Day # 12 of
“A.O.Y. 21 Day Immersion”…

Cerebrospinal Fluid and our mysterious Pineal Gland

Hello Friend,

Today, i am happy to sing a little song about “cerebro-spinal fluid”, and the mysterious Pineal Gland”… highlighting how the “Buddha-bone stretches” we are doing during this “21 Day A/O Yoga Immersion” is touching the “inner Ocean” inside us all, and why this is so potentially magical for our entire Energy-field.

Have you ever minutely felt inside your head?  Do you ever think about your “Brain”?  I don’t mean thinking with only your “logical mind”… i mean being inside of it with your “not knowing” mind… with your intuition… with your meditative eye.  Yoga gives you the opportunity to not only feel and sense the energy of your Brain… it gives you intimate time and ways to “upgrade” its’ functioning and capabilities.

When i  “look with wonder” inside my head, what do i see, what do i sense?… What do i feel is magical, or mystical about my brain? What impresses me the most about my Brain, Spinal Cord, and its’ immediate environment?  How doesARUN/ OSHO Yoga help me see and know my Brain?

First, i see the “water”, or “lakes”, or “springs”.  They are called “Ventricles”, and there are 4 of them inside our head.  They are reservoirs, or ground springs of “cerebro-spinal fluid”.  The Ventricles are “water beds” and our brain is resting on them, and surrounded by a “very special water”.  There is no other substance inside of us like Cerebrospinal Fluid… it is distilled Cosmic energy! You must have seen EEG’s where we can measure the electrical activity of our Brain… the “brain waves” that are constantly mirroring our inner state { Beta, Alpha, Theta, Delta…}.  Even in our deepest relaxation, there is tremendous pulsations of life energy.  So this “electrical dynamo” needs insulation… needs cooling… needs food and energy.  The cerebrospinal fluid in the 4 Ventricles is connected by super-fine “aqueducts”… and the left and right “Cerebral Hemispheres” sit on top of the left and right Ventricles, respectively.  These lateral ventricles are the primary producers of cerebrospinal fluid… the fluid flows through passageways into the 3rd Ventricle, which is on the “midline”… the fluid then drains into the 4th Ventricle.  From the Ventricles, the cerebrospinal fluid fluctuates into the central canal of the spinal cord {imagine that!}, and through open doorways in the wall of the Brain.  The Brain is encased in bony tissue { imagine and sense the “inner walls” of your Occiput, Sphenoid, Parietals, Temporals, Frontal bones- they form an elegant, living cave }… it is in this natural cavity, or cave, where we find motion of the fluid in and around the many chambers of the Brain.

notice how the thread running through spinal
column connects with our Pituitary and Pineal glands

William Sutherland, the original discoverer of the CranioSacral Tides, or “Primary Respiratory Mechanism” in the Energy-field, shared this, 100 years ago: “The CS fluid has the same constancy within the ventricles as it does without.  There is the same body of fluid all around the brain as within the chambers of the brain.  The cerebrospinal fluid surrounds the neural tube { this is the absolute ‘midline’ of our spine- Anubuddha}, the brain, and spinal cord, within and without”.    Dr Sutherland {one of my most beloved inspirations in the conscious evolution of human touch… an amazing spiritual Man!} goes on:  “There is something invisible in the cerebrospinal fluid… we call your attention to the “Breath of Life”… Intelligence. Authorities have various ideas as to how the cerebrospinal fluid originates. They know about as much as i do, and that is close to zero.  I am satisfied to know that it does originate and that it is replenished from time to time. It has to be, like the water in the battery of your car.  As you read between the lines of Dr Still’s writings Andrew Still, founder of Osteopathy, and Sutherland’s main teacher. Dr Still is another peak in the history of understanding the Natural Body… somewhat on the level of ancient Rishis of India in his inner understanding of the Human Energy Field- Anubuddha }, you wonder what he means when he says: “The Brain is God’s drugstore, having all the drugs, lubricating oil, opiates, acids, and every quality of drug that the wisdom of God thought necessary for human health and happiness.” He keeps referring to his ‘Maker’.  He refers to the waters of the brain- the highest known element- then he tells you that the lymphatics drink more of the waters of the brain than all the viscera combined”.

This is mind-blowing stuff! But there is more…

Dr Randolph Stone, the discoverer of “Polarity Therapy” was a genius way ahead of his time.  He is another one of my “saints” in the history of Conscious Touch and exploring the mystery of the Human Energy Field.  I have been in love with him and his vision since the 1970’s.  I consider Randolph Stone one of my most important inspirations for Yoga and inner anatomy… he also helped popularize the “liver Cleanse”, by the way.  Let this authentic mystic help expand your vision also…

“The Life-breath or Prana current moves in the cerebrospinal fluid conductor to all the tissue cells and communicates with other internal secretions and body fluids, like a living Cosmic Breath” He is saying that the Prana within the Breath uses CSF to touch all the other cells, and is the vital link to the hormones and neuro peptides circulation.  Stone continues, “The cerebrospinal fluid seems to act as a storage field and a conveyor for the ultrasonic and the light energies.  It bathes the spinal cord, and is a reservoir for these finer energies, conducted by this fluidic media through all the fine nerve fibres as the first airy mind and life principle in the human body.  Through this neuter essence mindfunctions in and through matter as the light of intelligence.”

Modern research concurs with Dr Stone in his belief that the CSF is pumped throughout the body via nerve roots of the spine.

So, this gives you a deeper understanding of why the ancient Rishis felt that our spinal column and its nerves need to be regularly stretched and kept supple throughout life. If not, so many stagnations and illnesses occur. Health of the Body and the expansion of Consciousness is very connected to a vibrant spine. This “Core Sequence” of “ARUN/ OSHO Yoga is doing everything possible to maintain our CerebroSpinal brains and waters in optimal condition.

Now, within these Brain waters are 3 delicate treasures that are somewhat miraculous… they are the Hypothalamus, the Pineal Gland, and the Pituitary Gland. They are absolutely essential for our health and higher consciousness… unfortunately, almost all human beings have no direct relation and rapport with these 3 treasures. In ARUN, we learn to access and utilize these potent cosmic connections inside. To help you appreciate the Hypothalamus and Pineal Gland, i am happy to introduce another man that i am deeply in love with. I first heard of Dr Norman Walkerfrom Osho… he was speaking in Darshan one night about how rare it is that a doctor is also a mystic and truly interested in spiritual health. Dr Walker was such a rare doctor… Osho has some of Norman Walker’s books in his Library. Anasha and i have shared many of his insights with you in ARUN Conscious Touch Trainings… he is such an inspiration. I hope you can let these words in, and then begin to “talk to your Hypothalamus and Pineal glands”, so they will serve you better. It just may change your life!

Dr Walker says

Your HYPOTHALAMUS is not exactly a Gland, but it certainly is involved in such a great diversity of functions and activities that EVERY GLAND in your body is directly or indirectly influenced by it.  It is one of the most vital and important focal centers of the human system.

An understanding of the ramifications of the workings of the hypothalamus could relieve the mind of many fears and frustrations.  Properly attending to the many requirements of the body, and controlling the mind and emotions will keep it in balance.

Actually, the Hypothalamus is a bundle of fibers and cells in the very center of the skull and the midbrain.  Nearly every phenomenon in the operations of the Endocrine Glands involves the hypothalamus.  The eyes, the auditory system, metabolism, blood pressure {both high and low}, water excretion, body-water balance, temperature regulation, appetite and hunger, sleepwalking phenomenon, in fact virtually every mental, physical, and spiritual function and activity is in some way directly or indirectly  influenced or controlled by the functions of the hypothalamus.”

Meditate over this insight of Norman Walker… the Human Energy-field {body} is simply amazing!

Your Electric Life Force

“To enable you to discern the first powerful influence to reach the hypothalamus we must study the Pineal Gland. The pineal gland is analogous to a radio antenna, receiving from the atmospheric environment the vital flow of Cosmic Energy acting like an electric current when it enters the body.  Cosmic Energy is that infinite unfathomable power which permeates the entire Universe holding the Planets in their course and operating right into the very core of every atom in your body.

Like the current from one of the huge electric generating stations sending hundreds of thousands of volts through the wires to the 115 volt transformer near your home, so the Universal Cosmic Energy enters the Pineal Gland with inexpressibly high voltage which would virtually burn up the body if the body were not equipped with a “transformer” to lower that Cosmic Energy to the voltage consistent to the needs of the individual.

The Cosmic Energy transformer in the midbrain is known as the THALAMUS, a structure of a mass of grey cells and tissues in the midbrain which collects the Energy from the Pineal Gland and lowers it and controls it to conform to the physical, mental, AND spiritual development and needs of the individual.  Many people who understand this procedure classify the “Pineal Gland as the Spiritual Gland in Man”.

“The Hypothalamus is located immediately below the Thalamus and is the first center to collect and to distribute throughout the body the activating phenomenon of Cosmic Energy, generally spoken of as LIFE FORCE.”

“The most vital fluid in the body is known as the cerebrospinal fluid.  This fluid is charged with more of this energy, or Life Force, than any other part of the body except the Pineal Gland and the Thalamus.  The cerebrospinal fluid flows through the spinal column, fills the eye balls, lubricates the auditory system and bathes the inner core of every nerve in the body.  Every gland in the body is dependent on the cerebrospinal fluid for its sensitive operation, and this includes the hypothalamus…

The hypothalamus is immediately above the Pituitary Gland, and by means of a network of nerves and blood vessels which pass through the pituitary, exerts influence or control over the functions and activities of the adrenal glands, the thyroid, the liver, the pancreas, the testes in the male and the ovaries in the female.  The hormones secreted by these various glands are activated by the influence of the hypothalamus.”  

Norman Walker

When we mindfully perform the various asanas over a long period of time, we are actually purifying and vivifying our cerebrospinal fluids, our Pineal Gland, our Hypothalamus, our Thalamus, and our Pituitary Glands… The Glands and Fluids become more vital, more Conscious, and more able to capture and distribute the infinite Cosmic Energy available.  It sounds too good to be true, but with consistent love, awareness, the Breath of Meditation, and intelligent care of our Energy-field, Existence showers its gifts on us.  Allow an inner dialogue and clearer vision to happen inside the “Cave for your Brain”, while in the various Buddha-bone constellations today.  Especially at the end of your session, while lying in the “Shanti Asana”, feel the whole Energy-field in a state of let-go… and as you relax all your muscles and bones, open your perception to the ebb and flow of the cerebrospinal fluids inside your head, your spinal mid-line to your sacrum… and sense these “tidal motions” throughout your whole Energy-field.  Allow the subtle vibrations of your Pineal Gland, hypothalamus, thalamus and pituitary to happen without fears or expectations… just be a passive witness to the Life Force moving without your doing anything voluntarily with your muscles or thinking mind… just being with the involuntary Life circulating inside of you… moment to moment.

A warm hug to you through
the ether-net from the heart,