ARUN Medicine Buddha Shamanic Healing Inner Vision Quest ~ in Vilcabamba, Ecuador

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Date(s) - 18/01/2020 - 31/01/2020
All Day

Vilcabamba, Ecuador

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Anasha and Anubuddha are “So Glad” to invite you to this “new Vision” of the “ARUN Conscious Touch Medicine Buddha”where Meditation, Love, & Natural Healing breathe together as one, organic unity.

     The themes and insights will be multi-dimensional: We want to give everyone a deep experience of Detoxification and Regeneration of the Human Energy-field on multiple levels- physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually- our totality is one, organic unity. We actually have 5 inter vibrating bodies or “koshas”, and each one is essential for “the Medicine Buddha”. At the same time, we want everyone to grow into being their own Medicine Buddha – this means that we will teach how to thrive in all ways “without the modern medical and pharmaceutical industry”, and “become your own Doctor”. To do this, we need to “return to Nature and the in-built Wisdom of the Body” as the great Healer. In essence, WE ARE NATURE– but modern society and its toxic ways have created an “unnatural disconnect” with our essential being.   To remember who we really are and remove the filters, we need to deeply investigate the inner functionings of the Body… living rooted in the The Breath of Meditation, Compassion, and our inner Witnessing is the Master key. With this awareness and love, helping others heal and flower becomes easy.
We want to experience and live what Osho other Enlightened Ones declare is our essential Nature: “All Beings are from the very beginning Buddhas”.

    In this colorful tapestry of  “ARUN Medicine Buddha Shamanic Healing Journey” we will weave together all of these “essence threads” of wisdom, skill, Love, and natural healing principles:

*   Satsang with the Body… “Be Still and Know” 

*   Inner secrets of our “Vibrating Electro-magnetic Human Energy-field”

*   An Osho Meditation Retreat experience… daily active and silent meditations. 

*   ARUN Movement Awareness (AMA)… daily Yoga & Breath of Meditation guided experiences.

*   Deep secrets of “Regenerative Detoxification” with Anasha

*   3 days fast, juicing, fruits, raw food cleansing and rejuvenating diet… 

*   ”Let food by thy medicine, and let medicine be thy food”- Hippocrates

*   Deep cellular Cleansing for all diseases- the importance of our interstitial fluids, the “great Lymphatic System” and  “real Kidney filtration”… Wisdom of Dr Robert Morse and Arnold Ehret

*   Natural herbal and health tonic remedy tips for Glands, Organs, and tissues with Anasha 

*   ARUN Conscious Touch- essential keys of healing and aligning the Human Energy-field…

*   “Breath of Meditation”  principles of watching the Breath-  using touch, stretching, & sound vibrations… and discovering your Natural rhythm

*   “Chua K’a”- psycho-physical healing meditation through Self-massage

*   Buddhist energetic inner anatomy, 5 Koshas, & the Psychology of the Buddhas

*   Amazing organic food plus lively instruction in delicious Raw food prep with Master Chefs “Antonio & Marli” 

 *** special added bonus: for those interested in learning more about preparing super healthy, medicinal, cleansing, and delicious raw-living foods back at home, Antonio and Marli will be offering a few extra special classes, just after the Retreat. They are amazing teachers, and easy to learn with. And anyway, during the ARUN Training you will learn a lot of valuable info on detox and food from them and Anasha.

*   Shamanic wisdom~ Quero Indian “Despacho” and a Temascal (Sweat Lodge with healing songs) guided by a native Shaman in magical settings

*   Swimming pool, dry herbal and steam saunas on site… Nature walks along the river

*   What we mean by becoming your own “ARUN Medicine Buddha”… and the freedom and joy this awareness brings

New ARUN Medicine Buddhas” will also be prepared in how to share these keys with friends and clients… the Osho Meditations, the ARUN Yoga, the Breath of Meditation, the Conscious Touches… and how to prepare incredibly delicious and healthy food for yourself, your family, and friends. Also, the essential keys to detoxification for yourself and others.

 Booking & Payment:  Cost is $1440. all included (discounts for couples and friends under 25). It is important that you keep in touch, as many logistics go into our preparations here. Let us know when you are sure when you are coming. A $300. deposit is needed to secure your reservation.

Venue:   Rivera Chamba” by the river in Vilcabamba

Arrival/Departure:  To begin our “ARUN Medicine Buddha Shamanic Healing Journey”,  you/we check-in “Rivera Chamba” (Vilcabamba) on the 18th January, after lunch.  We will share a divine dinner prepared by Master Chefs Antonio & Marli!  The Retreat begins the next morning (19th) and finishes 30th with a Party. We check-out after breakfast on the 31st.
*** It is possible to stay longer in Rivera Chamba- for sure staying in Vilcabamba in inexpensive, beautiful, and easy.

*** If flying from Europe, we recommend coming a couple of days early, to acclimate to the time difference, and to Ecuador. If you do arrive a little early, or stay after, we have 2 dear ARUN friends here Sumana & Jacqueline (she owns the popular Hostal El Paraiso) who can help a lot with lodging, day trips (hiking/horseback, plus…) travel in South America, local sweat lodges, meditation & yoga/dance gatherings, etc. Let us know what you are interested in. We also know and respect a beautiful native Shaman who is experienced in guiding plant medicine journeys.

Friends~ The spaces are limited.
It feels like the ARUN Medicine Buddha Training is filling fast, with great people!    When you respond to this calling, I will write back with more details about traveling tips, La Rivera Chamba, and what to bring, how to prepare, etc.

Once again, we’re thrilled to announce this “Medicine Buddha Healing Journey” … it will be a very inspiring, healthy, learning, and transforming time for us all- illuminating on many levels of our Being. Join us on this“ARUN  Shamanic Vision Quest”… the ancient “Sacred Valley of Vilcabamba” is calling you now!


Bookings are closed for this event.