“Seeds sprouting inside”- the 5 Koshas

Beloved Friend,

Feel this these words inside…

If you have been “Stretching & Compressing” every day with us so far, your muscles, ligaments, tendons, sensory + motor nerves, fascia, joints, “Buddha-bones”, skin, lungs + bronchi, blood, organs, glands, lymph, “senses”, and cerebro-spinal fluids are all “humming the same tune”, and blending together as the “organic unity” that they are.

Each time you intentionally “shift the angles between the 226 bones in your Energy-Field”, and maintain that configuration with love, awareness, and acceptance, you initiate “a dialogue” between your “inner witness” and your material body tissues.  Each position “talks to that part”, gives energy and attention to that part, and talking to your own Body is a great step in restoring and maintaining physical health.  But for “an inner dialogue” to occur, there also needs to be “listening”.  And each micro-change of the stretch enables you to listen more clearly… each stretch is a chance for your body to “talk to you”, in a creative, self-healing way.

On the other hand, if you do Yoga with a forceful approach, or to try to “prove something” to others, or mechanically without self-love and mindfulness… this potential inner dialogue between your body and “the Witness” will not transpire.  And without this basic inner dialogue, the higher frequencies will not be experienced.  As Osho and other Enlightened Seers repeatedly say, in so many different ways: the Body is our base… the Body is the door… the Body is our Temple.

The Body can be so easy to care for, but modern Man has lost the connection.  I say it is easy, because it is so close to you, it is your home… and within each “home”, or Body, is living the Universal Consciousness.  But if the home is not cared for, mis-used and taken for granted, and not talked to, or listened to for weeks, months, and years… then we should not be surprised when pain, frustration, illness, cancer, and unhappiness is the result.  Just 45-90 minutes a day of “inner dialogue” between the various layers of our “Energy-field and the Witness” makes all the difference in the world!  And please don’t think i am saying you need to be serious about your Body!  Seriousness is another dis-ease!  What i am suggesting can be “Pure Fun”!

And this is so important for “every energy-field”, i can not say anything more important

Because if we do not learn to listen to the subtle voice of our body tissues, then the body is forced to take more “drastic measures”.

The body will just become “tense” at first… or give “pain signals”… or create bigger pains, or “head-aches”.  It will produce negativity, and other emotional states that are toxic to ourselves and others.  It’s trying to say “something is not connected inside… something is not flowing”.  If that doesn’t work, the serious chronic diseases are created… cancer, diabetes, liver failures, kidney disorders, lung diseases, fibro-myolgia, depression, insanity, plus the many other labels that are given to what should be called, “Chronic Dis-connection to our own Energy-field”.

 In the skeletal frame, the “discs” protrude, joint capsules inflame, bones become arthritic, and movement is seriously reduced… which sets up other problems.  On the fluid/ chemical level, the cerebro-spinal fluids and blood and lymph become toxic and full of dirty gases… when this happens, the “Endocrine Glands” { Pituitary, Pineal, Thyroid, Parathyroids, Mammary, Pancreas, Prostate, Ovaries, the Adrenals, Liver, Thymus, Spleen, the Lymph glands…} , are unable to perform their vital functions… every function of the body is dependent upon a healthy balance of our endocrine glands… and the Endocrine Glands only respond positively to finer energies of thought, movement, breath, and food.  When the Glands start vibrating and functioning all together, as an organic unity, your inner Consciousness and Love will expand along with it.  {Our “Core Sequence” is very good for the Glands}.

Are you able to picture and feel for yourself what all this actually means?!? If we devote “consistent time” to “consciously touching” each part of Energy Field, the Body will not need to create tension, fears, pains, and “dis-ease”!  If we take time often to “listen” to each part of our body, many problems evaporate, and many positive energies start vibrating and rising upwards…

But this is just what is happening for the PHYSICAL BODY… never confine yourself to your physical body… you are so much more than a physical Body!

In Yoga, they often talk about 5 Bodies or “Koshas” blending within each “Human Energy-Field”.

Kosha is translated as “Body”, but that doesn’t really give the essential sense of “kosha”.  Kosha also implies “seed”.  A seed has the potential to be a tree, so in one sense, we could say that a seed is a tree… but it may never “realize that it is a tree’!  So if you hear that you have 5 Bodies within you, you could incorrectly assume that they are functioning!  The vast majority of people in the world have not even grown the seeds of potential in their Physical Bodies… what to say about their other Bodies?  We exist in seed form… and without an inner Discipline, love, and conscious attention within, it is almost certain that a person will live and die without discovering their inner Treasures.

“Annamaya Kosha” is the name for our Physical Body, which i have been talking about in detail above.  Annamaya Kosha is also called by Patanjali “the Food Body”, the “Earth Body”.  Osho says:   “Annamaya Kosha is made of earth and is constantly to be nourished by food. Food comes from earth. If you stop taking food, your annamaya kosha will wither away. So one has to be very alert about what one is eating because that makes you and it will affect you in millions of ways, because sooner or later your food is not just food. It becomes blood, your bones, your very marrow. It circulates in your being and goes on affecting you. So the purity of food creates a pure annamaya kosha, the pure food body. And if the first body is pure, light, not heavy, then it is easy to enter into the second body; otherwise it will be difficult — you will be loaded. Have you watched when you have eaten too much and heavy foods. Immediately you start feeling a sort of sleep, a sort of lethargy. You would like to go to sleep; awareness immediately starts disappearing. When the first body is loaded it is difficult to create great awareness. Hence fasting became so important in all the religions. But fasting is a science and one should not fool around with it.”#

“Pranamaya Kosha” is the name for our Energy body.  Being connected to Pranamaya kosha gives you freedom, gives you more space.  

Osho says:  “The second body is bigger than the first; it is not confined to your physical body.  It is inside the physical body and it is outside the physical body.  It surrounds you like a subtle climate, an aura of energy.” This kosha is electro-magnetic, and is where our energy lines, meridians, Nadis, etc. are flowing.  It is less material, but as real.  Osho continues: “That’s why yoga insists very much on the purity of breathing, because the pranamaya kosha is made of a subtle energy that travels inside you with the breathing. If you breathe rightly, your pranamaya kosha remains healthy and whole and alive. Such a person never feels tired, such a person is always available to do anything, such a person is always responsive, always ready to respond to the moment, ready to take the challenge. He is always ready. You will never find him unprepared for any moment. Not that he plans for the future, no. But he has so much energy that whatsoever happens he is ready to respond. He has overflowing energy. T’ai-chi works on pranamaya kosha. pranayam works on pranamaya kosha.” 

“Manumaya Kosha” is the name given for our Mind Body, or memory, or consciousness body { in the sense of wakefulness }… this Kosha, or Body, is even more immaterial, but is also a very essential and important component within our total Energy Field.

 For the majority of Human beings, the Manumaya Kosha is very disturbed and inaccessible to their consciousness… this is how so many “psycho-somatic” illnesses are created… through being “out of touch” and disconnected.

Osho, commenting on the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali says about Manumaya Kosha:

“if you don’t grow it, you will remain almost just a possibility of man but not a real man. The word “man” comes from man, manumaya. The English word also comes from the Sanskrit root man. The Hindi word for man is manushya; that too comes from the same root man, the mind. It is mind that makes you man. But, more or less, you don’t have it. What you have in its place is just a conditioned mechanism. You live by imitation: then you don’t have a mind. When you start living on your own, spontaneous, when you start answering your life problems on your own, when you become responsible, you start growing in manumaya kosha. Then the mindbody grows.”

Yoga also recognizes a 4th Body=  the “Vigyanamaya Kosha”, the “Sub-consciousness” or “intuitive Body.  It is very, very spacious, according to Osho.

 Vigyanamaya Kosha is what enables us to go beyond reason… there is no reason in it; it is very, very subtle: an intuitive grasp of things.  Utilizing this part of the Energy-field gives the ability of “seeing directly into the nature of things”.  This “sub-consciousness” is bi-polar… it refers not only to the unconsciousness that modern Psychology talks about, but also what Osho and other Mystics call our “super- Consciousness”.

The 5th Body is called in Yoga the “Anandamaya Kosha”… this is the essence of each of us that is part of the whole Cosmos… we are fundamentally energy fields of “Bliss” or “Cosmic Consciousness”.   Osho says it is “very far out… it is made of Pure Bliss”.

So the first step in the journey of “ARUN Conscious Touch” and ARUN/ OSHO Neo-Yoga is to worship the Body… be a witness to it in all of its complexity.  Don’t be afraid to look deeply with your “inner eye”, and let there be a dialogue between you and your body.  Through conscious movements, right breathing, conscious nutrition, and a yes to Life… re-awaken your awareness of all of the functionings and inter-connectedness of your Body, Mind, Heart, and Spirit.  Then you will have established the “home base”, or the “launching pad” to rediscover and enjoy the “other Bodies” within you.  Kabir says that our inner world is as vast as the Universe.  My own sense, is that we inhabit an “Energy-Field” that is bothmaterial and immaterial… a wave and a particle…and the finer energies are only tasted when we have developed our own inner discipline, and we realize just how sensitive, delicate, subtle, and inter-connected we really are.

This “Core Sequence of Movements and Asanas” we are sharing is not the only way for this to happen… but it is such an incredibly efficient “inner touch”.  It is really worth the effort it takes “to feel it in your Buddha-bones”… after 21 days you will have developed a good taste that you can continue to refine { 3 months even better! }.  Then you will have it available in your hands for your whole life.  You can relax into and trust in the inner wisdom of your Body every day.

When cared for and loved, the Human Energy-Field is such a gift… such a miracle… such a vehicle to travel in.  It never ceases to amaze me.

Sending smiles and good vibes your way… with love,