ARUN Conscious Touch Experience

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Date(s) - 07/06/2018 - 10/06/2018

Jonathan Seminarhotel

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Venue: Jonathan Seminar House, Chiemsee, Germany
Contact: Pujarin

The ARUN Vision observes and teaches that “All Life moves through Touch”, and that we all are essentially “Touching Beings”.

With this background, ARUN Conscious Touch becomes a moment to moment experience of giving and receiving…
an organic Circle of Love and Awareness that transforms stuck, unhealthy, and dense energy into free-flowing health and light inside.

Experience that your Body is the greatest miracle in all of Existence,
and that you are actually a “Vibrating Bio-Electro Magnetic Field of Energy, infused with Consciousness”.

You learn how to share this gift with family, friends, and clients
in a meaningful way.

With relaxed, fun demonstrations and guided meditative healing sessions, you will learn to utilize the full-spectrum of Healing Touches:
From very light, unmoving and soft to gentle motions and rocking vibrations-to sensitive, deep pressures- to mild and deep stretches-
all of this will be taught and experienced in this Life Transforming Gathering.

This Meditative Healing Retreat is suitable for all levels of experience in the Healing Arts, Yoga, Dance, and Meditation.

It will also start you on the Path of Understanding Vibrant Health in all dimensions of your Life- from breathing, to eating, to moving with awareness and grace, to detoxifying and regenerating unhealthy tissues, to deep relaxation, let-go and Meditation.

The miracle and mystery of our Human Energy-field needs to be loved… and we need to bring great awareness and appreciation
to all the natural functionings of our Body, Mind, Emotions, and Spirit.

Through ARUN Conscious Touch we learn to touch with much more than our hands!

We experience and we share the loving, mystical Touch of Meditation