her name is: Celita 🙂 Apparently it means “A little piece of Heaven” in Spanish 🙂
    Wow! [Celita],
    Pranada & I was watching this film the day before night!
    What a sinchronicity
    Today we have GS, & enemaaaaa de café☆
    deep cleanse of energy, & brain…
    too much energy☆〜K

  12. Reiko Oki Reply

    Beloved Anubuddha and Anasha

    I started “Water-only” Fast” on Thursday,7th.
    Since I had work on Thursday, Friday, Saturday, I thought I finished “Water-only” Fast” for only Thursday.
    But my stomach began to say “ I don’t want to eat!!!”
    So I continued “Water-only” Fast” for 4days.
    I’m having a terrible stomach pain, backache.
    I gave myself moxibustion, acupuncture ,aromatherapy massage that allow pain relief.
    I sleep 11hours a day, and lost 4kiros (which is my best weight)since I began water-only fast.
    I’m going to move to ”Green Smoothie Cleanse” from now,
    for tomorrow’s work.
    I was surprised that my stomach had been so tired.
    I find that my mind is very quiet when I don’t eat.
    I’m looking forward to watching how my body changes!
    Thank you very much for this wonderful opportunity!
    Love Reiko from Japan

    • anubuddha Post authorReply

      Hi Reiko
      As i have said clearly, I would never recommend to water fast while working, you are damaging your body if you do so, fasting means a total rest from food, excitements, stimulations, so the body can repair itself. Smoothies or even vegetable juice only is different.you can function. Bad back and stomach are a sign of tensions, and acidity in the stomach and joints, but what kind of pain you have in the stomach ? is it getting better with green smoothies ? let me know please and i wish you the best… lots of love…. anasha

    • anubuddha Post authorReply

      Hi Reiko
      As i have said clearly, I would never recommend to water fast while working, you are damaging your body if you do so, fasting means a total rest from food, excitements, stimulations, so the body can repair itself. Smoothies or even vegetable juice only is different.you can function. Bad back and stomach are a sign of tensions, and acidity in the stomach and joints, but what kind of pain you have in the stomach ? is it getting better with green smoothies ? let me know please and i wish you the best… lots of love…. anasha

  13. Reiko Oki Reply

    Hi anasha

    Thank you very much for the reply.
    When i get up this morning, i feel good!!!
    i feel very clear and open!
    No pain in stomach and back.
    i understand i damaged my body .
    i really sorry for my body!!!
    i will enjoy Smoothies!
    Thank you !!!

    Love reiko

  14. gema Reply

    Maravillosa la música de Peter makena, la mejor compañia para estos dias de conciencia y limpieza. Finalmente me decidí a hacer unos dias de ayuno. He empezado por dejar atrás sal, azúcar.. y sobre todo por sentir que todo lo que entra en mi cuerpo termina formando parte de mi. Yo puedo decidir y de esta simple afirmación se desprenden tantas cosas..quinoa, amaranto, fruta, frutos secos, caldo y verduras al vapor o crudas, estaré asi unos dias y después batidos verdes y jugos. Haré también una limpieza de colón (¡mi primera vez!) y si todo va tranquilo y en armonia me gustaría al menos 1 dia de ayuno con agua. Gracias desde aquí a Pranada por su tiempo y su guia.
    Un fuerte abrazo, me siento hoy acompañada en el camino…


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