Your Glands… the inner key to cosmic energy and rejuvenation

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Are you enjoying + participating with your body, mind, heart, and soul in this ARUN~ 21 Day “Buddha Bone/ Buddha Eye/ Green Juice Experience”?!?    We get a lot of great feedback from many of you, and we send you a lot of support for your spiritual sadhana.  You will only benefit from these days relative to the energy you put into yourself and the expansion of your love and awareness.  I am pretty amazed how my own skeleton, inner witnessing, heart, and my Chakra awareness can thrive and keep opening into new levels of unity with all the strong energies and challenges that are all around me… so much is happening on so many levels simultaneously.  Being 60 in 2012 is very colorful and musical for me, that’s for sure!
Anasha has prepared some juicy info for you all today, about a part of the Human Energy-Field that i personally love immensely~ our mysterious Glandular System.  With all of your physical, mental, and emotional activities and inter-actions, keep raising the vibrations and awareness of your glands, bones, and the “witness” of your whole divine life.
The Glands:   The Glands are all located in the vicinity of the Chakras… they are all very physical, but they are also “energy centers” and distributors.  Their importance and value can not be over-emphasized.  Unless we keep our Glands young and responsive, we ourselves can not expect to stay or become younger.                                          
We have in our body many glands.  Some of them are changing the substances they are receiving … So they act as a filter where particles go through them and get cleaned out.  The Liver and the Kidneys belong to this category.
Then, we have the glands that secrete substances… they form the “Endocrine System”.  They are very “subtly” fine-tuned and control the proper functioning of the Human Energy-field.   They produce “hormones” which are secreted into the blood stream without any outlet such as a duct leading from the gland.  We have 8 Endocrine Glands~ the Pineal, Pituitary, Thyroid, Parathyroids, Thymus, Pancreas, Adrenals, and the Sex glands group.  {Some of the glands are singular, and some are paired}.  Each Gland is equally important to the Whole, and they are all minutely inter-connected.  
We feel that few people really understand the Glands in the way that Dr Norman Walker, Dr Randolph Stone, Dr John Upledger, Dr Andrew Still, Dr William Sutherland, Dr Otoman Z-A Hanish, Osho have understood and shared.   They are what i would call “Mystic Scientists”, and we thank them for their deep clarity and insights.  This is a quote from Dr Walker about the delicate inter-connections between the glands:  “If a glandular dysfunction becomes manifest, and we try to correct it of itself {through drugs or surgery}, without at one and the same time balancing the remedy to include some help for the rest of the glands, we may start a chain of reactions which may sooner or later throw our whole system out of order”.
Higher Consciousness depends on the third of the great inner systems which govern and control Life, and that is the Glandular System.  The power for the Nervous System lies in the Breath… the Heart and Circulatory System distributes body energies, and the Brain reveals us the treasures of our own Nature.   So there is a connection between brain + glands… the healthy glandular system reinforce the functions of body organs and brain activity.
The Pineal Gland~    is VERY CONNECTED to our higher, spiritual self.   {“Google” will give you lots of informations on the subject, also on how to activate it}.  In co-operation, Pineal gland is involved with the Pituitary gland in the activities of the brain such as memory, judgement, contemplation, inner sight.   To activate your sensitivity of these glands, you may simply bring the awareness of your Breath there and feel the expansion with the IN-Breath… and you can add a visualization of Light while you are breathing in… feeling vastness + Light… the Colors could be violet or White.
The Pineal Gland has a “cone-shape” structure and this symbol has been found in NUMEROUS Sacred sites around the Earth~ even in the Vatican!  It ‘could’ secrete the hormone Melatonin, but it is only suspected.  In conjunction with the Adrenal gland, it effects skin pigmentation, helps with potassium and sodium levels, controls one’s mental stability and also controls mental and sexual growth.
The activities and vibrations of the Pineal gland depend upon the spiritual plane on which you live.  If you are on “higher spiritual planes”, the vibrations have an uplifting influence… if not, you will not be able to profit of its beneficial influence in conjunction with the 3rd Eye.  The Pineal gland links the physical body with the other side… it is the seat of the mystical 3rd Eye.  The 3rd Eye, via the Pineal gland controls the attributes and functions of “clairaudience”, “sentience”, “clairvoyance”, “telepathy”, “the 6th Sense”, etc.  It is also the “exit” for the Soul from the Body during sleep and death.
The Pituitary Gland~ is a lump of tissues, at the base of the Brain, a short distance behind the root of the nose… nestled in the “saddle of the Sphenoid bone”.  It is the size of a pea, and it controls and reveals our thinking and the 5 senses in their elementary stages.  It sustains us in all of our physical and intellectual endeavors.  
For a good functioning Pituitary gland~ roll your head, without forcing… the movement becomes rounder and rounder and rounder… touch the chest with the chin, then sing.  Touch your neck with your fingers, rub, roll, press, tap, until you get past the ears.  “Humming” is also very good, because every system has a vibrational center… a point from which vibrations extend.  
Roll your tongue as if you were about to swallow it.  That creates saliva, which lubricates… this will be distributed to all the basic brain.
The vocal~   “I”    “N”
Yoga asanas~ the plough, spinal twists, cobra…
The Thymus Gland~  “the nurturing gland of the Heart”.
The Thymus is a glandular body located near the base of the neck.  It tends to degenerate or grow imperfect when a person approaches middle age.
All understanding is dependant upon the degree of development of the Thymus… understanding coming from a “knowing” from the inside.   To recharge it, we need to exercise the upper part of the body chest + upper arms.
“Hit” the upper part of your chest gently, then harder, harder without causing pain… do it with relaxed wrists.  This gland can be awakened through vibrations, manipulation, massage, rotation, pounding.  When we vibrate in a circular motion, with finger tips, we rotate.  “It would take 9 months of daily exercise to awaken it”~ Dr Otoman Z-A Hanish
Vocal:  “O”
With a well functioning Thymus, the concept of “Love thy neighbor as thyself” is easily applicable.
A diet of fruits, veggies, grains is beneficial as no weight i=should be put on any of the Glands
Helpful Yoga asanas~ 1/2 Locust… Bow
The Adrenals~  the fire-power glands.
Placed where the strength center of the body is established, the Adrenal glands are closely connected with the circulatory + nervous systems.  If the Adrenal glands are removed from the body death happens.  The secretion of the gland is injected into the heart of a dying patient.
The Adrenals are as big as the end of one’s finger.  They are called the “glands of combat” because in fear, outrage, emergency situation, the glands secrete a high powered fluid {adrenaline} into the bloodstream.  They are situated above the Kidneys.   They are not responding to treatments such as exercise or diet… they are susceptible to vibrations, music, color, or the “magic touch of hands well magnetized”.- Dr Hanish
Vocal: “U” – “M”
The adrenals react strongly to negative thoughts + beliefs
They need to be stirred
The 1/2 Locust and Bridge asanas are touching and benefitting the adrenal glands… when we breathe freely
Thyroids~   Keyboard of the Body
The pressure of energy in the cells and the mobility of that energy is controlled by the Thyroids.  It is a horse-shoe shaped structure  which lies at the base of the Neck, in the throat area.  It expels a hormone, “thyroxine”, which regulates the metabolism.  The Thyroids has for its mission the bringing about of harmony and unity.  It is the last gland to go… and it perpetuates cellular life.  It also controls the blood!
It regulates the “iodine” concentration of the blood… a lack of iodine will cause the enlargement of the Thyroid gland or goiter.  The Thyroid secretion is the controller of the “speed of living”.
Consistent Yoga asanas regulates the Thyroid  {plough, shoulder stand, cobra, 1/2 locust, Bow}
“Arica” style hand, arm, shoulder movements are also very helpful… plus any movements where the shoulder blades are in play… like touching both hands behind back, in a relaxed way
Self touch~ rotation with the middle finger
Take a very fine brush like for shaving or make-up… oil it, not dripping… then brush the area up and down, or use the fingers like feathers.
Vocal:   “I”
Gonads~ the Key of Life
The Gonads contain the pro-creative life substance, and the ability to regenerate the body.  The Sexual Glands {ovaries, testicles, prostate}, in both men + women contain the creative life-substance which feeds ALL THE OTHER GLANDS.
We will benefit if we rotate the gonadial region by brushing and oiling along the groins, pelvis buttocks, along the sciatic nerve…  include Gourishankar {1st part}, or also 8:4:8:4 or 7-7 Pranayama before brushing
How to stimulate the internal secretions in order to supply the system with fluids necessary to regenerate the circulatory or nervous system?  We use “frotation”… it is not pressure, it is a soft-caressing motion.
Vocal~  “U”   “F”  “L”
Yoga asana~    spinal twists, shoulder stand, Bridge
Pineal Gland, a little more~  Light of the Body, or Epiphysis
It is of reddish color, the size of a small pea… buried deep within the lobes of the mid-Brain.
We are related to God, Existence, Universe, Eternity through the “epiphysis”… this gland serves as a monitor or regulator for the operation of the Brain and all the other glands.
It is a “wireless” receiving station for thought emanating from the beyond.   It brings “color” into our lives… it is the SUN of the whole system.  Our Pineal vibrates continuously.
It is funnel shaped, with the large end of the funnel at the crown of the head, where our fontanelle is.  It is like a camera obscura…it works itself round into the brain and the entire body through the spinal cord, which is the transmitter.
Vocal:  “U”  “A”  “OHM”
We will leave you with a great body of research by my very favorite source of inspiration for Glandular Awareness~  Dr Otoman Z-A Hanish, an amazing Persian doctor and mystic.  He has been in our lives since 1989.

Keep your love-light burning bright…. smiles and love,   Anubuddha + Anasha

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