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  1. anasha sagt:

    hi everyone
    Sumana, i know what you mean, and those little victories over habits and mind set patterns can be soooooo gratifying…. and a proof that fears are not real !!!!!!!!!
    entonces, enhora buena sumana
    Sumana is our spanish organizer her name is also Concha but she took Sannyas in august.
    please everyone you can also write in your own language and the personal questions i will answer in your language and will translate it to Buddha, so let’s have a smoothie, prost, salud, sante, cheers

  2. anasha sagt:

    and love and courage to you all.

  3. Es una pena no poder colgar fotos. Tengo la mesa de la cocina que parece un bodegón de Caravaggio.
    Fuerza Sumana, lo mas difícíl es empezar. Y están de ricos, ñam, ñam

  4. Basera sagt:

    Beloved Anasha & Anubuddha,
    since yesterday I´m drinking the green smoothies with Abha. Yesterday afternoon I had a little headache…but playing at the evening meditation became hard…I almost fainted and I felt so sick. Coming home I had to eat a banana and a few watersoaked fiques…after 5 minutes I felt much better. Headache and the feeling of “having to puke” disappeared. In the morning I felt very very happy…lost already 2 Kilo´s 🙂
    that´s a great success:) Today morning we prepared a Kiwi-orange- salad smoothie…very tasty. Now we´re dringking the Avocado, cucumber, dill, parsley, lemon one. The veggie smoothies don´t flow down my throat so easyly…for me it´s more easy with the fruits. Sometimes I have to eat (or at least i think i have to eat a banana…bcause of the sugar?) Still I´m very ambitious to do at least 3 days. It will be too good for my body…so I continue (losing Kilos)…It helps a lot to see, that there are so many friends doing the same experiment. Looking very much forward to see you. Lots of love to you !!!

    • anubuddha sagt:

      hi Basera… sounds interesting Keep going… and remember- you don’t need to eat veggies soups. Anasha gave it as a help to people if they felt it was too much fruit. Re-read the mails that Anasha sent last week….
      sounds great and Anasha says be sure you don’t get hungry! Eat before you feel weak or faint… and to have a headache or to feel nauseous can happen, but it will pass- don’t worry. 3 days is great, but 5 or 7 even better!

  5. anasha sagt:

    Carlotta, from Italy wrote… Sept. 19… 4pm

    Beloved Anasha and friends in the path of cleaning…
    this is the second day for myself and my family.
    YES, my parter and children (2 girls of 8 and 15) were so nice to join me in this experiment (maybe ’cause they know I would have had too hard time being alone at home with it)
    anyway, honestly, for me, so far it’s a bit of a nightmare.
    So i said to myself, one day after the other, and no goal for the 7 days all, too much pressure for me.
    I mean, smoothies are good, very good, but I miss something that keeps me up.
    I feel very low energy in the body, no power to do my everyday things, no desire to move at all.
    Maybe I’m too intoxicated or I’m doing something wrong!
    I have a very bitter taste in my mouth, I go pee all the time and I feel disgusted from anything that have a sweet taste.
    I eat a lot of salad for the need of chewing.
    I feel the desire of something salted and spicy and I don’t really understand what is the real need of my body.
    Thanks for all you sharing.
    I’ll let you know how things are going in Maremma for the 4 of us.
    Baci belli a tutti

    hi Beloved Carlotta, what to say?!? These are all signs and
    signals of “de-tox”. Hang in there, it’s gonna get better. Make a
    veggie soup/ smoothie when you want more salty taste (add a little
    cayenne or curry powder for spices). And in between eat cucumbers,
    tomatoes, celery sticks (eating them). And to remind you- wait one
    hour after smoothie before eating fruits or veggies.
    Make sure you get enough calories, so you don’t feel faint.
    Relax… don’t be afraid, and we will write more to you later. You’re
    doing great! And if you need to rest, rest and take it easy. A warm
    hug across the sea from Spain, Anasha and Anubuddha

  6. anubuddha sagt:

    hola anasha! aqui sumana inmersa en los batidos verdes….una preguntita:
    En caso de sentir hambre ¿recomiendas tomar frutos secos como almendras y nueces(antes remojados en agua) entre los batidos(respetando un hora entre medio) o seria mejor mezclarlos y triturarlos en los batidos…o mejor no tomarlos?
    Se que las frutas secas como orejones, datiles..si que los recomendabas pero me venia la duda con los frutos como almendras, nueces, avellanas…?
    Mil gracias por todo el APOYO y seguimos conectadas, besiños

    Anasha Droxler Sun, Sep 19, 2010 at 3:49 PM
    To: concha lloret

    Hola Sumana…. no frutos secos, solamente frutas secas (y siempre en
    remojo) Muy bien, Anasha

  7. Vira sagt:

    Hello to all! Ha! I just mastered one of the hardest exercises for me to imagine. It’s to sit next to Prem who enjoyed greatly his fresh plumcake..my God it smelled really heavenly good, but I kept on slurping my green baby spinach, banana, apple drink… and felt actually -content!! And even happy for him. You have to know that fresh plumcake is my absolute favourite ….really – I can get so dramatic about it… but a cake is a cake and only a cake in the end. I knew it would have been silly to taste only one little innocent yummi plum…as desire never ends-except I end it.

    Yesterday I prepared too little smoothie to take with and was out all day working in sessions and yoga -so I became hungry and a bit stressed and grumpy……I need to REMEMBER that I need to organize this fooddrink. I know I can be sloppy here and simply ignore the fact that I need to go shopping etc.
    Today we had a great walk in the Eifel and I found a lot of Löwenzahn. Interesting to pick your dinner from the ground…haven’t done this for a while. I am happy if people write their favourite recepies… if anyone need this in translation let me know!! Love, and stay smooth.
    AND:Thanks to the guys to organize this page!! Great!!

  8. Mirjam sagt:

    I really feel supported, knowing everybody doing the same experiment!
    And THANK YOU for this page.
    I `m feeling really good, very light, no hunger – that was my biggest fear, only some fantasies about chocolate and cheese bread…etc.
    Especially my digestion system seems to be very happy about this break…even my back… (I`m suffering sometimes quite bad backpain since 8 months) But I will see, couldn`t believe it…;-)
    Tomorrow the first day with work…I hope it will be ok!
    Looking forward to see you all!

    Hi Vira,
    I really can understand this with the plumcake, I did some with my mother on friday and was so happy the experiment starts on saturday!
    One of my favorite is “Brombeeren” (I don`t know the english word) with parsley.

    • anubuddha sagt:

      Hi Mirjam, great sharing you did… yes, many chronic aches and pains will become less. I just did yoga, and it feels amazing when the inner body is so light and un-congested. Make sure you take 2 liters of Green Smoothies to work, and a few fruits. But you will be fine at work, and you will be there with “fresh eyes”. love from me and Anasha

  9. kamala sagt:

    Hola loves
    2nd day of smoothies week.
    I have more Fun & Easyness.
    1st day I did water enema so for me was intense,
    pero, Today I have lots energy & getting sensitive for all sences.
    I feel that I close to be the LIGHT
    with love & light Kamala

  10. Monica Tanmaya sagt:

    Hi amores…
    48h green smoothie…
    step by step…
    looking inside …
    and we go for more…
    con amor…

  11. Monica Priya sagt:

    Hi everybody 😉

    ich konnte erst gestern “starten”, da ich am Samstag in Belgien war und nicht an die vorherige Zubereitung gedacht habe … Habe den ersten Tag mit einigen Stunden Neptunbad einstimmen lassen. Da ich in meinem Alltag schon immer smoothies eingebaut habe, fällt mir die Umstellung nicht so schwer. Das einzige bei mir ist im Moment, dass ich (siehe Gautam) meinen Cappuchino, Espresso … vermisse und ich heute auch Kopfschmerzen habe. Ich werde jetzt in die Natur gehen und die Zeit mit Hund und Pferden verbringen. Heute muss ich nämlich nicht zur Arbeit. Das macht es mir auch leichter. Den Austausch hier im net finde ich total unterstützend. Ich finde mich dann hier und dort wieder und fühle mich nicht allein bei dieser Sache. Also für ALLE: Tag für Tag neu entscheiden 😉 Alles Liebe Monica Priya

  12. Sumana sagt:

    Hi everybody!!
    I feel calmer and i can feel a different quality on my energy field…not easy putting words but i guess i could say it is a “cleaner energy ” 🙂 my eyes are definately brighter..it is nice starting to feel some effects at different levels…i enjoy not having to spend that much time cooking…then i get more time for lovely nap (“la siesta” is very spanish)… my only “worry”is about not loosing weight so i am keeping an eye on it!! well friends happy cleaning !!! and many smiles and love to you all!

  13. pujarin sagt:

    Here comes a Nachzügler. Today was my first day, but already the days before my body seemed to come much more into my awareness and i´m looking foreward to this experience. Anashas encouragements are very helpfull for me and also the “familiy feeling” with all of you. And… Munich is warm and sunny at the moment which definitely supports me a lot.

  14. anasha sagt:

    i hope you are all ok, you may feel some minor detox, but if you can simply hang out there, this too will pass.
    it is naturally very easy for me as i eat raw food and have done lots of detox before but i remember how it is when you do this for the 1st time and the fear that is there , the no trust in the body, but remember that your body has an innate intelligence, and it knows exactly what to do if left alone.
    you will maybe need less sleep. It is normal as the body does not need to bring so much energy for digestion, this energy become available to you, and you may have more dreams, clearer than otherwise, you may be more emotional or calmer, i invite you all to keep using this blog to share your experiences and receipes,
    good night …..anasha

  15. Vira sagt:

    Good morning smoothieland!!

    Woke up , again much earlier than usual, again 1st thing: toilet, then I almost fainted: red pee. Kidney infection – Inner bleeding – Death now here near???

    Then counting and realizing that it was just about time.. and this time & 1st time since a decade WITHOUT pain & painkillers, cramps, swelling in breasts, tension, tiredness, big moods, fights with boyfriend or being fed up with it all..a period can be quiet & smooth? She walked in lightly on supersoft soles…So silent I did not feel her coming at all. Unbelievable.

    Time for Ananas and Romanamix. Yes o yes. Have a beautiful day, friends!!

  16. Mirjam sagt:

    Hi everybody, how are you doing?
    Yesterday, 3rd day was a bit hard for me, because i felt really hungry around lunch time. But I came over it, yes,yes,yes!
    I had a little headache, i think is because I`m not drinking enough water, hardly 1 liter, I`m not thirsty because of the smoothis.
    And digestion (sorry, that i have to talk about this..;-)..all my life I had softer digestion than normal and now…I can`t go to the toilet since 2 days. I´m not suffering, but it`s interesting how it goes on.
    Today I´m much more easy and there is a silent joy in my heart and a good feeling of “letting g0”!

    I`m very sorry, but I can`t come to the GREEN SMOOTHIE YOGA. I wish you all nice stretches!

  17. anasha sagt:

    hello Beloveds of my heart.
    thank you to all of you to allow me to share my passion. I am deeply touched.
    So to Vira 1st.
    many women to went into raw food or high raw, report that the PMS symptoms stop or menopause also.
    i suspect that the grains have a big part on those symptoms.
    so generally after a cleanse i would keep one meal as a green smoothie and leave the gluten grains out of my diet, that means you can still enjoy rice, quinoa, amaranth…and also so funny to see the mind, how the 1st thing Vira is thinking is : something is wrong in my body, which is a tendency to have when doing cleanses.
    It took me a long time to let go of fear while doing a cleanse, always thinking something could go wrong, now i have really relaxed and know that my body has a supreme intelligence that is beyond my mind .
    now to Mirjam:
    so yes, drink water, i always drink 3 big glasses 1st thing in the morning, the 1st glass is lemon water, 0,5 or i lemon depending on size with hot water, followed by 2 glasses of water, and during the day i repeat 2 times one glass.
    also you have less bulk in the body than usual so it could reduce the amount of stools.
    so drink more and move, i always notice that after a walk i shit better!!!!!
    tell me if it works or not and also enemas are a good thing to do if you know how to do it, i will teach us in October how to do it and tell us about the benefits of it and if you have money a colonic is good, Vira knows where to do it.
    thank you for sharing and your courage Mirjam and i hug you tight and send you many kisses and i blow rose petals in your direction

  18. kamala sagt:

    I think this is the right place to write comment?
    well Pranada & I are so impatient!
    We have lots quarrel, & it’s pass only in the moment.
    4th day of smoothies week,
    Detoxification from all the direction.
    It’s not bad & intense.
    love kamala

  19. Basera sagt:

    Hello Smoothieacs!
    Yes the 4th day of the green Smoothie expierience is almost over. I must say, that i still prefer the fruit smoothies and mix them with some salad, baby spinach, etc…
    Today evening Abha was preparing an amazing veggie smoothie for herself…I prefered to chew on the same veggies and blend them with my teeth.
    I feel really good doing this experiment. Abha, Lily and i take long walks during the day. The coloured autumn leaves seem to have even more colour.
    But….since 2 days i cannot find my way to the toilet…how to say…peeing yes…but no “poo-poo” (as Lily would say) 🙂
    Let´s see what happens…
    …as we all know…shit happens 🙂


  20. anasha sagt:

    Basera Schatzie
    well yes you can do it, no problem, as if you would have a salad but without dressing.
    and you do not want to do 2 more days????????
    you came so far, think about it.
    tell Abha that she really does not need to worry about protein, the spirulina contains enough and i told her today in one post to also have almond or hemp seed milk if it is necessary or better, blend it with her veggies smoothie.less work and no need to use a milk bag.
    so schlaf schon and an angel kiss for Lily Abha and you

    • Basera sagt:

      Dear Anasha, Dear Anubuddha! We are feeling so good…it´s impossible not to complete the 7 days! Thank you for being there all the time for questions and support.
      2 questions from Abha: What about taking gelee royal? I expierience my teeth hurting a bit from the fruits (the acid?) it´s unpleasent to brush them. Can I take some Calcium?
      A lot of warm huggies to all smoothiacs 🙂 🙂 🙂 from Abha, Basera & Lily

  21. anasha sagt:

    Wahhhhhhh, i am soooo happy and it will be soooooooooooooo goooooooooooood for you.
    gelee royale ::::::::yes, yes, yes, the best time: with an empty stomach for better assimilation.
    no, do not take calcium as the body will not assimilate it properly better you rince your teeth after each smoothie or better brush if you are home, if you need more minerals there is a way to take liquid minerals that the body will assimilate better.
    also some people reports similar things with their teeth, it may be a good time to also check the health of your teeth, do not forget to get a cleaning 2 a year, floss, brush and always with a good toothpaste, not the one with added fluoride.
    anyway big hugs to you 3 from us
    eh Basera what is Raj up to??? he is tooo quiet, !!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Basera sagt:

      Beloveds, Raj told me that he´s working a lot…guess he´s doing the smoothies another time. Thank you for the answer. Just 2 more days to go………….ah something I have to share. We just played the Satsang Meditation in Uta. Since long I didn´t feel so calm and relaxed. Just amazing what the greens can do. I feel less nervous, sweat less, the mind doesn´t produce so many thoughts. I´m a bit afraid to lose this state….but…we´ll see….so far so good:)

  22. Gautam sagt:

    Hi everyone
    I feel great!
    In this moment I’m eating my first Green Smoothie WITHOUT any fruits!
    But I’m eating a lot of fruits during the day…
    I’m trying not to eat to much Bananas, but like Basera, I have allways one Banana with me…

    Yesterday I went to Viras Yogalesson. It was so nice, so slow and deep…

    Thank you Vira!

    Hope everyone is fine.

    PS: It’s so much fun to write in english…
    I hope everyone can understand my words.

  23. Mirjam sagt:

    Hi everybody from Green Smoothie Land!
    5 days, I`m so proud!!! I couldn`t really imagine it. And I´m fine!

    Tja, digestion is a little better. I don`t know how to do enema by myself. I did it with the patients, when I was working as a nurse, but doing it by myself…sounds a bit strange in the moment for me…but you will tell us in October dear Anasha!
    And now I will enjoy sunny cologne…sure, with a banana in my bag!
    Love to you all

  24. Satyam sagt:

    Hi everybody
    I am in late ;-)) but will follow up. Since some weeks I am already drinking green smoothies at least a liter in the morning.
    But ….. just to share. I had a wonderfull great opening with the new company in Leipzig and a lot of my attention went in this direction.
    I am bussy like hell but happy in the same way. 40 dancers from 23 nations dancing together – wonderfull energy….
    But back to the smoothies:
    What was extreamly new for me with the smoothies is that my stomach doesnt like anymore to digest cheese – and I loved cheese.
    Since we saw us last time I lost 6 kg and I feel much lighter in and on my articulation.
    So much to tell…
    Much love

  25. pujarin sagt:

    3rd day for me. I´m very much “inside”. Strange, but it reminds me of high fever days when I was a kid. A similar awareness of my whole energyfield and a feeling of surrendering to whatever my body wants to do and watching it from an almost indifferent place, interrupted every now and then by a little fearfull thought. And sometimes my circulation seems to “wobble”. Today i spent much time walking with the dog, gardening and just being with myself. And now I´ll drive into town to sing and breathe with Shubhaas wonderfull sannyas choir. Life is good today. Love to all of you…

  26. Monica Priya sagt:

    Hi everybody 😉
    Dring the day it work’s fine for me. I really enjoy the feeling to get/become lighter, brighter … WOW.
    But: I had really two very hard nights. My whole body was so painpul that I couldnt’t get into sleep. Only when I set up it was possible to get a little. I felt pain in each of my bones and that was very strange and stressful. (It guess somebody who climed up a mountain without practicing before would feel the same).
    The first night I tried to take a bath with “basisches” mineralsalt = that works a little; last night my husband gave me a massage with aconitum-oil = that works better.
    So my question for Anasha/Buddha: Do you have any other suggestion what I could do??
    I thought: maybe I don’t drink enough?? I try to drink up to 3 liters green smoothies and water inbetween.

    Love and laughter for everybody.
    Monica Priya

  27. Kiran sagt:

    Hello everybody,
    start of day six, five nights with only little sleep with aching legs, still feeling week and constipated, became a temp. xxs – need to by a belt
    but on the other hand vital eyes, clearer skin, legs getting better, becoming calmer and more motivated to move my body again. A warm feeling that I’m part of something very precious when I read your sharings and the desire to continue to detox in an easy yet disciplined but not rigid way.
    So I had my 1st congee for six days this morning and it was great, just eating my favorite breakfast, what a pleasure, what a relief. Rest of the day green smoothies again, mango-peaches-romana-basil is next to come, yummy.

    To all rookie arun practitioners: If you find it sometimes hard to get in touch with the other person’s bones I could be a good model now, just let me know ☺

    Grateful “thank you” to all of you
    smile, Kiran.

  28. anasha sagt:

    beloved monica Priya and Kiranji
    first thank you both to adding your comments and making the experiment more interesting, and i answer you both because there is a common in both of your mails
    muscles, bones, nerveshave a particular affinity for acid uric.
    acid uric is the by-product of the digestion and breaking down of the proteins . So when you eat meat, or animal protein specially (can be also milk products, grains, fish, eggs) even if you stopped the consumption of those food it is still affecting you and so when you eat this or have eaten this, in the process of the digestion this will be transformed in fat and amino acids and in that process a great deal of acid uric will be formed.
    this acid should be expelled through the kidneys,but the muscles love that stuff and absorb it before it is expelled , so it accumulates and start to crystallize and it become sharp little crystals and they remain in the muscles, joints etc…
    so when you detox, you start to release all those crystals and it can be painful.
    so when you detox you can stop the detox to be too sever by adding one bake potato to the smoothie or whatever diet you have, for instance at night you can have green veggies and cucumber and tomatoes and a bake potato with no salt and no oil just half an avocado, or like Kiran the breakfast is with conjee.
    in your daily life i would suggest every morning first thing and at night before bed, i hot lemon water no sweet in it, eliminate flesh food or strong acid forming food for a while, and drink freshly pressed carrot, beet, cucumber juice daily up to a liter if you can take it.
    and you will notice a big improvement.
    And clean your colon because the acid uric has left deposits there too and every organ or part of body have a nerve ending there so the colon is essential for the health of the body.
    As long as you do not clean it you will not succeed entirely in restoring your health and it makes the detox easier.You will have less pain and NNNNNNNNNNOOOOOOOOOconstipation.
    i will talk more about this when we see each other very soon.
    also last night and tonight we have full moon, less sleep and also it is part of cleaning , we need less sleep as the body has more energy because lee to digest.
    so friend i hope it answers your questions.
    love to you both and the rest of the cleanse troopers.
    Gautam you seem to have a whole following of women on facebook and i thought i was the only one !!!!!!!!!

  29. Gautam sagt:

    Beloved Anasha

    What shoot I say: You are the ONE!
    You are so sweet, so charming…
    But what to do…

    But again back to the Smoothies.

    Again: One day!

    One day was a great help for me.
    But now at is the last day of our smoothies week…
    I’m a little sad…
    I’s like a groop ends…
    I’m emotional today. Yesterday we saw the GURU-Movie in the Buddhahall…

    Again: back to the Smoothies…
    I have posted it allready in facebook, but ones more for the frinds without facebook:

    My weight was yesterday 99,9KG!

    For the first time sins years under 100!
    I lost

  30. Gautam sagt:

    I pushed the publishbutton accidentally…
    (I’m writing on my IPhone…)


    I lost about 4 kilogram!

    I’happy, a little proud and gratefully that I’m now under 100 kilogram. When I started to eat less and not so fat, 1,5 years ago, my weight was close to 120 kilogram!

    So happy to find a way to help my body…

    Love to everyone!
    Happy to see you again soon!


  31. Vira sagt:

    Thank you every one for sharing. It helped me to stay connected!! Thank you Anasha for encouraging us in your clear & loving way. I thank myself too. Interesting big emotional day yesterday… I was very down… the fullmoon -the period -the stars – the detox….whatever, today I feel blessed to face some deep old pattern popping up. Enough is enough wiht the old stuff.
    Starting off in today.

    A warm Hug!

  32. Janine sagt:

    Good morning friends,

    yes Yes YEEEEEEEES!!!
    Today is the first day of our experiement that I say this with real deep pleasure.

    Overall it was and is a pleasure and help as well, to read about your experiences during the days. THANKS to each one of you! It is great to share in this way.

    The first days I was not so well. Sometimes I had bad mood, my body seemed to be much more heavyer, a very strong headache (like I never had before) at one day and some other things. I was really surprised to read about the and lightening and brightness of some of you, because I was miles away from this.
    During the days my consciousness expanded in a real great way. And I am really happy and grateful to discover my food habits, also soul food 😉 , in such a great way by taking care of my body. As well I am happy to handle my habits (I need no soul food to survive).

    At last I like to share my todays favorite smoothie with you:
    Apple(1 or 2)
    Banana (if you like, it’s also tasty without)
    and leafy Greens (I used savoy(Wirsing) sometimes and it is a surprising tasty combination )
    and water

    See you soon

    and YES!

  33. Janine sagt:

    Ohh, forgotten in the hurry…

    today a very good feeling and enjoyment to stay in my light feeling body…bright..

    so friends, it’s never too late


  34. pujarin sagt:

    Hi everyone in smoothieland
    For me it is only day number 5 and today it feels as if i wouldn´t want anything exept fruit and green smoothies for the rest of my life. But i know this will probably change again. I´m just grateful to life and very grateful to Anasha, Anubuddha and all of you.

  35. anubuddha sagt:

    that was a great green smoothie! Blueberries, figs, pears, nectarine, banana, and lots and lots of greens and a little spirulina… It’s so good hearing from everyone. Now, for a little stretching and breath for my “buddha bones”. Love to all

  36. kamala sagt:

    The last day,
    I am sitting on the library & sending Arun deta to Pusha who is also doing ARUN Smoothis week, ha ha.
    well I was really lucky that I did smoothies week,
    ’cause this week I had to finish the Arun flyer so I was deeply into make it.
    In this Arun Smoothie week, I could shave lots of energy & time for creativity.
    On 5th day I made coffe enema, was great!
    On 6th day I started eating salad at night with out salt & oil.
    & today too.
    I feel for me, Now to keep go on without oil & salt is easy, if I like.
    with love Kamala

  37. Gautam sagt:


    Taste sooooooo nice after a Realy
    GREAT WEEK !!!

    I tried to eat only one, but I could not.

    I failt !!!

  38. Gautam sagt:


    Not realy !!!

    I think we had a great time during the week.

    Love to everyone!


    PS: And a lovingly kiss to my secret love…

  39. anasha sagt:

    We have to change your name !!!!!!!! to glouton , ask french Rani what it means,,,,, and before gorging on tooooo mmaaaaaaaaaaaannnnnnnyyyyyyyyyyyyy pancakes, better to gorge on women.
    Ah! ah! ah! no enjoy, but remember the stop exercise and before indulging tooooooo much , let us stop and ask ourselves: Do i really want or need this???????
    and this is for all of us.
    see you soon, and hugs and kisses to all of you

  40. pepa sagt:

    Hola, yo terminé el viernes, me había propuesto cinco días de limpieza y ahora estoy
    en período de tránsito…
    Lo primero de todo, agradeceros el darnos la oportunidad de conocer esta limpieza con los”batidos verdes”. Yo he terminado muy satisfecha conmigo misma ¡no sabeis el esfuerzo que me cuesta dejar de comer! tengo un buen trabajo con mi apego a la comida… (supongo que como todos)
    El primer día todo fué sobre ruedas, el segundo que coincidió con el lunes y trabajo ya
    empezo a ser mas durillo, pero el tercero… fué crítico, a punto de hacer limpieza de 3
    días, pero lo superé y continué (hasta creo que en algún momento me deprimí…) pero
    bueno, luego llegó el cuarto día y todo tenía otro color.
    Sensaciones de presión en la cabeza todos los días en algún momento, sensación de
    estar sin fuerzas sobre todo en el centro del día y por la noche, ¡hasta me salió una
    alergia en la piel! no se a qué pero desapareció al día siguiente y por último no se si tendrá que ver pero el viernes y por casualidad me tomé la tensión y tenía 156-93! yo
    pienso que para la cantidad de batidos ingeridos he orinado poco…
    En fín, todo sensaciones físicas a observar que es lo que he hecho ¡OBSERVARME!
    durante todo el día, darme cuenta … en clase de yoga me pareció estar más elástica.
    Pero insisto, gracias por seguir enseñándonos ¿PARA CUANDO LA PROXIMA?

    Abrazos con tacto

  41. anasha sagt:

    hello liebe Pujarin
    du bist nicht alleine, ich bin mit dir und Basha ist noch dabei, und wer noch ???????
    fuhle dich umarmt

  42. pujarin sagt:

    day 7 – I don´t know if i will stop tomorrow, but i know for sure that i´ll do this more often. I don´t know if my eyes are brighter, but the sight is definitely better. And it is so nice to get up in the morning (even before the usual time) and not feel stiff. And i love this light energy and that somehow more permeable body.
    With love to all of you and a deap breath…

  43. Maria sagt:

    Hallo, ich grüsse euch alle !

    nun melde ich mich endlich auch mal zu wort. ich war verreist und habe deshalb die smoothie woche verschoben mit meiner freundin savera gestern begonnen.
    euren regen austausch habe ich verfolgt und mich total darauf gefreut selbst dieses experiment zu beginnen.

    am ersten tage habe ich starke kopfschmerzen bekommen und über 10stunden geschlafen.heute geht es mir supergut, ich bin gespannt wie ich während der arbeit wird.

    nun habe ich noch 2 fragen:
    wie stellen wir in dieser woche unsere eiweissversorgung sicher, kann ich nüsse verwenden? welche früchte und obstsorten sind eiweisshaltig?

    ich freue mich euch bald in köln wiederzusehen, dicke umärmelung aus berlin von Maria und von Rügen von Savera

  44. anasha sagt:

    LIEBE Maria
    mache dich keine Gedanken um eiweiss, dein Korper muss sich jetzt reinigen ,und Obst und Blatt Gemuse enthalten alles was der Korper braucht zum uberleben.
    lese doch mal alle post und alles was ich geschickt habe und es wird klar werden und keine Angst du wirst es schaffen bei der Arbeit, nur isst genug und es wird ok sein, kopfweh is detox, der Korper braucht nur 6% eiweiss am tag sowieso, und alle obst und gemuse haben genug davon. ich wunsche dir eine gute Woche,und bin noch bis mittwoch erreichbar.
    alles liebe……..anasha

  45. anasha sagt:

    fur Maria
    und habe vergesen dir zu sagen das du auch Spirulina i teeloffel pro smoothies benutzen kannst, das hat mehr protein als fleish.
    eine herzliche umarmung und sconen tag bei der arbeit, nimm mal frishes obst mit dir falls du Hunger hast Banane, apfel, medjool dates….

  1. 26. September 2010

    […] Sumana said on Das Experiment und Rezepte September 18, 2010 at 8:35 pm Beloved friends!! when i went to bed last night i was not sure if i was going to start the detox/cleaning today or monday or in the middle of the week….although my fridge was quite ready for it i could feel some resistances…it is my first time…i don´t remember one day in my life without eating bread!! but anyway i woke up and without thinking about i found myself preparing the first smoothie and a second one to take with me to have it after the arun sesion…so i am happy i did it , i got my first day done, YES, YES AND YESSSSS!! Love to all Sumana See all comments on this post here. […]

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