ARUN Conscious Touch Professional Training- Level One

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Date(s) - 10/06/2020 - 14/06/2020
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Osho Nazca Music Center- Portugal

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The ARUN Vision observes and teaches that “All Life moves through Touch”, and that we all are essentially “Touching Beings”.

With this background, ARUN Conscious Touch becomes a moment to moment experience of giving and receiving… an organic Circle of Love and Awareness that transforms stuck, unhealthy, and dense energy into free-flowing health and light inside.

Experience that your Body is the greatest miracle in all of Existence, and that you are actually a “Vibrating Bio-Electro Magnetic Field of Energy, infused with Consciousness”.

You learn how to share this gift with family, friends, and clients in a meaningful way.

With relaxed, fun demonstrations and guided meditative healing sessions, you will learn to utilize the full-spectrum of Healing Touches: from very light, unmoving and soft- to gentle motions and rocking vibrations- to sensitive, deep pressures- to mild and deep stretches.

Through ARUN Conscious Touch we learn to touch with much more than our hands! We experience and we share the loving, mystical Touch of Meditation.

Training Level One : 350€
Food and Accommodation in shared rooms: 250€
(Single room: 50€ extra)

From experience and closeness, we create an intimate and loving space to approach the body and integrate touch and meditation so true to its origins. In workshops and courses we share Osho active meditations as well as experiential anatomy guided exercises that allow participants to understand and appreciate the value and beauty of “watch inside” and be oneself without trying to change anything. We develop our innate ability to touch and be touched without expectations, judgments or comparisons, allowing us to open ourselves to feel in a relax way and make a learning out of this experience… in other words Arun Conscious Touch has the potential to transform lives, and in this unique way become able to appreciate the beauty of “watch inside” and meet ourselves with the silence of the heart.

• Expansion of breathing.
• Ability to observe mind, emotions, sensations and feelings.
• Harmonisation of inner energetic anatomy.
• Reconnecting with our own body.
• Pain releasing.

These are some of the qualities that an Arun session can provide… And the joy of living….

“A good ARUN professional has a tremendous love and gratitude for the mystery of his/her own body and inner consciousness. They learn how to feel directly “in this moment” the touch- without judging, analyzing, expecting, or comparing. Touching with the attitude of “Tathata” or unconditional acceptance, the natural life in the body and he/she has learned how to use their touch in a safe, intimate way that helps the bodymind relax, and the inner awareness expand”.

Anubuddha y AnashaThis past year, Anubuddha and Anasha have begun a new phase of their ARUN Academy which they call “ARUN Medicine Buddha”. It is bringing everything they are passionate and what they share into one, organic unity- Conscious Touch, Yoga, Breath of Meditation, Healing, Regenerative Detoxification, Hara awareness, Electro-magnetic energy line flow, Chua Ka, Mindfulness, Freedom from Pain, and more… Their quest is to help people become free of the modern medical/psychological realms, and learn how to not only be vibrantly healthy in your physical health, mental health, heart chakra health… also to be able to access the source of our inner Consciousness. All of this in simple, practical ways for yourself, and then how to share this treasure with your loved ones and clients.

To live as a Medicine Buddha is a very rich and multi-dimensional understanding of the Human Energy Field and Consciousness, with many branches encompassing every aspect of Life. It is the meeting of authentic Yoga, Witnessing, and the Healing Arts. Are you ready to join Anubuddha and Anasha on this wonderful 5 day Medicine Buddha Retreat?

6 thoughts on “ARUN Conscious Touch Professional Training- Level One

  1. Lisset Uribe Reply

    Hello, I am interesting to join Annubuddha and Natasha in their ARUN Medicine Buddha retreat in the Netherlands,I wil have more information about it.


  2. Odile Goffart Reply


    I would like to have more info on level 1 training in Portugal. Thanks a lot.

    I am currently following a conventional massage training program here in Belgium, where I intend to work professionally in wellness centers.

    I would like to develop my sensitivity and presence while massaging aswell.

    Your website and videos are looking great, I like what you’re sharing.


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