Overview of the Head

Zones & Fears

Fear of not understanding (fear of not being attentive. Straining to hear)

The ears, surrounding neck area and mastoid processes 


Worries and preoccupations

Held from upper forehead across crown to hairline in back base of skull.


Perplexity and wondering (Raised eyebrows. Frowning, mouth hanging open)

Forehead from eyebrows to hairline



Eyebrows and third eye’s space between eyebrows



Eye sockets. Little muscles inside Straining…Burning…



Cheekbone. The last shame is the worst…


Fear of external control, being psychologically tied and “led” around by the nose.

The end of the nose is the Kath – if it’s tied there is no will. The nose and attachments.



The lines from the base of the nose to the mouth.



The mouth, lips, and muscles around the mouth.


Fear of Inferiority (Feeling inferior and separate)



Fear of Revulsion

Withdrawing the head in revulsion as from a snake or any uncomfortable circumstance. 

Jaw bone up to the hinges, down to hyoid bone


Touching the Head & Neck

Window Points

The Eyes

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