Online Meditative Juice Cleanse

01.10.2023 – 10.10.2023 //

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Now is your chance to Heal from “Inside/Out”
ARUN Medicine Buddha “Fresh Juice Cleanse”
10 Day Guided “At Home”Meditative Fresh Juice Cleanse…
Experience a Healthy Renewal & Reset
Cleansing all of our Organs, Blood, Nerves, & Lymph… and get everything inside of us  “Humming in Harmony”

Dates: October 1-10, 2023

When you experience “Inner cleansing”, and Cellular Regeneration through Juice Feasting- it is like a Miracle…

The most difficult part is changing our routine and habits-
We all know that this is not the easiest thing to do- even for 10 days.
Experienced guidance and inspiration is so helpful, and this Group will provide it for you.
When we stop eating, and only drink the pure, distilled energy of Fresh Juices, without the Fibers- the Body begins an inner work that needs to be experienced to be believed…


October 1-10 Autumn “ARUN Meditative Juice Cleanse”:
“Your  Reset  Schedule”:

October 1 & 2:

“Shifting gears” with what we put inside our Bodies… for 2 days, we eat only “fresh fruits or veggies”… “SOS” style- which means “No Sugar, Oils, or Salt” (cooked or raw, as you prefer)…
This means: nothing packaged, or with preservatives added. Also, we stop ingesting all stimulants (caffeine, alcohol, cigs, etc).
October 3-9:
Meditative Juice Feasting- we only consume Fresh Juices and Herbal infusions and Water. No chewing for 1 week. You will need about 3 Liters a Day, so you need a big quantity of fresh produce at home, or access to a very good source of Fresh Squeezed Juices nearby.
October 10:
Transitioning back to healthy eating… guided by Anasha

Daily Format:
“Secrets of Detox & Cellular Regeneration”– 
For 90 minutes each day, Anasha & Anubuddha will share what happens when you consume only Fresh Vegetable & Fruit Juices for 1 Week- Benefits on a cellular, organ, nerve, emotional, Energetic, and Spiritual Level.
Quality time to ask personal questions about your own Healing Journey.

Daily Zoom Meetings:  5pm Central European Time. 11am New York Time.  Midnight in Japan.  8:30pm India Time. 8am California Time.

Each Day’s “Live Session” will be recorded, and then sent to you, for viewing at your best time!
Each Zoom Gathering will be sent out to everyone registered within a few hours. This private YouTube Video will also have some notes and is having “subtitles” in your native language.
If you want to join us, just send me a message, and I will give you the details.


What you will Need:
A “Juicer”… and lots of fresh Fruits, Vegetables, & Herbs!
AND- a small space in your Home to Meditate with us

Anasha will share tips on the good recipes/ combinations; the Science of Cleansing & Cellular Tissue rejuvenation; Physical & Emotional Detoxification issues; answer personal Questions; and more.
Each day will also include a guided “Medicinal Movement Meditation” or “Breath of Meditation” to help the Cleansing Process.


Registration and How to Enroll:  
$100. US- to PAYPAL...
use “Friend / Family” transfer option to email <>.

Throughout this Inner Journey, we will also send you written material from our over 30 years of Cleansing & Detoxification experiences- every year with our own Bodies, and also guiding hundreds of friends.

Join Us

Are you Open to Cleanse and Rejuvenate and Meditate with us?!?  Starting this 3 Weeks
When you book, we will send out more infos- about how to prepare, what to expect, recipes, detox symptoms, etc.

This “At-home Retreat” is so Healing, so Centering, and so Empowering…
Learn the Art of Detox, the power of Juicing, Fasting, Tissue/Cellular Regeneration-leading to Emotional healing, Body love, and more…

An added benefit is that you will also learn how to share this with others. Equally important, we will teach the Best way to Cleanse and alert you to the common mistakes people make with Detox, Fasting, and Juicing.

The dates are October 1-10, 2023~  so sign up now! 
Enrollment is with Paypal~ <>

In our opinion- the “Meditative Art of Cellular Cleansing and Regeneration” is one skill that everyone should Master.

This is a decision and inner health commitment that will change the course of your Life!

You will be “so transformed” if you give yourself this blessing.

Love & Joy, Anubuddha & Anasha